Is High Blood Sugar Good or Bad? - II

The following is the relevant extract of an email received in response to a recent post. These mails are validating the reasons for my sharing my experiences and beliefs and many thanks to the ones who are sending these mails.

… your post, Blood sugar tests, while experiencing Darkness, was needed when I was going through some of my health issues...and could accept the situation/ darkness easily. And got my answers! A much needed post of the Hour...The acceptance of fears, of letting go the resistance, is not that difficult…

The following line at the end of the email has however, caught my eye and I thought that a new post would be a better reply than an email.

Hope your sugar levels are in control.

Please understand that my journey at this point of time is not about ‘controlling the sugar level’. I do understand that this is what would have been the most appropriate thing to do for many but in my own consciousness, it would be a “Non Acceptance” of sorts. This would indicate that there was a lack of trust in my own body’s ability to heal itself. Please read the earlier post of this series also. 

I was at cross-roads in 2008 when this condition became first known to me. I did deliberate a bit and then made the decision of not taking the road that is already being travelled by others. I had good reasons to as I have seen others go through a bit of pain and suffering in spite of controlling the diet and taking medications regularly. I know that exercise does help in controlling the blood sugar levels but for some unknown reasons, I just am not able to do that regularly. I have realised deep within that my journey is about finding a solution for the ones who are not able to exercise.

Additionally, I did not also want to keep eating small frequent meals as is recommended. The way I was in Oct 2008, I knew that it would have been rather impossible for me to control myself. Small portions would become big meals in no time at all. This eventually adds to the weight, as I have observed happen with close friends and family members with this condition. This additional weight then interferes with the exercise regimes being followed, if any.

My belief systems about the requirement of food were also changing at that time. I obviously did not want any conflicts within me regarding this aspect.

I am now convinced that the blood sugar situation in my life is in fact a gift and not a problem.

These changed belief systems have helped me come in total acceptance of everything. This in turn is helping me breathe better and deeper. Better breathing in turn means that there is more energy now available in my system. I also know that the prime responsibility of any surplus energies is to heal the body. The reducing inches in the thighs, the neck, the upper chest and the abdomen coupled with the gradually reducing intake of food by the day is evidence and sufficient validation for me. Detoxification is going on all the time – constantly, continuously and effortlessly.

I am feeling absolutely comfortable with everything – the energy levels are pretty high most of the time, there are no discomforts in the arms or the legs as generally happens with Diabetics,  the thirst levels are pretty okay and I no longer need to wake up several times in the middle of the night for visits to the washroom. So all in all there is nothing apparently wrong other than the blood sugar readings which seem to have shot up paradoxically.

High blood sugar might be the reason for suffering for many – but I now know that it is helping my health become better.

So the question that I am forced to ask in turn is:

“Why on earth would I try to, or even want to control it?” 

I am just allowing my body to heal itself. Of that there are absolutely no doubts whatsoever in all parts of my being.

In my mind, the risks are not as high as were taken by the first person who tied homemade wings on his arms and jumped off a cliff to find out whether or not humans could fly!

Only time will tell whether I am right – in which case I will be there to rejoice in the moment. In case I am proven wrong, it will not matter at all, least of all to me.

And so it is.


  1. Thanks Sir for the insightful post. I am sure it will help lots of people. I completely understand and agree to your point of view.

  2. Ranjaniji, the fact remains that there are not many takers TODAY. But that's okay with me as I am comfortable with the knowingness that this journey is different.

    So thank you for being one of the very few who understands and this point in time.

  3. Sir,
    I believe you need a lot of trust and faith in yourself and in your body to let it heal itself or find the balance on its own. We all have been too conditioned to trust the others "specialists" who tell us what is good for us and what is not.

    I think we can apply this to situations, relationships as well.

    Thanks for the insight, have just added another goal to achieve.


  4. Dear Sir,

    The trust starts to shake, when the pain keeps coming back. I heal and accept the cause(whatever I think it is) for the condition regularly, but the pain keeps coming back. In that excruciating pain, one resorts to medicines.

    I do agree with the deep breathing.At the time of deep breathing, the mind and body seem to come in balance, but that lasts only till the breathing lasts.It takes a lot to breath deeply all the time. am trying to bring it in my life, slowly.

    Thank you sir for your insights, they are indeed thought provoking.


  5. Kanwalji: If you really think about it, even the phrase "to heal" has the energy of "non-acceptance" behind it. In the sense "To Heal" means "to fix something that is not working". This is another belief system that needs to change now. Only then the acceptance will be total and unconditional. This is something that I will be taking up in another post. In the meantime, all the best.


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