Healing vs. Acceptance – The Energy Dynamics behind any Healing Process

In this post, I wish to share my understanding of the energy movements during any healing process, be it conventional or non-conventional. This will come in handy when we discuss the issue of Acceptance.

But before that, the belief systems of Karma/Fate/Destiny and that of Duality need to be examined here.

Healing vs. Acceptance

How can healing and ‘being in acceptance’ go together? I am unable to understand the connection between them. I feel that the term ‘healing’ is used when we want to change something which is uncomfortable at present and is therefore not acceptable. 

On the other hand we also use the phrase ‘balancing of energies at all levels - physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, karmic etc.’ when we are not sure of the cause of the problem. Please explain how 'balancing' works automatically when we are in acceptance of things. In that case do we need any additional healing method?

The above were asked in an email and this post is the result.

Manifesting the Negative (continued)

The responses received to the earlier post helped generate this post. I have reproduced the relevant extracts from the emails that were received along with my comments. This will hopefully help you to start trusting the guidance coming from the God within just a wee bit more.