72000 nadis - (contd.)

It was one of those spur-of-the-moment decisions made when I called up the phone number that I saw tucked in one corner of the classified ads in a local newspaper. One thing led to another and this started the process of learning to play the Tabla at the young age of 44+ on one rainy afternoon way back in 2004, on 7/8/2004 to be precise.

72,000 nadis (energy pathways) – Myth or Reality?

I was told during my First Degree Reiki class way back in 1996 that the life force or Pranas as it is commonly known flows along 72,000 fixed pathways (also called as nadis or channels) in all human beings. This, I was told had been mentioned in the ancient texts – the shastras – and therefore could not be questioned. I just accepted this bit of information as being the holy truth and something that could not be questioned as no evidence existed to either confirm or deny it.

Creativity during Commonwealth Games

These pics taken during the recently concluded CWG 2010 really showcase the tremendous creative potential of human minds. Hats off to the Creators and also to the One who captured these moments beautifully.


More on Acceptance of the Negative

I wish to draw attention to the following lines in the last paragraph taken from this newspaper clipping: "They found that paradoxically, low self-esteem participants' moods fared better when they were allowed to have negative thoughts than when they were asked to focus affirmative thoughts."

What is an Actively Accepting Person?

This is a follow-up post for the queries raised after the post “Will Positive Thinking Make You Mad?” was published. There were a few issues that were apparent and a short reply would not have done justice .

More on Living Without Food

I came across the following while going through my collection of newspaper clippings collected over the last few years. Thought these were worth sharing:

The following was in a local newspaper and is the story about a young woman who reportedly has not eaten any food grains since 17 years and is still healthy.

There is still a lot that we have to learn about the human body.

Will Positive Thinking Make You Mad?

An article ‘Positive thinking will make you mad’ by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudevji, Founder, Isha Foundation (Page 12 of DNA, Mumbai edition of 28 July, 2010) triggered my chain of thoughts. I have no problems admitting that I have been there, done that. This experience has also proved to be a blessing, like so many others in my life. I share my views here:

Is High Blood Sugar Good or Bad? - I

The following readings on my Glucometer are the results of actual tests conducted recently by me on blood samples drawn from my own finger tips. These readings may be disturbing to a few close friends and relatives, and rightly so. But is high blood sugar really all that bad as it is made out to be? The evidence that I have on hand is forcing me to believe otherwise…

Living on Air - Follow Up

The following article appeared in the 7th May, 2010 Ahmedabad edition of the Times of India as a follow up to the earlier story:

Amazing stuff!!!

Chapter 12. What feeds the Mind?

The Air that we breathe in and the Food and Drink that we put in the mouth are the only ways that a Human Body is ‘fed’. We can also inject stuff into our system which would be feeding the Body through the skin. The Human Mind, on the other hand, gets ‘fed’ in a variety of ways.

Living on Air

The following article appeared in the Ahmedabad Edition of The Times of India, 25 April, 2010:

I remember  a similar research was conducted on the same person at the same hospital back in 2003 also.
You can read all about it at:

There is also the case of Shri Hira Ratan Manek who was also the object of a study conducted by Dr. Sudhir Shah back in 2001.
You can read about it at:

I think that the Doctors and the Scientists will not find anything until and unless they shift their perspective from the Physical Body to the Consciousness and the Belief Systems of the individuals being studied.

Anyway, I am waiting for the results to be made public as this issue is quite close to my heart too.

Present State of Being

09/04/2010, 04:25 PM

After learning and understanding the basics regarding the path to Better Health…Naturally, the next obvious step was to reach that state of existence when I was spontaneously eating less and breathing more.

Chapter 11. Why does a body eat more and breathe less?

It became crystal clear to me a few years ago that we humans should spontaneously be eating lesser and breathing more in order to attain and maintain Better Health…Naturally. This does not mean that we have to be on any special diet and use will-power to eat less, as that would negate the very purpose of the exercise. Because any ‘force on the mind’ will create additional stresses which will directly affect the movement of the diaphragm, and therefore, the health.

Chapter 10. Healthy Body Healthy Mind; Healthy Mind Healthy Body

During my teenage years, I had frequently heard the phrase “Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body” without understanding what it really meant. The state of the body being healthy/sick was something that I could easily visualize, but not so with the mind.

Chapter 9. The Mechanics of Breathing

We all breathe. But for the majority of human beings, it’s just another of those biological processes that is just happening on its own inside the body and therefore is being taken for granted. Most of us, therefore, do not ever stop to think whether or not we are doing it right. The fact is that most adults do not breathe the way that nature intended. Incorrect breathing is the root cause for all our physical ailments.

Chapter 8. Sleep and/or Play Your Way to a Better Health!

Everyone sleeps. Besides sleeping, all humans, no matter what their age, love / want to play. Ever wondered why?

Chapter 7. Is Human Mind The Villain?

My weight has come down from around 108 kgs in 2004-2005 to 98 kgs today. This has not happened because I have being working out and especially not by watching what I eat or drink. On the contrary, there is a lot of freedom in my life now. I have been on a number of binges these past few years and those who are close will vouch for that. All I have done is re-programmed my mind.

Chapter 6. A Quick Recap plus More

‘Harmony of Body-Mind-Soul’ is a phrase being heard a bit too frequently these days, courtesy the ones responsible for the ad campaigns designed for selling Health related Services. But there is no one that I have spoken to who has been able to explain in simple layman’s language what this really means.

Chapter 5. Some Personal Milestones

The yoga camp that I attended in 1994 was, in a way, a turning point in my life. It changed my belief system regarding the road map to follow for attaining better health. The only options (for good health) till then were to exercise regularly and to eat proper food.

Chapter 4. The Self-Healing Body!! Indeed.

(First published on March 5, 2010. Revised July 5, 2011)

I was fortunate to witness nature at work at a friend’s home where we had gone for an overnight stay. My friend’s dog was looking rather listless and even as we watched, it literally crawled across the backyard sniffing at the grass. Having found a particular patch of grass to his apparent liking, he proceeded to pull out a lump of grass with his jaws, chewed it and then crawled under a chair. The animal slept soundly over the next three hours or so after which he got up, walked out and vomited everything. Much to my amazement, the not too long ago sick-as-a-dog dog was jumping all over the place as if nothing had happened. Remarkable, one would say! But routine stuff for all animals – except us humans, I should add.

Chapter 3. Quantity of Food Required

(First published on Feb. 26, 2010)
One of the turning points in my life was the retreat that I attended as part of a Yoga Camp during the summer of 1994. I realized during this four day retreat that the amount of food that I was consuming in just one meal was in fact much more than what my body actually needed over a period of two, maybe three days.

Chapter 2. Detoxification

(First published on Feb. 19, 2010, Rewritten March 28, 2011)

Regular practice of ‘Watch How you Breathe & Watch How You Eat’ will help generate energy that was previously not available. This extra energy will now be used by the body to clean itself in the process known as Detoxification. 

This is the most important process on the path of attaining better health…naturally. It is obvious that this aspect of becoming healthier does not find any place in the conventional mode of treatment YET as this is not discussed at all even when patients with life-threatening ailments are being taken care of.