Present State of Being

09/04/2010, 04:25 PM

After learning and understanding the basics regarding the path to Better Health…Naturally, the next obvious step was to reach that state of existence when I was spontaneously eating less and breathing more.

To get there, the mind had to be dealt with and then trained to Accept All Things as They Are. I will not say that it was easy as the mind does have a tendency to go into unrest whenever any challenging issue comes up in life. There are a whole lot of them and each issue has the potential to create turmoil in the mind. I am talking about issues of the world outside as well as those in my personal life. Situations do keep on coming up every now and then and these range from relationship, financial, my own health as well as that of near and dear ones, social and other family issues. It does take me anywhere from a few moments to a few days to deal with them and come to a state of acceptance and from there to a state of deep peace within.

The beautiful thing about this journey is that the issue gets miraculously transformed to something very, very nice and wonderful if the issue is a part of my life. If it is not, then it just goes away or simply stops bothering me and the result for the mind is the same – deep peace.

There has been a major shift in the eating and breathing habits, thanks to reaching this point on this path of learning and growth. The body is in a state of deep diaphragmatic breathing most of the time. I like to have some Fruit for breakfast, a cup of tea or lemonade around midday, a session of deep breathing at lunch time, another cup of tea at around 4 O’clock and a light dinner at around 8 PM. Yes, I do party on weekends when I do not live by any rules and anything goes. Sunday nights and Monday mornings require a bit of extra deep breathing to get rid of the toxic stuff accumulated during the weekend and its back to ‘normal’ for the next week.

Most of the time, the mind is in a meditative state and the body is deep breathing spontaneously and effortlessly. As a result, energy levels are pretty high and Life is Good, indeed.

All is well.

And so it is.

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