About Healees, Healers and Healing Facilitators

The word ‘healer’ is derived from ‘to heal’ (literally: to fix something, to cure, to restore to health) and literally means ‘someone who cures’. On the same lines, ‘healing facilitators’ facilitate the process of healing in others. Both strive to get the same end results yet there is a subtle difference in the way each operates. 

Those who utilise their services are commonly called as ‘patients’. I do not like the energies that have become associated with this word and like to call them as ‘healees’.   

So we have healees, healers and healing facilitators. 

Treat Your Chronic Ailment As A Dear Friend!

Considering that human lives are at stake, it is natural for us laypersons to assume that all possible variables that can contribute to a disease have been taken into account in the ongoing process of medical research. But is that really true? 

Energy Perspective - Symptoms of Detoxification (and not Diabetes)

I have experienced my share of the commonly known symptoms associated with Diabetes. I have also been able to successfully as well as effortlessly deal with the ones that were rather severe to start with. This experience without resorting to medications has no doubt helped me understand as to what really happens inside the body energetically. 

I wish to share my perspective regarding the following common symptoms:

Addicts – That’s What We Are!

One thing is absolutely clear now. Diabetes, and all such ailments, will remain incurable and irreversible in the allopathic system of treatment as all attempts to find cures for these and the zillions of dollars being spent on research will continue going down the drain. That is till such time that the medical specialists do not incorporate the MOST SIGNIFICANT ASPECT of LIFE in their treatment modality which is that of …

Vintage Cars Give Mileage of 25 kmpl!

What will be the reaction if a news item was to appear in a leading daily claiming that all cars including the Vintage brands and the Ambassadors,  Fiats, Marutis, Skodas, Audis and Mercedes Benzs have now started giving an average of 25 kilometers per liter of petrol.

"This is impossible" will be the immediate reaction, and rightly so. 

Yet, we have allowed ourselves to be brainwashed into believing that EACH and EVERY human is able to extract equal energy from the same amount of food irrespective of his/her age, state of health, mental, emotional and spiritual dispositions.

Yes, food is a source of energy but everyone cannot extract equal amounts of energy from the same amount of nutrients that are consumed. A sportsperson, for example, can get much more from a banana than one who is bedridden. So why do we try and force-feed people who are sick? 

Different makes and models of cars give different mileage, so too is the case when it comes to humans and food.

I have given this a lot of thought and the logic makes sense to me. Does it to you too?

Think about it.