Blood Sugar Levels Controlled Rather Easily

A bit of tweaking my food and a slight change of lifestyle has brought the blood sugar levels down from the previously recorded highs to what are considered to be relatively safe zones. I don’t really know at this point whether anyone else can also duplicate these results. At the same time, I see no reason why someone can not. In any case, this is what has happened with me over the last month or so…

Is High Blood Sugar Good or Bad? - III

Diet control, yoga, pranayama, regular workouts to sweat out the extra calories etc. are great techniques for keeping the excess weight off but do require persistent efforts. The downside is that results attained after months of efforts can come undone within a few days. Till around 2005, this was my story too. But things started changing when I started implementing some basic laws of nature that I had learnt along the way. My struggles ended as I started losing weight effortlessly. Not only that, the weight loss is more or less permanent. The changes that are visible in the photographs below bear testimony: