Chapter 12. What feeds the Mind?

The Air that we breathe in and the Food and Drink that we put in the mouth are the only ways that a Human Body is ‘fed’. We can also inject stuff into our system which would be feeding the Body through the skin. The Human Mind, on the other hand, gets ‘fed’ in a variety of ways.
The two main organs for feeding the mind are the Eyes and the Ears. These two senses do not work alone; the Brain is also involved as that is the organ that ultimately ‘digests’ what is ‘seen’ and ‘heard’. The same ‘food’ that is ‘fed’ into the Mind through these two senses can have either a positive OR a negative impact depending on the mindset of the human who is being ‘fed’.

For example, if he ‘looks’ at the worldly symbols of success of others in a positive way and is motivated to create good things in his own life, then the impact is positive. A negative perspective of the same symbols of material wealth can create feelings of frustration, negativity, anger etc. Obviously, the former way of ‘looking’ at life creates a positive impact while the latter affects the physical health in a negative way.

Beautiful works of art, paintings, scenic beauty, sounds of nature, music etc. can all have positive beneficial effects on some while leaving others totally un-moved – depending on the mindsets of the individuals concerned.

Similarly, what we ‘hear’ and the way we hear things can also affect the physical health in both positive as well as negative ways. Positive interpretation of what we ‘hear’ has a positive impact on overall health.

The Expectations that we have from Life also affect the Mind.  Additionally, the burden of Expectations that others have from us can create a negative impact on the Mind. Feelings of guilt, worry, fear, anger all have a negative impact on the Mind and eventually the Body.

The stock market, weather, natural and man made disasters, poverty/abundance of others, careers, performance of a favourite sports team, the heat, the cold, traffic lights, recession, noise, health of loved ones, pollution, environment concerns, crime – in short, anything and everything can have a negative effect on the minds of humans.


If you really sit down and think about it, then it is clear that stresses can be created in a Human Mind in hundreds of thousands of ways while going through the process of routine day-to-day existence.

Anything that stops a human from Accepting All Things as They Are creates stress which then prevents the Body from breathing in the way nature originally intended.

It is therefore not a surprise that humans are not becoming healthier in a natural way!

What is surprising, though, is the fact that attention is focused on ‘Working-out of the Physical Body’ alone for attaining better health! This does seem to work but only for a limited period of time. The other so called ‘natural’ methods like Pranayama, Yoga, Reiki also work but only till such time that the Human Being is in Acceptance of all things in life.

The moment a human mind hits the hurdle of Non Acceptance, all attempts at becoming healthier fail.

The fact of the matter is that the physical bodies can take care of themselves provided the Mind is in Acceptance. The need of the hour, in my opinion, is for establishing ‘Gyms for Working-out the Minds’.

Think about it…

And so it is.



With that I conclude this aspect regarding Human Health. The next series of lessons will be regarding The Mind Aspect of Human Beings.

In the meantime, I will be sharing my experiences regarding a very important situation – I will not call it a disease although the doctors will disagree – afflicting humans today and that is the one of ‘Blood Sugar’. These experiences will appear very, very shortly under the ‘My Journey’ label of this site. Keep tuned in.


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