Energy Perspective - Symptoms of Detoxification (and not Diabetes)

I have experienced my share of the commonly known symptoms associated with Diabetes. I have also been able to successfully as well as effortlessly deal with the ones that were rather severe to start with. This experience without resorting to medications has no doubt helped me understand as to what really happens inside the body energetically. 

I wish to share my perspective regarding the following common symptoms:

Excessive Thirst Along With Urination

A question that comes to my mind immediately is who defines the benchmark for ‘excessive’? How much is ‘excessive’? 

During the initial stages of my blood sugar situation, there was a period of time when I used to drink lot more than my normal especially during the night. I also needed to go to the washroom pretty frequently and even 8-10 times every night. This no doubt was alarming as well as an irritant.   

Recalling the previous experiences of detoxification over the past decade or so helped my mind come into balance. For there had been several instances in the past when my own requirements of water had gone up along with frequency of urination. These periods had extended to a few days then. The extent was not as much as was happening when the corresponding situation of high blood sugar was observed. 

The fact that this was happening more during the night was the first indicator that this was another phase of detoxification that I had got into. The logic behind this is that when the body is resting, relatively more energy becomes available for detoxification. 

This knowledge helped calm my nerves. Only then was I able to start my self-healing which had somehow got interrupted. (I too was scared, that’s why.) 

Over time, the frequency of urination during the night decreased following which the need to drink water also came down. There are so many nights now when I sleep straight through without the need to take even a sip of water  or even one visit to the washroom. 

Energetically: Requirement of water goes up along with the frequency of urination whenever the body is detoxifying. The serious level of detoxification (requiring frequent visits to the wash room especially during the night) is triggered whenever a serious threat to Life is looming large on the horizon. In that sense, this is actually good for the body and will end once the threat is taken care of.

The energy required for this level of detoxification WILL be drawn from all possible quarters of the body. If the affected human himself starts assisting this process by practicing pranayama, yoga, meditation, Reiki etc. as has been my experience, then these symptoms are taken care of in a short period of time. I am not mentioning Physical Workouts here as that is an obvious no-no for someone who is already running short of energy. There is also the human factor. Someone who has not exercised throughout life is not going to start doing it now. 

Impediments: Fear has to be dealt with first as that prevents even the ones who already know these techniques from practicing. Fear has a deep impact on that part of the brain that controls the breathing. Fear based exercise programs also are not sustainable. I was able to deal with my fear through self-talk. No doubt, the past detox experiences did help.

Unusual Weight Loss and Fatigue

This is what one web-site has to say about the weight loss and fatigue.
Unexplained weight loss is yet an additional classical characteristic of diabetes faced by men. Weight reduction might result mainly because in diabetes the entire body tissues are not able to absorb and employ glucose from blood stream proficiently. The cells in the entire body require sugar to provide energy and thus a failure to be able to absorb glucose may lead to inexplicable exhaustion.

This gives a clear insight into the mindset of medical researchers. 

[What about the sugar already present in the cells? It just needs a bit of oxygen before the body can start getting the energy which is the need of the hour. My experimenting proved that better breathing and reduced intake of sugar can bring the blood sugar down in a matter of 3-4 days only.]

I have not experienced any unusual weight loss so I can not comment on that condition. The only explanation that comes straight to mind is that maybe this is the way (for that human being) to get the energy for detoxification. 

Coming back to my personal experience, most of my weight loss from my personal ‘best’ of 109 kgs happened before my high blood sugar situation was diagnosed. I was 102 kgs when the medications-that-I-did-not-take were prescribed to me. I lost about 5 kgs subsequently without any effort over the next year or so. I do not know whether that comes under the category of unusual or not as far as the doctors are concerned. Again who sets the benchmark?

My own regular blood sugar levels have come down a lot after I lost about 5 kgs of weight during my stay at Ratanveer Nature Cure Centre. So in a way weight-loss is also another key but not in a negative way as is being believed to be.

The fatigue is something that I did experience during the early days when I was contemplating the future course of action. Increased energy working in the form of frequent sessions of deep breathing, healing work etc. reduced the fatigue factor, obviously because of the more energy that I was breathing in as well as because of the more oxygen that was now available.

Energetically: The body’s attempts to get rid of the toxins ‘pulls or draws’ the life force/energy from areas that are non-essential. This would then create the general condition when fatigue is experienced. 

