Core Transformation and Distinctions of Landmark Education

April 6, 2013

Spiritual seekers are difficult, or should I say rather impossible people to live with. Those who doubt this should talk to my wife and family; I am certain that the stories they will hear are many. This post is dedicated to my wife and two daughters who have always been there for me.

It was in 1994 that I had my early spiritual experiences in life when I learnt Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama. These experiences had a huge impact on me and things started to shift. I subsequently discovered that I was meant to walk the spiritual path this time around. Since then, almost all my actions, thoughts and even dreams have been focused on the discovery of the Spiritual Truths that seem to control and shape various aspects of life. I became so involved with reading, introspecting and researching that I excluded almost everything else in life. Yes there were moments in between for family vacations, outings etc. But it was a journey that had to be done largely on my own. A journey that meant that I had to withdraw from life and turn totally inwards for days, weeks and even months on end. And that was the way it was meant to be. I am aware that everyone in the family knows deep within that this is what they had all committed to, albeit unknowingly. And this is what they got. Thankfully it all is beginning to change. I know that it is going to be easier from now on because that is the stand that I am now committed to.

This post is a continuation of the last post regarding the Consciousness shifting within my being from one that was largely Spiritual to one that is Materialistic as well.

In the middle of a Major Breakdown

Most humans generally go through life without even being aware about the consciousness that is guiding it. They therefore are not able to go into the realms of Transforming the Core Consciousness at all. Transformation, if at all, generally occurs more by accident rather than design. We 'invite' trauma to trigger the change because more often than not, it is the time spent alone immediately after a major incident that starts the process of change.

To be able to therefore, not only be aware of the Core Consciousness but also to witness the process of transformation unfolding is indeed a beautiful experience - one that I am going through in the moment.

I am blessed in the sense that I did not need a major trauma to go through a shift or maybe I did but that's another story. I attracted a simple throat infection that needed antibiotics (after a long, long time) to ensure that I stayed in a bed in a somewhat quarantine state in order to go through a powerful process. 

Judging by my actions especially over the last twenty years or so, people close to me would label my life as one being largely spiritual. Not that I did not have any use for wealth but that is something that has been eluding me somehow in spite of all the best laid plans and efforts. My relation with wealth and things material has largely been one of 'having just enough'. 

As the needs were being taken care of in ways that were often rather mysterious, I gave up on even trying to create abundance a few years ago. I accepted maybe in a negative kind of way that my life this time around was going to be one that is largely spiritual rather than material.

I admit that I have not been fully content with the life that I have been living. At peace most of the time in recent years; yes, but there have been desires that are unfulfilled: things to do, places to see. Like most spiritual seekers, I have largely been stuck

This is apparently changing.

I am in the middle of a major breakdown that is helping transform my core consciousness from one being largely Spiritual to one that is Material as well. 

This shift has been preceded by certain events that have been unfolding since about June of last year. I have not shared anything in this space because the desire to do so was just not there. That is till now...