Is High Blood Sugar Good or Bad? - I

The following readings on my Glucometer are the results of actual tests conducted recently by me on blood samples drawn from my own finger tips. These readings may be disturbing to a few close friends and relatives, and rightly so. But is high blood sugar really all that bad as it is made out to be? The evidence that I have on hand is forcing me to believe otherwise…

Living on Air - Follow Up

The following article appeared in the 7th May, 2010 Ahmedabad edition of the Times of India as a follow up to the earlier story:

Amazing stuff!!!

Chapter 12. What feeds the Mind?

The Air that we breathe in and the Food and Drink that we put in the mouth are the only ways that a Human Body is ‘fed’. We can also inject stuff into our system which would be feeding the Body through the skin. The Human Mind, on the other hand, gets ‘fed’ in a variety of ways.

Living on Air

The following article appeared in the Ahmedabad Edition of The Times of India, 25 April, 2010:

I remember  a similar research was conducted on the same person at the same hospital back in 2003 also.
You can read all about it at:

There is also the case of Shri Hira Ratan Manek who was also the object of a study conducted by Dr. Sudhir Shah back in 2001.
You can read about it at:

I think that the Doctors and the Scientists will not find anything until and unless they shift their perspective from the Physical Body to the Consciousness and the Belief Systems of the individuals being studied.

Anyway, I am waiting for the results to be made public as this issue is quite close to my heart too.