About Healees, Healers and Healing Facilitators

The word ‘healer’ is derived from ‘to heal’ (literally: to fix something, to cure, to restore to health) and literally means ‘someone who cures’. On the same lines, ‘healing facilitators’ facilitate the process of healing in others. Both strive to get the same end results yet there is a subtle difference in the way each operates. 

Those who utilise their services are commonly called as ‘patients’. I do not like the energies that have become associated with this word and like to call them as ‘healees’.   

So we have healees, healers and healing facilitators. 

The journey generally starts when a person assumes the role of a healee even when it is a case of self-healing only. Healees may then become healers/healing facilitators for others. It is easier for me to look at myself as a healee, which does sound a lot better than patient, whenever I am working on my own issues.

Alternative Healers (Therapists) are known to be pretty effective in situation involving acute pains, during emergencies, for post-operative recoveries and for stress relief. Short term relief is incidentally the desired objective for all allopathic treatments. In that sense these systems do provide excellent alternatives. 

But the potentials are much grander and can extend way beyond short term relief…

Healee – Healer Relationship

Energetically it is the healer in this relationship who is carrying the responsibility for making the healee better. The only requirement for the healee is to be open to receive the healing energies being channelled by the healer. 

This works great when short term gains like stress relief, alleviating acute pain etc. are the desired objectives.

The effects can be equated to those available through the allopathic mode of treatment i.e. on the superficial physical levels only. There is not much scope for spiritual growth in these relationships for the healee other than getting a first-hand experience of this mode of healing.

Healee – Healing Facilitator Relationship

It is an altogether different ball game when the healing situation is one involving long-term pain and suffering i.e. the ones that are of chronic nature. The role of the ‘healer’ has now to transform to one of being a ‘healing facilitator’ or else the end results will not be as good as are potentially possible.

Please understand that ALL chronic ailments have a Soul-Mind-Body link with the physical body where the disease finally manifests being the last in the chain. Working on the physical body alone will be like cutting the leaves only and not pulling the weeds out along with their roots. The disease is apparently taken care of but the effects generally last for a short period of time only which as I mentioned earlier is absolutely fine with most.

Healing the Mind is a totally different ball game. Physical relief can not be permanent until and unless accompanied by the required mental/emotional/spiritual changes. Now change is something that can not be forced on anyone. To start with, the desire to change has to come from within. Healing in these situations is therefore a process of co-creation. The results now depend directly on the degree of transformation that the healee is ready for. The potentials for the accompanying spiritual benefits are immense.

The main obstacle – the enemy within – is the Mind. The Mind is where the energies get blocked eventually which translates to the physical body not getting any better after a certain stage has been achieved. This is where the role of a healing facilitator becomes crucial. He now has to help the healee discover and then help ‘untie the knots’ that are preventing further relief. Regular interactions during which knowledge is shared are essential. These sessions can help the healee to evolve spiritually. In any case, they help open up the mind which then allows the energies to flow freely so that further physical healing can take place.

What this means is that essentially the healee also needs to be actively involved in the process. Both the healing facilitator and the healee have to jointly share the responsibility of the healing.

What happens when healers fail to act as healing facilitators?

The following is what typically happens in any healing situation (involving chronic ailments) when the healer does not put in the efforts to educate the healee regarding the healing process and also to help him/her understand the importance of being responsible. 
A) Amazing results manifest within a couple of days of starting the healing sessions which are great morale boosters for everyone including the healee, the healer and especially the one who is paying the bills.
B) Over the next few weeks, relief from suffering follows a predictable pattern. There are days when the healee feels absolutely on top of the world which alternate with days when he/she is literally down in the dumps. Faith wavers during this period and swings around like a pendulum. 
C) If the healee does not start making the necessary mental shift of also taking responsibility for his/her own health, then this process of trial and error continues for about a month or two before he/she eventually loses the little faith that was generated. The healing work is eventually stopped and the ‘healer’ is generally left licking his/her wounds and wondering as to what happened. [Been there, done that.] Chances are that the healee and his/her family may also end up with a feeling of having been cheated. 
D) At times, the family members of the healee also need to learn a thing or two about the process. They also need to understand the down phases of the healing cycle when the body clears itself of the muck so as not to get alarmed when this actually happens.

