About Being a Pessimist

This page on the desktop calendar caught my eye as I walked in a bit earlier today.

I would have readily agreed with this a couple of years ago but not so in this moment. Because this too is another of those old belief systems which is no longer valid for me.

Being optimist/pessimist are but two sides of the same energy coin and one can be transformed to the other. Even the optimists go through phases in life when they are enveloped by the darkness of pessimism. So what?? When the clouds of pessimism hover in your life, be a pessimist. Do not fight them, that's all.

This page now looks like this:

And so it is.

Osho's view on Sadness

It was a pleasant surprise for me when I saw this in yesterday's edition of The Times of India:

Well, well!!! Now, why on earth did I not read Osho twenty years ago?

Is High Blood Sugar Good or Bad? - II

The following is the relevant extract of an email received in response to a recent post. These mails are validating the reasons for my sharing my experiences and beliefs and many thanks to the ones who are sending these mails.

… your post, Blood sugar tests, while experiencing Darkness, was needed when I was going through some of my health issues...and could accept the situation/ darkness easily. And got my answers! A much needed post of the Hour...The acceptance of fears, of letting go the resistance, is not that difficult…

Expanding Consciousness - II : The Energy Dynamics

We might not be aware of it but we do have this tremendous ability of projecting energies towards others. We also are unknowing recipient of energies projected by others all the time. At times we are aware that something is happening but generally tend to ignore the feelings when we ‘know’ that energies of love, hate, anger, worry etc. are being projected towards us. The fact is that we humans have lost trust in our own abilities and therefore brush aside these experiences as mere figments of our imagination.

Synchronicity of the moment

This page on the table calendar caught my eye this morning the moment I stepped in.

Now isn't that something? Funny how these things happen. Just when we are getting around to discussing these very issues. 

What the (beep) is going on? [Expanding Consciousness - I]

While the rest of humanity is apparently having a ball, a few are experiencing one or a combination of the following:
  • I just can not focus on the job at hand! 
  • I have lost my passion for living! 
  • At times it feels as if I am going mad! 
  • I have these terrible mood swings! 
  • I used to be pretty sure of myself but am really low in self-confidence these days! 
  • I can not seem to be able to make new friends! 
  • I am feeling so terribly lonely even though I have people who care for me and love me. 
  • What am I doing on Earth right now? 
  • Reiki and Crystals do not seem to be working for me the way they used to! 
  • Why do I feel disoriented most of the time?
  • What the (beep) is happening to me? 
  • I seem to have lost my faith!
If this is your story too, then please read on…

72000 nadis and Resisting Pain

While Thoughts/Desires are the necessary starting points of all creativity;  they also are responsible eventually for creating a few problems in life. 

We all have been conditioned to resist and fight pain. I am sure that we will stop resisting pain the moment there is an understanding of the huge price that we pay because of this limited mind set.