Chapter 2. Detoxification

(First published on Feb. 19, 2010, Rewritten March 28, 2011)

Regular practice of ‘Watch How you Breathe & Watch How You Eat’ will help generate energy that was previously not available. This extra energy will now be used by the body to clean itself in the process known as Detoxification. 

This is the most important process on the path of attaining better health…naturally. It is obvious that this aspect of becoming healthier does not find any place in the conventional mode of treatment YET as this is not discussed at all even when patients with life-threatening ailments are being taken care of. 

Understand that our existing eating and breathing habits create the situation where the body is continuously being deprived of its required quota of energy. The topmost priority of vital energy is to keep the human being alive i.e. to keep the heart pumping and the lungs moving. Next on the list of priorities is the functioning of the food pipe, kidneys, liver, pancreas etc. not necessarily in that order.

As sufficient energy is not available, some parts/organs/systems of the body are continuously being deprived of their required quota thus affecting their functioning and efficiency. The process of cleansing (detoxification) gets neglected as it is way down on the priority list. This results in the toxicity level of the system building up steadily. Over a period of time, we literally end up carrying extra weight which keeps on increasing as we grow older. This puts extra pressure on the energy resources.

All this happens not because of Every Breath We Take but rather because of Every Breath That We Do Not Take. 

What generally happens is that the vital organs and the body’s systems stop working as efficiently as they should. Diseases eventually follow as the various systems stop interacting the way they are meant to. The body’s ability to heal itself naturally gets thwarted. 

But the beauty of the human body is that all this can be reversed once the natural laws are properly implemented. And of course it should not have got too late also. 

Better eating and breathing habits is the beginning. These together help create that desperately needed extra energy which can now start the important work of eliminating the stored toxins as the first step of the natural healing process. 

It really is that simple but not yet understood, and therefore not accepted by most.
* * * *
Properly understanding the symptoms of detoxification is the next important step because lack of understanding also interferes with the natural healing process.

The most common symptom of detoxification is a heavy headed feeling. This is not a comfortable feeling and one that we immediately reject unless the mind has been re-programmed to accept it. 

Those who keep fasts on a regular basis know what I am talking about here as this is the same feeling that generally happens at the end of a day of fasting. What actually happens (during the day of fasting) is that the energy that was normally being used to break down the food – when the human being was not fasting – is now available for the body as a bonus. The body automatically wants to use this excess (energy) to cleanse itself. The toxins that are most harmful to the body are the first ones to get removed from the tissues and the cells. These then enter the blood stream so that they can be flushed out of the system. I personally feel that these on-their-way-out toxins somehow get stuck in the small capillaries of the brain and the resultant pressure is experienced as a heavy headed feeling. The exact reason, however, is really not known. 

The next obvious thing that the human being wants is to be relieved of this slight irritant. There are two ways to go about it.

First Option: The easiest way to relieve the heavy headed feeling is by eating junk food which most people end up doing. 

This easy way works because the energy-that-was-involved-in-cleaning gets now diverted towards the task of breaking down the recently eaten food as this now becomes the most significant job next only to circulation of blood and respiration. Eating junk food on its own is counterproductive for keeping the fast in the first place.  

But more dangerous (than the junk food itself) is the long term impact in terms of the pattern that is now getting created. The mind starts equating the heavy headed symptoms to be signs of being hungry. Repeatedly eating fried food to get rid of the heavy-head reinforces the belief system.

The human being then falls into the self-created trap of reaching for food not because it is needed but because it now serves to get rid of the heavy headed feeling. Over time the body never gets the chance to attain better health…naturally as the natural cleansing process is thwarted. Obviously eating junk food is not a wise option.  

The second healthier option is a bit more difficult initially but the wiser one eventually. For this option to be exercised, the mind first has to accept the fact that heavy headed feeling is actually good for me. 

Once the mind accepts the fact that Being Heavy Headed Is Good, it automatically relaxes. Relaxed mind then allows deeper breathing to take place which then helps generate more energy which allows detoxification to run its course. Ultimately the headache is relieved without eating junk food. This is the most significant aspect of detoxification and needs to be understood for it to work.

Otherwise, even the other known systems like pranayama, meditation, Reiki, Crystals etc. are known not to work. When the mind is closed to this aspect of detoxification, the only thing that works is junk food. The ones who are on any spiritual path know this more than anyone else as the one common complaint is of weight going up. Now you know why? 

When the human mind is open, the thoughts go away from food being the only alternative and the human becomes open to receive the desperately needed extra energy to finish the current cycle of detoxification. 

I guess the toxins in the blood stream that are stuck in the capillaries of the human brain get broken down further with the help of the extra energy now taken/generated so that they can pass through releasing the pressure that was building up. 

