Chapter 8. Sleep and/or Play Your Way to a Better Health!

Everyone sleeps. Besides sleeping, all humans, no matter what their age, love / want to play. Ever wondered why?

These two unrelated activities have the potential to create better health – a potential that generally does not get manifested. But the potential still exists, nonetheless. This potential exists in other routine activities too.

In the last chapter I discussed the fact that it is the human mind which interferes with the process of detoxification and, therefore, better health. A human mind relaxes completely during the periods of restful- sleep, and therefore allows the lungs to work real deep and slow, which then let more oxygen to be inhaled from the air around us. This oxygen then helps in extracting energy from the stored nutrients.

[There is also the fact that we also breathe in energy from the air around us – a fact not many are aware of, but still a fact nonetheless. That is the basis of the ancient techniques of Pranayama.]

But what happens when you happen to sleep a bit more than usual? Or you happen to catch an extended nap at a time of the day when you generally do not sleep? You generally end up waking with a heavy head – which has already been discussed as being the first sign of detoxification. Ah-ha!!

Now, the average human being ‘rejects’ this heavy headed feeling by 'not wanting to have it' – an ‘attitude’ that prevents detoxification to run its full course. This then and there stops good-restful-sleep from becoming a wonderful tool for achieving better health.

[Isn’t it a bit strange how we humans accept ‘more’ of sleep while the body is recovering from some ailment but reject ‘more sleep’ during the daily day to day living as being sheer wastage of time!]

Exactly the same process (of better breathing) happens when we indulge in any activity that helps to relax the mind. All children, as a rule, love to play and would like to do so forever. In fact, some adults do not play when they want to as their conditioned mind stops them from indulging in activities now labelled as ‘childish’.

Children have an abundance of energy when they are allowed to play to their hearts’ content. They generate this energy while enjoying what they are doing. But this process stops the moment they stop enjoying what they are doing.

Adults usually do not get the benefits that are possible from playing or even watching a game. Why? Because they become attached to winning and this prevents the mind to be totally relaxed which then prevents the humans to stop getting the benefits associated with deep breathing. On the contrary, adults are known to suffer anxiety attacks when their favourite team is on the losing side. Some have suffered fatal heart attacks too when they could not bear the stress of watching their favourite team lose. Silly, silly humans!!! It’s just a game, that’s all!

A human being who looks at activities that are actually meant to be joyful and enjoyable as being a ‘sheer waste of time and to be avoided at any cost’, is actually depriving himself of some very, very simple and easy paths to become healthier.

A human can get energy from his work – if he happens to love what he is doing as his mind relaxes and his body goes spontaneously into the mode of deep breathing automatically. Where do workaholics get the amount of energy that they seem to have for working endlessly? How about those who are involved in the creative fields? They enjoy working, simple! Work is worship for them. This keeps their lungs breathing deeper without being aware of it and an unlimited and endless supply of energy is available to them. How many times have we heard the phrase “Love what you are doing”? Now, you know why. Another ah-ha!!

Other routine activities that have the potential to help create better health are: Reading, Music, Walking, Being with Nature, Being Creative, Cooking, Travelling, Gossiping,  Attending Satsangs, Enjoying a Couple of Drinks, Going Out, Dining Out, Writing Articles like this and so on. The list is practically endless.

In fact, anything and everything can actually help you to become healthier, provided:

  • You enjoy what you are doing, and 
  • You ‘overindulge’ to the extent that this activity creates the initial ‘heavy headed feeling’ or your ‘personal discomfort associated with detoxification’, followed by,
  • Accepting the discomfort and therefore allowing the detoxification process to run its course.

* * * *

So go to sleep and then sleep a bit more till your head starts hurting. You will surely become a wee bit healthier in the process.

Then you can go and play.

In short, enjoy your time here on earth and you will become healthier naturally. The bonus is that you will live longer, and happier, of course.

The other choice is be sad and you surely will become un-healthier and of course, life too will be short.

Whatever the path, one thing is certain: suffering will be reduced, anyway.

And so it is.

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