The New Consciousness Way of Dealing With Darkness

Inner peace continues to elude a rather large number of seekers despite their having invested a lot in terms of time and money experimenting with at least a couple, if not more, of the new-age techniques/therapies known to us humans today.
My own experience was that while the therapies often produced amazing results for others, nothing seemed to work for a few personal issues where I was rather desperate to ‘create’ the results that I wanted. I was obviously confused, angry and a bit frustrated because I did not know what more I should be doing. There was this knowingness too that when I should have been living in the Light, it was darkness that still surrounded me. Mind you, not in all but a few areas in life where there was a bit of emotional investment in the results!
I came across some knowledge by chance that sounded rather controversial initially. The earlier approach was to get rid of the darkness through Reiki / Crystal healing as this had served me very well in other areas in life. The recommended new way of being was to stop fighting the darkness but to accept it and in fact to stop doing Reiki for these issues. By that time, I was already rather tired of fighting the darkness and so did not have too much of a problem taking this on. After the initial hiccups I discovered much to my delight that by accepting the darkness, the burden actually felt less. Slowly but surely, tiny bits of light started appearing on areas that had been rather dark. Things started to change.
Just to share one such issue: I have had the tendency to gain weight rather too easily all my life. Getting the excess off has always been a losing battle.  I discovered that by transforming my core-beliefs of fighting this weight, being overweight stopped being an issue. Since then, the excess has been coming off rather easily and effortlessly over time. Likewise, abundance was also a big issue as it is with most spiritual seekers. No more now!
If this story is somewhat familiar, then maybe it is time for you too to stop relying on some external technique or therapy to ‘fix’ the problem but start transforming on your core-beliefs. You will then be able to create the magic yourself instead of some external energy doing it for you. I am talking here about Prayers, Positive Affirmations, Reiki etc. You too can start getting results in your dead-end areas in life.
The transformation of the existing belief system transforms the way of being of the human being. Everything in life then starts to fall in place. It might appear to be slow initially but there is a definite shift. Over time, a whole new level of synchronicity happens in everything in life.
A good place to begin this process of transformation is to identify the cycles that you are personally caught up in. This will then help in reprogramming the reactions, or rather the programmed way of dealing with the Darkness that is there in life. This is part of the core level transformation, one aspect of which is discussed in this short piece.