Impediment: Again Fear. The energy reserved for detoxification can get diverted to the ‘mind that is living in fear’ no doubt because of the hype surrounding the situation labelled 'Diabetes'. If this fear is not taken care of / dealt with, then the individual concerned gets caught in a loop. Detoxification does not take place to its highest potential and the toxins-that-were-on-the-way-out do not get released. 

Increase in Appetite

This is what the website says:
Diabetic patients feel continuous food cravings or even a rise in hunger. The entire body creates a higher level associated with blood insulin so they can reduce the amount of blood glucose. Existence of the higher level associated with blood insulin in your body may raise food cravings, which is why a few diabetics may start consuming more. A rise in urge for food can occasionally lead to putting on weight. 
I attribute this not as a sign of  hunger but to the body’s craving for energy which is mis-interpreted as being of hunger. This issue has already been addressed in the previous posts so I will take it up briefly only. 

I discovered that the Signs of hunger were not really so but rather my body’s ‘request’ to be given more energy. Increasing the intake of oxygen had helped alleviate the ‘hunger pangs’. 

‘Hunger’ was not an issue as I was mentally getting ready to forgo lunch anyway. It is pertinent to add here that I was not (and am not) forcing myself to starve but because the body, and more importantly the mind, does not need food the way it used to. 

How much does a normal human being really need is not being looked into at all? No one connected to the medical/health industry has ever suggested that we humans should not be eating three meals a day. I know from my own experiences that even one meal a day at times is much more than my body really needs. But this can be experienced only after taking the mental dependency of food out of the equation. Most eat when the devices tied on the wrists tell them to and not when they are really hungry. Most do not know what real hunger pangs really feel like. 

The basic premise that “Food is the prime source of energy needs to be addressed” LOUDLY by the ones who still matter. But then this might not be the politically correct thing to say. The quantity of food being eaten is not questioned at all, maybe the quality is. Then there is also the fact that diabetics are advised to eat small meals frequently which in my opinion is complicating matters further.

A simple question comes to mind, “Is this not in a way encouraging the diabetics to eat as much as they ‘want’ as long as the blood sugar level is not pushed up? The subtle difference between ‘need’ and ‘want’ is obviously being overlooked.”

On the plus side, overweight diabetics are advised to shed weight by eating less and/or by exercising etc. But again, due consideration is not being given to the general health of the patient and to the fact that the individual concerned may not be in a position to even walk out of his front door unassisted. For such a human being, the battle is lost even before it has really started. No wonder that most diabetics end up being miserable for the rest of their lives at best with a sword hanging over their heads while the bodies become heavier with time. It is a classic Catch-22 situation.

The experience based knowledge that it is now possible to lose weight effortlessly has also helped me tremendously. The mind is at peace, more so now than it was when all this started happening. The future does not scare me anymore.

Nerve Damage

The website states that:
It really is probably the most critical diabetes symptoms in men. Nerves, particularly the nerves of one’s peripheral nervous system may be affected persistently by high levels of blood sugar. This really is referred to as diabetic neuropathy. Damage to peripheral nervous system may show itself by pins and needles as well as tingling in feet, toes, fingers, and legs.
Again a case of energy being ‘withdrawn’ automatically by the body from areas where it is not being used that much to areas where it is most needed, in this case the detoxification process. I know that diabetics have a reluctance to walk around, or exercise and that they lack the basic energy that is needed to just get up and go. 

The needles and pins and the tingling sensations are also common sensations attributed to energy working. Most channels experience these during the early stages while learning Reiki. So I do not attribute these as being something to be viewed negatively. This is a positive thing happening and in fact should encourage the ones who are suffering to start doing something for their body which has now started attracting attention to itself. 

Repeated Infection as well as Sluggish Healing of Wounds

The website states that:
A higher amount of blood glucose may also reduce ones healing of wounds. In addition to this, a few men with diabetes could possibly get repeated infections. Both of these are thought as being the warning signs of diabetes.
Energetically: Again, this in my opinion is more because of energy being used where it is most needed, i.e. for detoxification. Healing of wounds is not considered a life threat by our prana-shakti which has a mind and logic of its own.

If high blood sugar is the cause, then to my mind this again becomes a case of reducing blood sugar by reducing the food intake so as to ensure that it is not produced at all. Clinical trials for such patients will eventually reveal the real truth which cannot happen without the active support of the medical fraternity and of course, the patients themselves.

