Is High Blood Sugar Good or Bad? - III

Diet control, yoga, pranayama, regular workouts to sweat out the extra calories etc. are great techniques for keeping the excess weight off but do require persistent efforts. The downside is that results attained after months of efforts can come undone within a few days. Till around 2005, this was my story too. But things started changing when I started implementing some basic laws of nature that I had learnt along the way. My struggles ended as I started losing weight effortlessly. Not only that, the weight loss is more or less permanent. The changes that are visible in the photographs below bear testimony: 

The weight loss that is obvious over time is NOT because I have been avoiding certain food items, or by being on a diet or by following a strict and taxing workout schedule. The body has become healthier…naturally and almost effortlessly as a result of transformation of my belief systems, some of which I wish to share here.

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Like many before me, I too went through years of struggle during which the weight had fluctuated while I tried to find the perfect diet plan, the perfect set of exercise routines, yoga, pranayama etc. that would yield permanent results. All of these did help but the weight invariably came back on. This was pretty frustrating, to say the least.

It was about that time that I realized that all these struggles and efforts were in reality not going to work. This was because of the constant battle that was going on within me against my mind, a battle that I was slowly but surely losing.

It was about then that I started accepting my weight as it was. This helped me reach a peaceful zone within. I noticed that my breathing rate improved once the mind was at peace. From my years of being an energy worker, I knew that this was a very significant step forward.

I had also by then learnt that the human body was meant to be a self-cleaning and self-maintaining entity. This knowledge had not become my belief system because the results were not visible. 

There was also this awareness that I was eating much more than the body really needed. Logic dictates that our food intake should reduce once we have reached the maximum height. The years of conditioning of having eaten three meals a day gets in the way and most are not able to stop eating even when they know they should. At least, I had gotten over this basic conditioning and had switched to fruits-at-breakfast long back. 

I was seriously contemplating giving lunch a miss too but the habit/addiction (of eating lunch) was getting in the way. Still I managed to stop taking lunch every now and then. 

My new belief systems were seriously threatened when I noticed that the pendulum swung the other way and the weight shot up dramatically to reach my highest ever of around 109 kgs. This was no doubt very upsetting but then I accepted it as being a part of my journey into acceptance. I realized that this might be a kind of a test as my faith and trust in the new belief systems were being seriously questioned. I managed to stay balanced, desperately clinging to the energy of Hope. In reality, I did not have any choice.

It was about then that the following picture was taken during a family vacation. We were in Delhi just before that and the constant jibes of relatives and friends had really got to me.

At the same time, I noticed that being in acceptance of my weight, among other things in life, was actually helping my breathing which was becoming easier and deeper by the day.

I realized that I was finally allowing nature to do it's work as a lot of energy was getting generated within me and that too effortlessly. I had by then got the knowledge that this energy would eventually start cleansing my body. This was a defining moment as the knowledge turned into my wisdom after going through the personal experience. 

I had also been looking at the other aspects about the food that we eat. The belief system was that I should spontaneously be avoiding things that were not good for the body and be eating what my body really needed irrespective of what the doctors/dieticians believed. Deep within I knew that human life should be more than being in a constant mental state of counting calories, fat content, proteins, fats etc. in each and every morsel that was going in. This gave me the courage to eat chocolates, peanuts, pure ghee and whatever else I felt like having in the moment.

I also started avoiding lunch most of the time. At times, the mind resisted. After a few weeks of trial and error, I became convinced that what I believed as being hunger pangs were actually demands by the body for more energy and not food. 

So instead of lunch, I started doing a set of deep breathing exercises while lying down. This really helped as the what-were-previously-hunger-pangs used to disappear after these sessions of deep breathing.

Nature too came to my rescue by sending a couple of patients my way who needed my assistance as a healing facilitator (for months at a stretch) at around lunch time. Working with them helped me breathe deeper and better spontaneously. I remember that these sessions resulted in the feelings-associated-with-hunger going away altogether at the end of the sessions.

I also realized that I did not enjoy the healing sessions so much on days when I had put some food in my belly just before the sessions.

This got me convinced and I gave up on eating regular lunch most week days. The fact that the what-I-believed were hunger pangs were not so had already been proven and the decision was made easier. Yes, I do have an occasional pizza or a sandwich when I have someone visiting or when there is a party at office but that’s more for the joy of the company and eating together and not because the body really needs anything.

I was finally living like nature intended and lost about 12 kgs over the next few months thanks to this changing lifestyle. 

The weight then stagnated where it was while I enjoyed the moments eating mostly junk food, pure ghee with my rajma-rice, chocolates, deep fried stuff, sweets, cakes etc. In short, things that were not considered good but I used to eat anyway, often with disastrous effects earlier were apparently not hurting me as the weight stabilized to 96-97 kgs. This kept on for about two and a half and maybe three years.

The following picture was taken during a wedding in the family in the month of May 2011:

Blood Sugar:

In the meantime, my blood sugar had shot up tremendously. This had caused a bit of concern but I had taken a decision not to take any medication. This, I seriously believed, was nature working to get rid of the excess toxins from my body. There was no evidence available to back my belief system so it did get a bit lonely then. The constant, loving and silent support of my better half who has believed in me all this time was what gave me the inner strength that I needed to carry on.

