Treat Your Chronic Ailment As A Dear Friend!

Considering that human lives are at stake, it is natural for us laypersons to assume that all possible variables that can contribute to a disease have been taken into account in the ongoing process of medical research. But is that really true? 

Human Consciousness

In spite of the growing mountain of evidences stacked in favour of the Mind-Body link, allopathic treatment is still focussed on treating the physical body alone for majority of ailments. The ailments that are being termed as ‘Psycho-somatic’ are still very, very limited in number. For instance, in all these years I have yet to come across a medical web-site, a book or even an article (written by medical experts) advocating that Diabetics need treatment for the Minds also. The reality is that the Mind is always involved, one way or the other, whenever anyone is unwell. Dealing with only one aspect of any problem will never provide the complete solution. No wonder that chronic ailments like Diabetes will continue to be termed as “irreversible”. In the allopathic way of treatment, I should add. The masses will keep on believing what their physician continues to tell them and this is rather unfortunate. Unfortunate because the list of ‘masses’ includes industrialists, top notch professionals, athletes, scientists, professors, politicians, educationists, cinematographers, musicians what have you!

It is common knowledge now that factors like “Fear”, “Anxiety”, “Stress” etc. have a negative impact on human health while those that invoke positive feelings like “Love”, “Joy”, “Peace”, “Hope” etc. have a positive impact. Do they not deserve to be studied in detail?

“These aspects of the mind are invisible, can not be quantified and therefore how can they be taken into consideration?” is what the general reaction going to be.
Absolutely! This argument by itself makes a strong case that these are studied in order to find the roles that they play in the diseases labelled chronic. All of these have a direct impact on the human minds and therefore the body. The ones involved in the field of medical research cannot be totally blind to the Mind-Body link! Or, maybe they still are?

If all these so-called-invisible and therefore not-worthy-enough to be considered factors can be clubbed together into one single word “Consciousness”, then it is obvious that medical research will not succeed in the quest to find cures for chronic ailments till such time that Consciousness is also factored-in. While great strides are being made in all other areas, notable ones being in the field of Surgery, chronic ailments will continue to baffle medical scientists till such time that Human Consciousness continues to be ignored.

Are these really ramblings of a mad man? I.Q. was also not quantifiable till not too long ago but is fast becoming an accurate tool for the ones who are using it. The fact remains that in spite of the growing body of evidence indicating otherwise, the masses will not seek professional help for ‘curing’ the mind till such time that the medical experts themselves do not give them the go-ahead for this.

Medication alone will not provide the cure and that is the reality. It’s only isolated cases who will continue getting the benefits but not all. Maybe the ones who benefit are the ones whose consciousness is in place! This is something that needs looking into.
* * * * 

Human Auras

Human Auras are invisible even today as they were millions of years ago. If Auras exist, then there has to be a reason for all of us to have them. There are an increasing numbers of ordinary humans walking around today who have developed their abilities to feel the auras. They still can not see them.

‘Willing patients’ start feeling better, when their auras are worked upon directly by the ones who know how to and this is a fact. Agreed that the effect lasts for a short period of time but that is true for the medications too. The value of ‘feeling better’ can not be quantified or weighed but ask the one who is suffering and feels the relief, albeit for a short period of time!

The technique of Aura photography which takes photos of Energy Fields surrounding us has been around for a bit of time now. But it will not become a scientific diagnostic tool till such time that it is not directly and openly supported by the medical fraternity. A lot of inputs are still needed before Aura Photography can come of age. Should the medical community continue to ignore this?

Likewise, there are so many other invisible aspects about Human Consciousness that have a direct impact on health. We have not even started to scratch the surface, so to say. A change in the belief systems results in change in consciousness which then changes the auras. This has a direct bearing on the physical health. Period. Holistic approach to health care is already opening the doorways for humans to become healthier…naturally. The sooner the ones who really matter realize this, the better.

* * * *
Effect of Emotions on Flow of Energy

All emotions contribute directly to the state of health of any individual. These are important components in the Mind-Body link. The fact is that emotions exist only in the mind, can be felt but not seen.

The quality of life becomes better when the emotions that a person is generally living with are positive. Negative emotions can have a devastating effect on the physical body if not dealt with properly. This is because:

A)                                    All emotions have a direct effect on the working of the lungs. A peaceful mind automatically helps create deeper breathing and agitated minds create breathing patterns that mirror that state. This is something that most may already have noticed. This has already been discussed and can be reached by clicking this link. 

B)                          When the lungs are not working to their fullest potential, the flow of energy – i.e. that inhaled directly as well as indirectly in the form of oxygen which ultimately helps in energy generation in the body – is also not to its fullest potential.

