Tips for Healers

I do not know about the journey of others but there were several situations in my personal life that I knew could change with a bit of healing but somehow:
Either I was unable to kick start the healing process or the desired results did not manifest and at times the situation actually became worse whenever I could do a bit of healing.
Mind you this was not for all the situations in my life but a few which were personally very close to me. This, as anyone can imagine, was a bit frustrating and did create plenty of doubts, not to mention a great deal of turmoil and heartburn. The ego took a huge beating and I sure was a desperate Reiki Grandmaster searching for resolution and peace within. It was about then that the knowledge (that I am sharing in these posts) started coming my way and turned things around in my life.

Three Healing Situations plus One More

In this post, I wish to share the stories of three healing situations that were encountered recently. There are some lessons that can be learned from these experiences. I sure have learnt mine.

Lessons from the Life of Steve Jobs

All human beings who have made it big in spite of all the hardships in their lives have stories somewhat similar to the ones shared by Steve Jobs in his now famous Commencement Speech. 

For those who might not have had the opportunity to hear/read it, I have reproduced this below with all due regards to late Mr. Jobs. 

This is what he said: 

Children with Special Needs

A question was asked when the previous post ‘Healees, Healers and Healing Facilitators’ went online, ‘What about children with special needs, i.e. differently-abled children?’

I am assuming that the one who has asked this question wants to have a deeper understanding of such situations so as to be a more effective healer/healing facilitator. Or maybe it is a parent who is living with a lot of pain while witnessing the events that are unfolding in a child’s life.

About Healees, Healers and Healing Facilitators

The word ‘healer’ is derived from ‘to heal’ (literally: to fix something, to cure, to restore to health) and literally means ‘someone who cures’. On the same lines, ‘healing facilitators’ facilitate the process of healing in others. Both strive to get the same end results yet there is a subtle difference in the way each operates. 

Those who utilise their services are commonly called as ‘patients’. I do not like the energies that have become associated with this word and like to call them as ‘healees’.   

So we have healees, healers and healing facilitators. 

Treat Your Chronic Ailment As A Dear Friend!

Considering that human lives are at stake, it is natural for us laypersons to assume that all possible variables that can contribute to a disease have been taken into account in the ongoing process of medical research. But is that really true? 

Energy Perspective - Symptoms of Detoxification (and not Diabetes)

I have experienced my share of the commonly known symptoms associated with Diabetes. I have also been able to successfully as well as effortlessly deal with the ones that were rather severe to start with. This experience without resorting to medications has no doubt helped me understand as to what really happens inside the body energetically. 

I wish to share my perspective regarding the following common symptoms:

Addicts – That’s What We Are!

One thing is absolutely clear now. Diabetes, and all such ailments, will remain incurable and irreversible in the allopathic system of treatment as all attempts to find cures for these and the zillions of dollars being spent on research will continue going down the drain. That is till such time that the medical specialists do not incorporate the MOST SIGNIFICANT ASPECT of LIFE in their treatment modality which is that of …

Vintage Cars Give Mileage of 25 kmpl!

What will be the reaction if a news item was to appear in a leading daily claiming that all cars including the Vintage brands and the Ambassadors,  Fiats, Marutis, Skodas, Audis and Mercedes Benzs have now started giving an average of 25 kilometers per liter of petrol.

"This is impossible" will be the immediate reaction, and rightly so. 

Yet, we have allowed ourselves to be brainwashed into believing that EACH and EVERY human is able to extract equal energy from the same amount of food irrespective of his/her age, state of health, mental, emotional and spiritual dispositions.

Yes, food is a source of energy but everyone cannot extract equal amounts of energy from the same amount of nutrients that are consumed. A sportsperson, for example, can get much more from a banana than one who is bedridden. So why do we try and force-feed people who are sick? 

Different makes and models of cars give different mileage, so too is the case when it comes to humans and food.

I have given this a lot of thought and the logic makes sense to me. Does it to you too?

Think about it.