Eyesight Changes

The website states that:
Blurry vision or even eyesight changes could be a typical issue amongst people with high blood glucose level. When the level of blood glucose is persistently higher, glucose build up within the lens of the vision as well as harm ones blood vessels of a retina. This disorder is called diabetic retinopathy, which if in case not dealt with may result in loss of sight.
Energetically: Again energy being drawn to areas where it is most needed. Eyesight is not life-threatening to the Pranas which are behind this whole thing.

This is not an issue with me. On the contrary, my near vision seems to be improving over time. I am able to read the fine print, though not all the time, without the aid of my reading glasses as in the sms messages on my mobile. I have noticed that this happens mostly when my mind is absolutely clear and at total peace. I will know for sure over time.

Erectile Dysfunction

The website states that:
A significant sign of diabetes noticed in males is erectile dysfunction. Diabetes mellitus along with a higher level of blood sugar may gradually harm the nerves and also the blood vessels of the penis. It eventually can result in erectile dysfunction.
Energetically: A typical case of ‘Spirit being willing but the flesh is Weak’. This too is a direct result of energy being drawn where most needed. Saving the body is the most important job for the body’s life force. 

The sad part is that this complication does take the joy out of life. The one so damaged loses the will to practice something that he may already have learnt, i.e. pranayama, yoga, Reiki etc. and gets caught in a downward loop. This is also not a personal issue now but was a bit of a bother when all this knowledge was falling into place.

Some other Signs and Symptoms

The website further states that:
Besides the above described signs and symptoms, several more signs and symptoms can be seen in many people. These types of symptoms incorporate, dry oral cavity, severe headaches, inflamed, reddish as well as sensitive gum line and progression of darkish pores and skin spots around the neck, armpit and also the groin.
Yes, I did experience some of these symptoms during the initial couple of months. Headaches, anxiety, nervousness, dryness in the mouth, inflammations in the armpits and groin region were all taken care of through deep breathing and healing work. Over time these symptoms have become practically non-existent and do not bother me when they surface.

* * * *

All in all, there are two activities taking place in the body that have somehow got linked to each other:

A) Detoxification which is body’s defence mechanism working to protect itself. This should be encouraged and allowed to run its course. Unfortunately, the discomforts are not acceptable and humans have been brainwashed into fighting them instead of allowing them to end by altering the food habits, doing pranayama, yoga, Reiki etc. In that sense, Detoxification has not been accepted by the medical fraternity and so is not being looked at as being something good that is happening.
B) High Blood Sugar happens when the toxin levels reach a state that the body has to push them out of the system. The task of absorbing sugar takes a back seat, so to say.

In that sense, B) is not linked to A) directly but can get triggered when A) is not allowed to run its course. 

My own overall experience, especially while I was conducting my little experiments is that at times my blood sugar level was high when I was experiencing these symptoms while at other times, the blood sugar level was almost normal. So it can not be said that the two are directly linked.

What I have learnt from my experience is that whenever the blood sugar levels do show high levels, then the focus should be on helping the body to detoxify which I will be doing by going on an extended fast or helping my body lose weight rapidly. 

On the other hand, when the discomforts of detoxification are felt, which is now happening almost on a daily basis, then I need to actively participate in the process.  This course of action helps reduce the intensity of these symptoms and ultimately the blood sugar level. Food obviously is not an option for reducing the symptoms but can be resorted to once in a while. 

In reality, both these situations of high blood sugar levels as well as the ones of Symptoms of Detoxification (which is not the same as Diabetes) are wake up calls begging for a change of life-style and not medication.

Viewed from that context, the two are deeply linked. Otherwise, they are not… 

And so it is.

P.S.: The views expressed in this article are my own gathered from my personal experiences of dealing with these two situations in life over the last three years or so. Some serious clinical research is needed before these can become mainstream knowledge. I am open to participate as well as assist in the same. In case some Doctors, Researchers etc. are reading this, I will consider it an honour to be given a chance to help set the record straight scientifically. 

In no way am I encouraging anyone to get off medication.

On the other hand, if these articles do make even a bit of sense to anyone then I am willing to assist by sharing knowledge, healings etc. that (I know) will eventually help deal with the fears etc. The ones who have serious issues like having non-healing ulcers of the feet can contact me for the sake of medical research. The potential of their condition turning for the better does exist.

* * * *
I have shared my experiences in the following posts which are of relevance to the information given in the above article:

"Fear" is just one of the factors that could prevent the ones who already know the techniques from practicing pranayama, yoga, Reiki etc. There are many more. I have used the example of this emotion as Impediment in this article as it is one that is easily understood. It is still early days for bringing up the others. 

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