The above steps of course, do not guarantee the results as there are too many energies working behind the scenes that could be directly contributing to the ailments. But the chances of getting positive results are definitely enhanced when these are put in place. Else, it all ends in the techniques of Reiki etc. getting a bad rap. This is something that can be easily avoided when the ‘healers’ make the efforts to transform to become ‘healing facilitators’. 

What needs to be done?

For starters, the ‘healers’ have to stop playing the role of Gods for others. They need to understand that they can not make others better but can only help them become better. 

I am risking sounding repetitive here but this is really important. Besides the actual healing work, adequate amount of time has to be slotted for educating the ‘healee’ regarding the necessity of being responsible for his/her own health. My experience is that the healees do listen especially on days when they are feeling good. They of course find it hard to believe in such moments that the ‘bad’ days will come again now that they have got God on their side. It does help if these seeds have been planted in their consciousness in advance. 

It is also imperative to keep them balanced by bringing them down to earth on the days which are good otherwise the expectations do tend to sky-rocket. They have to understand the up-down cycle which is essential for healing to really happen. The general expectations are that things will only improve from now on. The fact is that pain and suffering which are integral to the healing process becomes easy to digest, if they have been forewarned.

Actual understanding finally sinks in on days when they are feeling not so good. It is only when they are able to pull themselves out with a bit of efforts (as with anulom-vilom pranayama for example) that they finally understand what being responsible really means. Generally the cycle gets repeated a couple of times over a few weeks before they finally start accepting the good-bad phases of the healing process. The likelihood of this happening is only when they have been forewarned. If not it is bye-bye healing.

The truth is that “it is the ‘bad’ days that are in reality ‘great’ days for the healing process as it is only on these days that actual healing takes place”. But the ‘good’ days are also required for keeping the spirit and hope alive and for building faith and trust. 

Lastly, the guidance can vary from person to person and largely depends on the consciousness of each individual. What works for one may not necessarily work for another. Eventually, healing facilitation work is intuition based more than anything else. Fortunately, the intuitive faculties of the healers/healing facilitators also develop over time with consistent practice.

Situations Involving Family Members and Close Friends

Things can become a bit complicated when healing is being attempted for family members and close friends. In these situations, even the best ‘healing facilitators’ are known to falter and not to have great results. This is because counselling does not seem to work very well when the healing facilitators and the healees happen to know each other a bit too well. The mind steps in and blocks the flow of energy, the reasons for this can be several. 

Seeking professional help from others is the only alternative in these situations. The good thing in these situations is that the family-members-who-are-healers are there to help tide over the bad days that the healees will eventually face. Healing process can actually get on a fast track once the healee understands the basics.

Luck is Definitely Not a Factor for Healing to Happen

Although the technique of Reiki as is being taught by most can be learnt in a matter of a few days, please understand that Healing is a fine art which needs to be practiced repeatedly before it can become a skill. This is something that has to be nurtured, to be taken care of and developed over time. 

Healing ultimately can become an almost logical process and not a matter of chance and something that will happen only if ‘God intends.’ There is no ‘God Almighty’ controlling everything in our lives. If that was true, then why go to Doctors? 

There is no need for healers to hide behind the walls of luck, chance, if-willed-then-it-will-happen etc. I have been there so I know the games the minds of healers can play especially when results do not match the expectations. The belief systems need to evolve, to expand, that’s all.

It can then become a beautiful and very rewarding journey of learning and growth which is no doubt a bit frustrating at times as it is basically one of sailing on uncharted waters.

Attachment to Results Interferes with Results

Healers and healing facilitators need to understand this universal law in ALL healing situations and more so in the ones involving their own personal issues. 

“How to be Not Attached”, or rather “How to be Detached” to the results is something that is not taught in the Reiki workshops, at least not in the ones I attended. This is something that most learn the hard way, if at all. 

Many channels who potentially could have become good healers are not actively pursuing this path as they somehow got caught in the loop of Healing-with-Attachment-to-Results which results in Not-getting-positive-results which then adds to the feelings of I-am-not-good-enough. A large number of channels have faith in the system but have somehow lost their way because of a few not-so-good results. They need to understand the healing process a bit more and keep on with it whenever they hit the rough patches and not give up.

