Detoxification Symptoms During and After Road Trip

This is further to the article posted yesterday about my Road Trip to Delhi. I am sharing here the benefits in terms of detoxification that set in directly as a result of the extensive deep breathing that happened during the trip.

Now two more things were happening simultaneously while I was driving to Delhi and back (and even while I was in Delhi)
  • I was able to do deep breathing because the mind was not cluttered during major portion of the time spent behind the wheel of my car. This deep breathing in turn helped generate extra energy at the physical level to the extent not possible during normal days. 

  • As the mind was free from routine thoughts that do tend to creep in on a normal working day, it (i.e. the mind) was not consuming energy the way it does on those days.

There is also the fact that I did more than my normal share of driving while in Delhi which translated to more quality time for deeper breathing during the days that we were actually in Delhi.

All this helped generate more energy than normal which now had to go to work to help my body detoxify. The symptoms became apparent the moment I landed in Delhi and every evening thereafter whenever my physical body and the mind were free from the responsibilities of the day.

These were in the form of intense itching all over my thighs, buttocks, middle back and a few other places.

Additionally, my hands were having a lot of tingling sessions – normally felt by diabetics and misinterpreted as being something ‘wrong’ with them. The tips of the fingers were also kind of numb for a full day (after we reached home) to the extent that I could not get anything done. I did not resist these sensations and definitely did not ‘wish’ them to end but allowed them to run their course. 

All these sensations have reduced considerably now and are allowing me to get these thoughts online. I have also sweated a bit more than usual around the abdominal area and around the collar-bone area the past couple of days. I know that the extra layers of fat in these areas are dissolving which is good.

BTW, I did manage to squeeze in a session of full body massage with a masseur whose services I had used during one of my Delhi trips last year. He commented that a lot of fat around the shoulders, arms, thighs etc. has gone away which I already know.

Another thing I noticed was that the night vision on the road was somewhat poorer in moments when I allowed the clutter to build up in my mind. The vision improved the moment I did a bit of deep breathing which first helped clear the mind. 

It’s something that I have noticed in real life too while reading the text messages on my mobile. I am able to read them properly without my reading glasses when the mind is totally relaxed. I need to use the reading glasses only when some activity is taking place in my mind. So this too is telling me something about how to go about improving my eyesight as I grow older.

So all in all, things are moving according to the plan of achieving better health…naturally and effortlessly, I may add…

Saturday March 24, 2012

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