C)                                 Ultimately, the potential to self-cleanse and self-maintain takes a beating. Once natural detoxification is compromised, the health of the individual is compromised.

No wonder that the most intelligent animal walking on earth has lost the ability to become healthier…naturally.

Let us consider the example of the negative emotion of ‘Fear’. It is not that animals, especially the ones living in the wild, do not feel it. They use this emotion in a positive way as a tool for self-preservation which helps them to run or to hide whenever there is a threat perceived to life. But they also come out of their ‘Fears’ once the immediate threat to life is gone. Compare that to normal human beings. Fears generally stay with the individual for lifetimes, and the spiritual ones believe, even get carried over to the future lives. This by itself makes a case for fears to be dealt with in a positive constructive way at the earliest possible.

So who actually is dumb? Is it the animals or the most intelligent being walking (strutting around is a better word) on earth?

As far as I am concerned, the last shreds of my fears regarding the situation of High Blood Sugar in my life were taken away during my stay at the Ratanveer Nature Cure Centre. Besides the physical gains, this was perhaps the biggest thing to have happened there. This state of fearlessness opened the doorways for the subsequent experiences which are contributing to the tremendous expansion of my consciousness that I am living with now.

While this aspect is being ignored by the ones that matter, it does not mean that the ones who are suffering can not do anything about it. For instance, I have already shared my views in the previous post regarding the commonly acknowledged symptoms of Diabetes. I already knew from my past experience that Excessive Thirst and Urination occurs when the body is detoxifying. When this happened along with the lab results regarding blood sugar, I already had an open mind which then gave me the courage to deal with the situation the way I did.

The flow of energy did not get obstructed which definitely would have happened if I had allowed fear to overcome me. I would then have done what my doctor had asked me to which thankfully I did not. I was also open to the reality that Doctors still have a lot to learn about Human Diseases, especially Chronic Ailments.

In a sense, this approach helped the detoxification to continue and sure enough, the excessive urination and thirst became a thing of the past. No more staying awake nights for the same unless I have been a bad boy and have been partying. Keep the bubbly flowing, folks!

Now what did this experience give me? This one experience gave me the Courage to keep allowing things to happen, which in turn allowed more experiences to come into my life followed by more knowledge and deeper understanding. Expansion of Consciousness is what has happened and is still happening.

Expanding knowledge base is the starting point for Expanding Consciousness. This is what I hope will ultimately help the ones who want to attain better health…naturally.

* * * *
Practical Tips for Tackling the Situation of Diabetes (OR for that matter any chronic ailment)

As already discussed, the possibility exists that even the ones knowing Pranayama, Yoga, Meditation, Reiki and Crystal Healing or the ones who go in for Homeopathy etc. (i.e. all treatments labelled Alternative) may not be able to get the best possible results with these systems.

Why? This is because of their Consciousness.

Fear, for example, directly interferes with the energy flow. It is ultimately the consciousness of the individual concerned which is going to have a direct bearing on the results. All efforts will fail if the consciousness has not been addressed properly. This is what needs to transform, to evolve.

The good news is that this is something that the ones who are willing can now learn in a classroom.

The first and foremost treatment for Diabetes, and for that matter any chronic ailment, is to deal with this fear. This fear will not go overnight. The fear in willing individuals can be addressed through healing sessions whenever the symptoms of diabetes manifest. For example, if an individual is having ‘unnatural’ cravings for food, then distance healing sessions in those moments have the potential to take care of this craving. Repeated experiences of ‘cravings going away’ will automatically take this fear away.

Another individual who gets relieved of his headaches, anxiety etc. repeatedly will automatically stop dreading those symptoms.

Only then will the mind of the individual open up. Only then the life-force will be used to detoxify and will not go waste to take care of the demons in the mind.

Further training will then help the willing individual to take care of his own symptoms through any of the techniques that can help him breath better i.e. meditation, pranayama, yoga, Reiki etc.

This is the line of treatment for ALL ailments, be they conditions of thyroid, blockage of blood vessels in the heart, bad conditions of knees, whatever..

* * * * 

This word “Rejuvenation” is an amazingly beautiful word. The sound of it is something that never fails to excite me. I can feel the energies starting to flow, the moment I bring this word into my conscious awareness. By the way, this word has equivalents in all ancient languages.

Like all other words, this word too was coined to define a human experience which means that humans did have this ability to rejuvenate once upon a time.

Well the great news is that our bodies have still not forgotten this ability. They can start rejuvenating the moment we start feeding them the extra energy that they have been craving for.

