Addicts – That’s What We Are!

One thing is absolutely clear now. Diabetes, and all such ailments, will remain incurable and irreversible in the allopathic system of treatment as all attempts to find cures for these and the zillions of dollars being spent on research will continue going down the drain. That is till such time that the medical specialists do not incorporate the MOST SIGNIFICANT ASPECT of LIFE in their treatment modality which is that of …

…Life Force Energy aka Ki, Chi, Ka and Pranas.

Whether we believe it or not, this is the stuff that we are made up of. All the organs, bones, flesh, blood etc. ultimately can be reduced to molecules, then atoms, then neutrons, protons, electrons and ultimately to energy, the specific name for which is prana-shakti or simply pranas . This is something that Was, Is and Will continue to be. This basic fact has remained unchanged over the aeons of time that we have been occupying Earth, from the prehistoric times till now, through the billions of years while we have evolved from whatever we were to what we are now.

Yet this well known fact is not even acknowledged by the friendly neighbourhood physician, by which I mean the expert to whom we are trusting our health and lives with. [Thankfully a few doctors have of late started advocating the practice of yoga and pranayama and hats off to these limited few. Bless you guys! May your breed expand! And rapidly, I should add.] 

I am not in any way blaming the physician for being what he is. It is the whole medical system that needs a complete overhaul. Sadly majority of humans are still relying on Doctors ALONE when it comes to matters of Health and Life. This is happening in spite of all the information that is readily available in this age of the internet. This list of humans is all-encompassing from the uneducated to the Ph.D.s. Industrialists, Scientists, Engineers, Film Stars, Accountants, Physicians, Surgeons, Farmers, Educationists, Plumbers, Electricians, Writers, Coolies, Athletes, Students, Teachers – you name it; ALL are guilty of ignoring and neglecting THE most important aspect of Health and by default, Life. 

My take on this issue which is very close to my heart is what I wish to share here. What credentials do I have? For starters being a witness for close to a couple of decades now, fifteen of them as a professional healing facilitator and trainer, to the amazing effects that Pranayama, Yoga, Reiki and Crystal Therapies can have on human health. These systems directly enhance the flow of this wonderful force which is still an enigma when viewed from the perspective of the medical experts. 

Add to this the fact that I have been living with and directly observing the situation of high blood sugar myself for about three years now. 

Top that with the experiences of having been able to move the blood sugar around, almost by will, without the aid of medications both up and down in the brief period that started on June 15, 2011 and is still continuing. 

[I have been regularly sharing the relevant aspects of this personal research at] 

All in all, I like to believe that I do have the requisite qualifications. 

* * * *
The following is what I feel actually happens in a human being: 

A) Deficiency of Life Force Energy is what kick starts the process of dis-ease. 

B) The toxicity level starts building up because of various factors that include the life-style, pollution, stresses that we live with etc. 

C) This is when the process of Detoxification is set into motion by default. The initial signs are slightly uncomfortable but are tolerated nonetheless. So without our knowledge, the body keeps on healing itself. Specialists explain this away by stating that the auto-immune system is strong. If that is the case, what makes it strong? The obvious answer is Life Force. 

D) Over a period of time, the toxic levels build up and need a rather more powerful action. The symptoms of detoxification become stronger and a bit more uncomfortable. They initially appear as clogged sinuses that keep on occurring frequently, slight headaches, uneasiness, loose motions, discomfort for no apparent reason etc.  Medical relief is often sought for these symptoms and they are easily dealt with. 

E) The other recurring signs of detoxification are often mis-interpreted by the un-enlightened human mind as signs of hunger. Funny thing is that the affected humans do not want to eat raw food comprising of fruits, salads etc. which would actually be good for them but instinctively reach out for junk food which helps reduce these minor discomforts. This happens because the life-force that was working to detoxify by default is now diverted for processing the junk food. Raw food, fruits etc. on the other hand would tend to give us energy quickly which would intensify the detoxification which, as I said, is a bit uncomfortable and therefore not acceptable.

F) Over time, we become addicted to Food-that-is-not-good-for-health. This habit feeds on itself as eating helps reduce the discomforts that detoxification is likely to induce. Weight gain is the obvious side-effect.