The good news is that there is more understanding available now regarding the energy dynamics that are involved in the process of transformation. These concepts are pretty new for human consciousness and are not very well known as the books have not yet been written. I have been teaching these concepts to the trained channels in Advance Courses which helps the Consciousness (of the channels) to expand. After going through this training that takes about four months at the basic level, detachment to results becomes a relatively easier state to achieve. So much so that at times just reaching that state of mind is enough to trigger the changes with no healing required for situations that were earlier a bit of pain. 

All Diseases Can be Healed, But Not All Patients

‘...because they become Impatient’ is one way of looking at it. But this too can change. 

This is the Soul aspect of the Soul-Mind-Body link that I mentioned earlier.

What I have learnt in all these years is that Healing in such situations requires the healees to discover their spiritual calling, the earlier it happens, the better. 

The common indicators are that the healees do have a lot of faith and trust apparently springing out of nowhere but the positive results do not manifest even after a couple of months of consistent sincere efforts. Relief is there alright but lasts for very short periods of time. The healing facilitators need to recognise the signs and then encourage the healees to discover their calling and maybe become healers themselves. Generally all that is needed is a gentle nudge and everything else falls in place.

I have been involved with a few healees who have actually verbalised their inner (spiritual) desires, which I now know were coming from the Soul levels. Encouraging the healee to express the desires, the feelings etc. and then listening is what healing facilitators should be doing in such situations. More often than not, the guidance for the healing comes from the mouths of the healees themselves.

The roots of the problems in these individuals go real deep and beyond the mind. The Soul level is now involved. It has been my experience as well as that of the ones I have trained (in the Advance Classes) that generally there are some beautiful lessons hidden behind these situations which do tend to be a bit painful. The reality is that these lessons have to be learnt before any further progress can be made. 

It is pretty common for healers/healing facilitators themselves to be having an issue or two that could do with a bit of resolution. They then become the healees and the above guidance is true for them too. 

Please understand that it is generally the painful situations in life that ‘force’ people to start walking the spiritual path. The way the energies are structured today, it does not become any easier for spiritual seekers as time goes by. It is like climbing a mountain. The trek does become a bit tougher when the peak of the mountain starts becoming visible. The last leg of the climb is perhaps the toughest. 

Generally, the darkness is deepest in those hours when most seekers feel that their pain and suffering should finally be ending.

The expectations do tend to become a bit high when the journey first starts as ‘wonderful results’ are obtained initially. This I have discovered, as have others, is a kind of spiritual carrot that we receive. 

A sense of disillusionment then sets in when the results do not continue matching the expectations especially when the techniques are being applied blindly without any accompanying Consciousness Expansion. Some go to the extent of attending other workshops and learn more techniques i.e. they go on a path of external growth instead of growing internally. The new techniques work for a short period of time before it is back to square one. This creates further conflict and adds to the sadness within which is common in most spiritual seekers who keep on jumping from one therapy to another. Expansion of consciousness is the need of the hour. Ultimately, breathing deep spontaneously will suffice for taking care of all our energetic needs. 

What is true for the healees is true in the personal life of healers/healing facilitators as well. The reality is that there is no going back.

The seeker has to continue walking and climbing up, more like trudging along, carrying the baggage of lifetimes on the back and the shoulders. Throw in a few aching muscles, some creaking joints, weak bones and more often than not, a weary and tired Soul and we have the perfect situation for expansion of consciousness waiting to happen…

It is darkness that shows the way for light to come in.

Because as of now, that’s the way it is.


  1. What about children with special needs i.e. differently abled children?

  2. Thanks for this question. I have been mulling it over and have come to the conclusion that a short reply will not do justice to this rather deep issue. I will be taking it up in the next post. Do hope that an immediate reply is not needed.

  3. My learning just got reiterated....thank you Sir......

  4. Thanks a lot sir... it does clear a lot of things.

    I am also looking forward to your post on the children / people with special needs as some time back a lady had approached with such a case.... and it is very difficult to handle as the healee is often unaware of his / her needs and the push is from the parents / family who are often quite desperate.... which further aggravates the situation.


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