Manifesting the Negative

A question was asked recently by a seeker, “Why do things/situations that I do not want manifest easily while the ones I want desperately, do not?” She was talking of the common issues of abundance, problems with household help, weight issues, health issues and a couple of other things in life.

A similar issue was raised by another seeker who was contemplating quitting his job because of problems at work place.

Detoxification Symptoms During and After Road Trip

This is further to the article posted yesterday about my Road Trip to Delhi. I am sharing here the benefits in terms of detoxification that set in directly as a result of the extensive deep breathing that happened during the trip.

Road Trip to Delhi

3:30 AM on March 17. 2012 was a defining moment and a very gratifying one for me as this moment validated our journey of attaining better health...naturally in a huge way. This was the moment when our long drive which had started at around 10 AM the previous day from Ahmedabad ended in NOIDA.

Djembe – The Instrument of Our Times

Music has played its own role in the evolution of human consciousness. Although the instrument known as Djembe was one of the earliest ones created by human beings; it is only now that we will be able to use it to its fullest potential. So much so that Djembe can be called as THE instrument of the changing times because of the tremendous impact that it has by default.

Monday Morning Blues – It's Not About You

I woke up on Monday morning with a feeling commonly known as Monday morning blues. I lay in bed not wanting to get up, get dressed and go to work and started wondering where the feelings were coming from. I KNEW the answer as soon as I had asked the question and the mood changed instantly. I was up in a flash, got dressed and was out of the house with a spring in my step ready to tackle whatever the day had in store for me.

It has not always been like this. Transforming the energy of lethargy to one of suddenly being alert and awake required one important lesson to be learnt which is what I am sharing here...