G) Continued deficiency-of-Prana-Shakti eventually robs the body of its self-cleansing and self-maintaining abilities totally.  By the way, it is because of this very ability that even the hard kidney stones that build up over time can get expelled along with the urine which many have already reported. The process is slightly painful but the pain is not as bad as happens during natural child birth. 

The human body has the ability to detoxify, period, but only when it is allowed to do so. 

H) The toxicity level ultimately reaches a stage when it has the potential to harm the body if not taken care of immediately. This period can range from a few years to maybe a couple of decades. In the meantime more complex blockages in the form of dead-cells-waiting-to-be-removed from the body have already been created which further hinder the smooth flow of the vital force. The added weight has to be carried around which drains the already depleted life force further.
* * * *

Now the following is what I believe is happening when the Blood Sugar Level rises sharply. I have no scientific data to back my claim but am now willing to bet all that I have on this aspect. 

I) Over a period of time, the body that still wants to carry on with the process of detoxification starts rejecting the blood sugar. In the sense that the cells stop absorbing any more blood sugar. Why? Because this process also requires energy, i.e. Life-force, Pranas. The body would rather utilise this energy to get rid of the dangerous toxins that have now accumulated all over. Please understand that the Life force has its own priorities, the topmost being one of preserving Life. The symptoms for this stage of detoxification are the intense uncomfortable symptoms that diabetics report and the ones that I have personally experienced. The following is the common list:

Excessive thirst with increased frequency of urination.
Increased appetite.
Eyesight changes, pressure on the eyes.
Feelings of fatigue
Frequent heavy headed feelings
General discomfort, uneasiness at times sinking feeling.

J) Instead of focusing on enhancing the Pranas, the un-enlightened human now seeks serious medical intervention in order to help reduce these discomforts which have now become rather alarming.

K) Any researcher who has no idea what detoxification is all about would obviously start looking inside the body to visibly see what is wrong. 

L) Prana being invisible are not even considered in the general scheme of things. The so called ‘scientific research’ obviously does not care whether there is a deficiency or abundance. This is an issue not even worth discussing much less being the focus of serious scientific research. 

M) The common finding for all researchers is therefore: Blood sugar levels are higher than what they normally are in healthier humans who do not have these symptoms.

N) Un – huh! Bingo! So this is what is wrong and must be taken care of. Over a period of time, the pancreas has become the villain  and therefore the focus of all treatments. “Either the pancreas is not producing sufficient insulin or the body cells are ignoring the insulin” is the common verdict.

O) Medical assistance in the form of medicines, insulin etc. taken in order to control/reduce the blood sugar level also helps to reduce the uncomfortable symptoms that actually were of the body crying out for detoxification. 

Why does this happen? Partly because of the result of medication but more (I believe) because the chemicals being injected/swallowed daily now become Priority Numero Uno for the much depleted Life Force.

The daily dose of chemicals is now what has to be removed from the blood before it gets a chance to add on to the already overloaded mountain of toxins that are now part of the system.

The discomforting symptoms are taken care of much to the relief of the one who was suffering. But at what cost? This is obviously a very, very short term relief and has to be understood in the proper context.

P) In spite of all this, the life-force still wants to preserve life. All available energy is now drawn from all possible quarters i.e. the eyes, the legs, the kidneys, the hearts, the food pipe. All these systems get into a slow-down (and in the worst case a shut-down) mode as more and more energy is withdrawn from them for the constantly increasing work-load of fighting the now rapidly building toxins. Remember the un-enlightened human is not helping the cause by enhancing the life-force.

Q) Worse, the individual does not change his food-habits as the doctors recommend as the old food habits are now well set in. On the contrary he starts following the advice, well-intentioned no doubt, of the so called experts of eating frequently which further compromises the energy situation.

R) It is the beginning of the end…often long drawn and painful for most, short and merciful for a chosen few but painful nonetheless.

Just Because There Was a Deficiency of Pranas to Start With And Which Could Be So Easily Rectified.

