Chapter 7. Is Human Mind The Villain?

My weight has come down from around 108 kgs in 2004-2005 to 98 kgs today. This has not happened because I have being working out and especially not by watching what I eat or drink. On the contrary, there is a lot of freedom in my life now. I have been on a number of binges these past few years and those who are close will vouch for that. All I have done is re-programmed my mind.

It is now absolutely clear that the stressed human mind does not ‘allow’ the lungs to breathe properly and therefore deprives the body from receiving the needed oxygen that is essential for extracting energy from the stored nutrients. This energy is an essential ingredient for unleashing the abilities of a human body to self-maintain, self-cleanse and self heal.

This should not be taken to mean that a human being living with a lot of stresses can not become healthier. On the contrary, even the minds of those who do not have any kind of stresses can interfere with the natural ability to self-heal. It is the conditioning, the programming of the mind that interferes.

This had been the reality throughout my life. I started a number of ‘serious’ attempts to become healthier by consciously starting routines of walking, jogging, skipping, working out, dieting and eating healthy food etc. many, many times in my life. I launched all these attempts with a lot of gusto, enthusiasm, belief and with a lot of energy, determination, commitments to self and others that I would be continuing with what I have started for the rest of my life; only to give it up a couple of weeks later. I have invested in trainers, gyms and health clubs, health programmes, food plans, workouts and what have you; only to give it all up after attaining a bit of early success. Is the story sounding vaguely familiar?

The fact is that it always was the mind that prevented me from continuing to do what I started. After all these attempts failed, I tried the relatively easier paths of Pranayama, Meditation and Reiki and even here the mind interfered and I could not just continue doing these consistently over an extended period of time.

How come?

We, rather our Minds, have been conditioned to reject that which is uncomfortable. It is also a fact that the Detoxification process is not at all comfortable. My early signs were generally in the form of heavy headed feelings. Others might sweat profusely, while others start feeling irritable for no known reasons. The signs vary from individual to individual but the moment detoxification starts happening consistently, our conditioned human mind rebels and start rejecting these feelings.

The Mind then takes charge and ‘stops’ the human by ‘preventing’ him from taking in more energy to the extent that the energetically poor human stops dead in his tracks and literally ‘stops’ whatever it was that started the process.

The process goes something like this:

The first thing that the Mind needs to do is to accept the fact that detoxification is the only way to become better naturally and gracefully.

Only then will it transform from being a villain to a hero, from a foe to a friend.

Good Health then follows... naturally.

The discomforts of detoxification are not interfering with my lifestyle now and therefore, the weight is coming off steadily and continuously. Not only that, the muscles are becoming stronger and healthier; something that I just was not able to achieve even when I was 20 years old. I am looking forward to moving to the ‘right’ side of being 50 and to the rest of my life.

I have been able to achieve what seemed unachievable by allowing my body to detoxify naturally. This was not easy to start with, but the process has become a lot easier now to the extent that I actually look forward to the feelings of ‘discomfort’; and especially being uncomfortable for no reason at all.

And so it is.

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