Manifesting the Negative

A question was asked recently by a seeker, “Why do things/situations that I do not want manifest easily while the ones I want desperately, do not?” She was talking of the common issues of abundance, problems with household help, weight issues, health issues and a couple of other things in life.

A similar issue was raised by another seeker who was contemplating quitting his job because of problems at work place.

This is a common problem facing those who have realized that there is a deep link between their own thoughts and the situations that are there in their lives. The negative manifests easily and almost effortlessly while manifesting the good is a bit of a struggle.

The fact is that the Principle of Energy Follows Thoughts has been grossly misunderstood as it is being taken too literally. 

In reality it is not the thoughts but the real energies behind the thoughts that make things happen. It is the real feelings that matter and not the thoughts originating from the human minds.

The homemaker who is facing problems with household help has absolutely no doubts whatsoever (in her mind) in believing that her maids are going to give her a tough time. Her belief systems are that the maids are going to be late for work, be sloppy, are only interested in gossip, not show up when most needed and are generally there to make life difficult for her. All these fears are just lurking under the surface. She desperately wants them to be to be the proper help that they are meant to be but is scared that they will not be. And Voila! She just created all these plus more. 

No surprises that the household help (and the abundance issues and the health issues and the relationship issues) together are making her a real frustrated human being. All these issues started rearing their ugly heads coincidentally just around the time that she was coming to the realization that she herself was somehow responsible for everything that was happening in her life.

Conversely, when I asked her how much faith, trust and belief did she have that the good things that she wanted so desperately in her life will manifest. 

“Not much”, was the reply. Hello!!! 

The bottom line is that the Undesirable manifests  easily because it is rather easy for us to Believe that these will happen.

With this kind of loaded belief system, is it any surprise that there is a large amount of darkness in life!

The Positive and that which is desperately needed does not manifest because deep within the belief systems are ‘I am not worthy enough’, ‘I possibly can not afford it’, ‘It’s too good for me’, “I will not be able to handle it’ etc. 

When it comes to the positive, the doubts are many while there is absolute clarity for the negative

* * * *
Look within. The answers lie there. Trust yourself. Applaud yourself if there is too much of negative happening in life. Why? Because understand that you have become a very powerful creator. In a negative way alright, but so what!! The positive is lurking just behind the negative waiting to manifest. 

But before that can happen, the negative has to be accepted for all that it is. Not fought with, not annihilated but to be understood and totally accepted for what it is.

The reality is that trust in self, in the God within is not there. It is easy to trust others, God outside, Gurus, Spiritual Teachers, invisible guides – you name it. The reality is that they cannot do it for any human being. Never have. Never will.

Many seekers are waiting for grand things to happen in life before they will (they say) start trusting themselves. It will not happen. That’s not how creation works.  

Start creating small things first. This will help build the trust within in your own creator abilities. 

Only then will the grand dreams be fulfilled. Because you would have manifested those in your human reality. Not God outside. But the God within.

And so it is.

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  1. Brilliant eye opener, all through I have been engulfed with "Whys" not "How all these negativities were manifested" by reading this article things are getting clear.
    Thanks for sharing this thought, and thanks to the seeker who asked this question.


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