Blood Sugar Levels Controlled Rather Easily

A bit of tweaking my food and a slight change of lifestyle has brought the blood sugar levels down from the previously recorded highs to what are considered to be relatively safe zones. I don’t really know at this point whether anyone else can also duplicate these results. At the same time, I see no reason why someone can not. In any case, this is what has happened with me over the last month or so…

Is High Blood Sugar Good or Bad? - III

Diet control, yoga, pranayama, regular workouts to sweat out the extra calories etc. are great techniques for keeping the excess weight off but do require persistent efforts. The downside is that results attained after months of efforts can come undone within a few days. Till around 2005, this was my story too. But things started changing when I started implementing some basic laws of nature that I had learnt along the way. My struggles ended as I started losing weight effortlessly. Not only that, the weight loss is more or less permanent. The changes that are visible in the photographs below bear testimony: 

Detoxification Expanded, World Cup 2011 and more

Mrs. Ranjani Mitra left a new comment on the revised post "Chapter 2. Detoxification": 

Very clear expansion of the concept of detoxification. Thank you Sir for the layers which you have added to this article. 

I started off writing a shorter reply but that expanded to this new post. The intention is to help those readers who may have learnt Reiki, Crystals etc. but are struggling in terms of not being able to either practice these wonderful therapies or are not able to get results that really matter in their personal lives. I think that this knowledge can also help the ones who are unable to go for a morning walk, do pranayama, yoga etc. even though they want to.

Leap of Faith

Madhukarji commented (in response to a previous  post): I believe you need a lot of trust and faith in yourself and in your body to let it heal itself or find the balance on its own. We all have been too conditioned to trust the others "specialists" who tell us what is good for us and what is not.

I think we can apply this to situations, relationships as well.

Thanks for the insight, have just added another goal to achieve.

I feel that a short response would have got lost in the Comments portion, ergo this post...

About Being a Pessimist

This page on the desktop calendar caught my eye as I walked in a bit earlier today.

I would have readily agreed with this a couple of years ago but not so in this moment. Because this too is another of those old belief systems which is no longer valid for me.

Being optimist/pessimist are but two sides of the same energy coin and one can be transformed to the other. Even the optimists go through phases in life when they are enveloped by the darkness of pessimism. So what?? When the clouds of pessimism hover in your life, be a pessimist. Do not fight them, that's all.

This page now looks like this:

And so it is.

Osho's view on Sadness

It was a pleasant surprise for me when I saw this in yesterday's edition of The Times of India:

Well, well!!! Now, why on earth did I not read Osho twenty years ago?

Is High Blood Sugar Good or Bad? - II

The following is the relevant extract of an email received in response to a recent post. These mails are validating the reasons for my sharing my experiences and beliefs and many thanks to the ones who are sending these mails.

… your post, Blood sugar tests, while experiencing Darkness, was needed when I was going through some of my health issues...and could accept the situation/ darkness easily. And got my answers! A much needed post of the Hour...The acceptance of fears, of letting go the resistance, is not that difficult…

Expanding Consciousness - II : The Energy Dynamics

We might not be aware of it but we do have this tremendous ability of projecting energies towards others. We also are unknowing recipient of energies projected by others all the time. At times we are aware that something is happening but generally tend to ignore the feelings when we ‘know’ that energies of love, hate, anger, worry etc. are being projected towards us. The fact is that we humans have lost trust in our own abilities and therefore brush aside these experiences as mere figments of our imagination.

Synchronicity of the moment

This page on the table calendar caught my eye this morning the moment I stepped in.

Now isn't that something? Funny how these things happen. Just when we are getting around to discussing these very issues. 

What the (beep) is going on? [Expanding Consciousness - I]

While the rest of humanity is apparently having a ball, a few are experiencing one or a combination of the following:
  • I just can not focus on the job at hand! 
  • I have lost my passion for living! 
  • At times it feels as if I am going mad! 
  • I have these terrible mood swings! 
  • I used to be pretty sure of myself but am really low in self-confidence these days! 
  • I can not seem to be able to make new friends! 
  • I am feeling so terribly lonely even though I have people who care for me and love me. 
  • What am I doing on Earth right now? 
  • Reiki and Crystals do not seem to be working for me the way they used to! 
  • Why do I feel disoriented most of the time?
  • What the (beep) is happening to me? 
  • I seem to have lost my faith!
If this is your story too, then please read on…

72000 nadis and Resisting Pain

While Thoughts/Desires are the necessary starting points of all creativity;  they also are responsible eventually for creating a few problems in life. 

We all have been conditioned to resist and fight pain. I am sure that we will stop resisting pain the moment there is an understanding of the huge price that we pay because of this limited mind set.