Fact: Non accepting human mind does not allow the process of detoxification to run its full course. The chance to attain better health…naturally is therefore not happening as frequently as it should be. In a way, most humans do not believe in this ability anymore. This has to be re-discovered. A bit of experimenting will help the ones who desire to start believing.
* * * *
What should a person who has regularly started following the twin principles of ‘Watching How You Breath and Watching How You Eat’ be doing once the initial symptoms of detoxification surface?

What I recommend is experimenting by delaying eating that junk food and instead doing a bit of deep breathing. Do Reiki, Crystal therapy or any other form of energy working if you know it or get someone else to do healing for you. See what happens. The belief system that ‘Heavy Headed feeling is Good’ will become yours only after experimenting repeatedly and getting the results without eating junk food. Only then will you become empowered to deal with the other symptoms of detoxification which are being discussed next. 

These are slightly tougher on the system and are feverish feelings, congested sinuses, cold, cough, increased sweating, loose-motions and increased urine flow. The human minds have historically been treating these signs of becoming better as those of becoming worse. This programming of the conditioned human minds therefore interferes with the natural process of detoxification.

Then there are the mental symptoms too, the most common one being general irritability for no known reason. There are sudden outbursts of anger, hate and other negative emotions that occur for no known reasons. 

The fact is that whatever is trapped inside HAS to come out before the body can become healthier. It is so logically obvious. Understand that health is a package of Body and Mind (and also Soul but this is a bit more complex to understand right now)

All the energies that were trapped within have to be released from the mind. How else will the body be healed? You can just not be healthier physically while not being healthy mentally and emotionally. It is a complete package deal.

Obviously, the mental and emotional releases are very difficult to digest when they happen. The ones walking on this or for that matter any other spiritual path need to be a bit brave to go through the process. More important is the fact that the near and dear ones need to be a bit more understanding and supportive. They, more often than not, bear the brunt of the releases when they eventually occur. Knowledge about this very important aspect, even at the intellectual level, helps.

The issue becomes a bit more complex in certain cases when the symptoms of the existing ailments actually ‘worsen’ before they can become better. To the un-initiated this can be rather disturbing but has to be understood in the proper context.

The mind has to be re-programmed progressively through each and every one of these releases. This is the reason that it HAS to be a personal journey. 

The path to better health…naturally is obviously rather tough but becomes easy once detoxification has been properly understood. 
* * * *
The symptoms of detoxification surface within a few days of Watching How You Breath and Watching How You Eat. With persistent practice, they then taper off gradually and a period of wellness then follows when all is (apparently) well. 

If we make this a habit, the next cycle of detoxification kicks in after some time. There are a few days when the human being going through detoxification is literally stressed out. This then alternates with a few days of feeling good. 

This pattern of alternate good days and bad days continues till the time that the desired level of fitness is attained. If you really sit down to think about it, the days that are ‘bad’ are actually good for us because it is during these days that body really heals. What is really needed is a bit of wisdom and a changed perspective of this apparently negative aspect. A bit of discomfort every now and then is a small price to pay for the long term benefits that are waiting to happen but then that is my opinion. 

I personally like to call Detoxification as Cleansing as it takes the sting out of the word. There is also the fact that the energy associated with the word ‘cleansing’ is easily acceptable to our minds.

What basically needs to be done is to reprogram the mind to accept the discomforts as and when they happen. This is the main reason why no one else can restore better health for anyone – ever. No Doctors, Health Trainers, Diet Specialists, Healers, Therapists, not even GOD can do it for you. The specialists can help alleviate the pain as and when it surfaces. For that to happen, the complete facts need to be understood for what they really are. 

My mantra for this is ‘Be Positive for the Negative too’.

And so it is. 


  1. Very clear expansion of the concept of detoxification. Thank you Sir for the layers which you have added to this article.

  2. Ranjaniji: A short response from my side expanded to a new post. Its online.

    Triptiji: Thank you for your comment.

  3. Thank you sir, makes a lot of sense. Wiill start practicing right away.
    Being Positive about the negative is a good way to deal with situations. We always say that everything happens for the good and something good always comes out of it, but never really understood the meaning of it.
    Thanks sir.Kanwal

  4. Kanwalji: Good/Bad, Positive/Negative, Light/Dark are in fact two sides of the same duality coins. Energy in reality is ONE - it feels like either Good or Bad because of our reactions to it in the moment. Negative persists because we keep on resisting it. When we accept it, it has the potential to transform to the positive. There are energy dynamics involved here which I will be taking up in some future post. The time has come for Energy Movers to become Energy Transformers. In essence it means that the healers no longer need to push the negative out of the system and replace it with the positive. The negative can transform to the positive there itself. It's nothing new - happens in the Universe all the time. We now can have the ability to make it happen...Think about it.


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