If I was to distill my active research of the past seventeen years or so to one phrase, then it boils down to “Allow Detoxification to Run It’s Course”. The obstacles that prevent this from happening, which can be equated to Rejuvenation not happening, come from “The Mind”. the mind needs to learn, to experience and only then will it allow. It definitely can not be conquered.

I now understand the saying, something that I have been hearing all my life which is “Man Jeete Jag Jeet” i.e. the One who Conquers the Mind, Conquers The World. I do not totally agree to this too as I have understood that this approach works but only to a limit. I have realized that the Mind just can not be conquered. The best approach is to make it a Friend, not to be conquered but to be trained, to be re-programmed.

Only then will the mind start interpreting the signals correctly.

Only then the techniques like pranayama, yoga, Reiki and Crystal therapies can be applied to help ease the discomforts of detoxification.

Only then will Rejuvenation become a reality. For the masses.
* * * * 
High Blood Sugar – A Teacher and A Friend

Deep down, I always knew that this situation was there in my life to teach me a thing or two about human health. Having learnt the basic lessons, I now know that this situation of high blood sugar was not something to be conquered but rather a friend who came at the perfect time to help me evolve. As a matter of fact, I am now experiencing a lot of inner freedom which is helping me to experiment and to play with this situation in order to learn more about it. The mindset is just about perfect to play the game and to take it to the next level. I have absolutely no fear of failure or defeat any more.

At this point of time, I do not really care whether the situation of high blood sugar stays or goes away. The widely prevalent belief is that it is a companion for a lifetime. If that turns out to be true, then it is most welcome to stay. As I said, the truths will reveal themselves as I go through the next phase. The old truths ultimately do make way for newer ones. Old belief systems do get transformed into newer ones very much like what has happened in the cases of Cancer and AIDS in our lifetimes. These are no longer as scary as they originally were. It has been a matter of a hundred and fifty years only that having a bath was also considered to be dangerous for health. It was routine for surgeons to operate on different patients with the same blade without disinfecting it not too long ago.

Humanity will surely discover whether Diabetes is just another of those things that has been blown out of astronomical proportions and has put millions on medicines they do not really need. 
I am doing my bit and actually am proud of it.

Obviously, I do understand the importance of the experience when the last bit of my fears were transformed. As of now, the situation of high blood sugar has become a friend who will keep on coming at the proper time when I need it the most to guide me and to help me evolve. 

The lessons that I have already learnt are:

i)          It worked as a kind of a wake up call for me as it brought my focus back to my physical body. This is something that even I with my background of being actively involved in the field of human health had been neglecting. I was living a lot of time in my mind which has now changed and it is a welcome relief, indeed.

ii)                   The belief system that the body is a self-cleaning and self-maintaining entity has been reinforced. I have discovered many apparently insignificant ways as to how I was interfering with the natural processes. These have now been taken out of the equation.

iii)      The fact that I have started taking more care of my physical body is something I am enjoying doing now. I have discovered that getting rid of the extra weight effortlessly is not as difficult as it is being made out to be. For instance, I have always known that raw and food cooked in very basic and simple manner was actually good but somehow the motivation to have it that way was not there. I have re-discovered the basics and eating simple food has become something that is more enjoyable now. That does not mean that I do not enjoy my pizzas and burgers and the tandoori kebabs etc. I have a blast when the occasions demand. Transitioning to the simple way of life the next day is very, very easy.

iv)          The earlier belief was that the body will take care of itself. This has now expanded to incorporate the fact that it also needs my active help and participation. In that sense, I am more in touch with the physical needs of the body and am willingly doing what needs to be done. I am feeling better and fitter already. The directions for these too are coming from within. On days, I take plenty of rest and on other days, I do a lot of energy working. All this is happening spontaneously and effortlessly.

v)     I have discovered that even subtle movements of various joints and body parts can also go a long way to make me healthier. These are something that even a person who is bed ridden can easily do.  In a sense the acceptance and practice of this knowledge has already added to my CV and is helping me in my chosen profession of being a healing facilitator.

vi)             There has been tremendous value addition in my mind for the systems of pranayama, yoga, Reiki and the other original natural ways of becoming healthier. I guess the element of “having-to” practice had a bit of force, a kind of pressure in it. This has now transformed to “wanting-to” and I enjoy the morning routines.

I have already learnt a lot thanks to this situation in my life. As I discover more, I am looking forward to the day when my body will be fitter, stronger and muscular. Maybe I can also develop that set of six-packs that I promised my daughters a few years ago when all the young movie stars were flaunting theirs. These possibilities are suddenly there in my life and at the age of 51 plus, not an insignificant achievement.

I will be a fool to look at the situation of high blood sugar in my life as an enemy. Will you?

And so it is.

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