Though I was tempted to start regular exercising; strangely I did not do so. I knew that this would help reduce the blood sugar levels but I just could not bring myself to even move a muscle. 

The realization dawned later when I understood that exercising would also have been a sign in my consciousness of mistrust, of not believing completely that my body was taking care of itself. 

I also had this stupid belief that maybe I was meant to find a solution for this situation called Diabetes that scares the hell out of many. 

It then made perfect sense to me not to be exercising because many diabetics that I know are not in a shape to do any kind of movement at all. The only exercise that they can do is the one of the Diaphragm which is also called as being the Spiritual Muscle (That’s a different story though.). 
This muscle is best exercised while lying on the back. I no doubt had mastered that by then.

I finally got bored and reached the stage in life when things were not moving at all. This was about four months ago. I had kind of got stuck and had lost my motivation in everything – business, family, healing work, training, writing and all the other aspects of my life. 

The message that repeatedly came from within was to go on an extended retreat of about two to three weeks to kind of disconnect from everything in life.

It was with this background and energies that I found myself at Ratanveer Nature Cure Centre, Kutch on the morning of June 15, 2011 for a 15 day stay. In a way, it was 1994 revisited for me when I had got my first experiences of pranayama, yoga, raw food and most important inner silence. 

I knew that life had come around a full circle albeit with an expanded consciousness this time around.

The following pictures were taken during the period of my stay there:

The biggest gain (actually a loss) was the weight going down to 91.5 kgs from the 97 kgs that I saw when I checked in. About 1.5 kgs has come back on but I knew that this would happen when I got back to my normal salt and sugar diet. 

This weight loss no doubt was because of the combination of the mainly raw/lightly cooked low salt, no sugar diet and the extensive detoxification that happened during the various nature-cure therapies that were administered during my stay there. 

Another significant thing that happened during the retreat was the steep drop in my blood sugar levels (94 fasting and 131 pp on the last day) which was a pleasant surprise for me too. From the obscene high levels recorded over the last three years or so, this was a huge relief and in a way vindicated my decision not to go on medications but to allow nature to do its work.

Now two big questions need answers: 

A) Is the weight loss permanent?

I strongly believe that it is. This is because I am mentally ready now to move into the lifestyle of dinner every other day. I am convinced that I do not need to be eating any more than that. My inspiration for that has come from Shri Tavariaji, the person who devised the 3-step rhythmic breathing program. He was known to eat just twice in a week while living a rather active life. I figure that if he could do it, so can I. At least the seeds have been planted in my consciousness.

No, I will not be eating the food that Dr. Chaturvedi and Dr. Leo at the centre strongly recommended unless the call for that comes from within. I am not in any way suggesting that these do not work. On the contrary, I have a lot of respect for this system. The thing is that living that kind of life can also create a lot of stress which can become rather counter-productive as I had experienced. 

In the meantime, I will continue eating all those things that are considered sinful and high in calories and enjoy life. I am not recommending others to follow what I am doing unless it is accompanied by the shift in consciousness. The belief systems create our reality and nothing should be done until and unless the required belief systems are firmly in place. Please understand that I am also actively following the advice coming from within about what to feed/not feed my body during the time when I am not partying. 

B) What about the blood sugar levels?

As I will obviously not be getting the treatments done that I had been getting at Ratanveer when the detoxification was happening through my skin, my blood sugar should go up to assist in further loss of weight.

I now believe that increase in blood sugar is a safe way for the body to get rid of the toxins that accumulate over the years. Of course, there is no scientific evidence available to back this claim yet but I am willing to become a guinea pig of sorts. I am ready to be put through all kinds of tests by the medical fraternity and the scientists who are working  on this. It will happen when it has to happen…

Ratanveer Nature Cure Centre, in a way, has become a very important station in the journey of my life. Besides the weight loss, the biggest gain for me during my stay there was learning the Sukshma Yogic Vyayama – a set of subtle and easy movements designed for each and every joint of the body. 

This is something that I now do almost everyday. I can feel the energy circulating throughout my body when I do these very simple movements – I will not call it 'exercise'. After years of neglect, I am finally taking care of the physical vessel.

I am looking forward to the next few months/years of my stay here. 

This brings me back to the original question: 

“Is High Blood Sugar Good or Bad?”

I do not have a definite answer yet but I am putting all my bets on this being a good thing if viewed from the proper perspective. I strongly believe that it is just another way of the body to get rid of the toxins, to self purify and to become healthier…naturally. 

The way I look at it today, shedding another 10 kilos or so will be nice. But then I am not worrying about it. It will happen when it has to happen. And only then will I be sure about this blood sugar issue.

And so it is.


I am not recommending that diabetics should stop taking their medicines. The belief system that human bodies are self-cleaning and self-maintaining entities has to be firmly in place before that. It is the mind that has to be taken care of first. Even an iota of disbelief is enough to create major health problems. 

If any diabetics (who are reading this) start thinking of going off their medications, please do not do so without getting the knowledge and the training that is essential before taking that step. 


  1. Beautiful article Sir! Thankyou for sharing this!

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  2. Dear SP,

    All possibilities exist. The man does not know everything yet and we do not know what new developments may occur in times to come. Never know, there may be something changing already. Keep up the good work. All the best, DK

  3. Amazingly enlightening !!!! This is really inspiring for me to more and more trust my inner self and its belief systems.........


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