* * * *

The fact remains that contrary to all available evidences that are flood-lighting the way, medical science has still not accepted, much less incorporated Prana Shakti in their line of treatment. 

When the basic concept of life-force is itself not accepted, then the one that follows in the natural scheme of things i.e. the one of Detoxification is obviously an alien concept to be immediately rejected.

This approach is one that has to change and will change. Humanity will eventually force the Doctors to start prescribing “20 min of Anulom/Vilom pranayama thrice daily or One session of Reiki” in their prescriptions BEFORE they go on to prescribe the tablets, injections and (of late) diet plans.  

Till such time, the allopathic treatment for Diabetes will continue thwarting the process of Detoxification rather than assisting it. This is what I have discovered, accidentally I admit. 

To set the records straight, I have no hesitation in accepting that High Blood sugar is not detoxification as I have mentioned in a few earlier posts but still remains indirectly linked to detoxification. This is what I earlier believed but I now have the additional benefit of hindsight after going through my latest experiences. 

High Blood Sugar is an indicator (as I have now discovered) of the fact that the process of detoxification is not happening the way it is meant to. 

Detoxification is the safety net available to us but one which most choose to ignore. More out of ignorance, I will add in their defence, rather than intent. Nature, in all its abundant merciful grace has given all of us this ability. Sadly it is lying largely dormant and unused. 

When detoxification is allowed to work to its fullest potential, ageing issues get delayed and the one who allows lives longer and obviously, healthier.

This incredible safety net works to its fullest potential whenever there is an abundance of Pranas which can happen whenever a person becomes enlightened and starts doing exercise, morning walks, pranayama or Reiki regularly and consistently no matter what happens. 

This no-matter-what-happens is a loaded gun. Most generally start with a lot of enthusiasm and gusto but retreat at the first signs of the slightest discomforts which actually are the first signs of detoxification kicking in. This happens within a few days and the new initiate should not be blamed for becoming scared and for dumping the new health programme within a few days of launching it. For he has not been forewarned of what lies ahead!

The fact remains that even in today’s age of access to easy information, the symptoms of detoxification are not explained publicly and properly by the ones who know. It is still a hush-hush stuff. I feel that the so called guides, teachers, gurus etc. do not have the stomach to openly talk about Accepting Discomforts as this has the potential to scare people away so it is better not to focus on it. Just mention it in passing and that too mildly is the general attitude. No one wants to rock the boat, so to say. At least that was the way I was initially introduced to this most significant aspect of regaining health naturally. I remember that the topic was given maybe half a minute of time when I attended the First Degree Workshop. Had to learn it the hard way! Did not give up no-matter-what-happened.

The body’s ability to self-cleanse and self-maintain is disabled in most as the safety net is not being allowed to do its job.

* * * *
How Doctors View Life Force and What They Have To Say About It? 

I wish to add that I am not questioning or doubting the intent of the medical specialists but it is the whole approach of finding a cure for Diabetes, and all other chronic ailments that needs to be looked at again with a fresh perspective and one that incorporates the relevant facts about Prana Shakti. 

“This is something that we can not see and therefore can not administer in the form of a tablet, capsule or injection to the patients. Hence it is not scientific.” This was the answer given by a Medical Practitioner who had come to me for learning Reiki, more out of curiosity than real need, when I asked him why the medical fraternity was being so myopic regarding something that is basic for our being humans. 

This good human being had obviously no answers to the counter argument that all forms of energies including Electricity, Light, Wind, Heat, Sound etc. were also not visible and could not be bottled-up. Does that fact alone makes them ‘un-scientific’? To take the argument further (and a bit sillier) mobile phones, radios, TVs etc. are all ‘un-scientific’ devices just because the radio signals, the wireless signals, the TV signals etc. are all invisible!

The fact of the matter is that the force of Gravity did exist even before it was discovered in a ‘scientific’ manner by a person who had nothing better to do then lie under a tree waiting for an apple to fall down. And not up.

I have no hesitation in admitting that Medical research has indeed improved the life expectancy tremendously but it is the Quality that is sadly lacking. I mean who wants to live longer if it has to be while lying down on the back totally dependent on others for even the basic needs. But that is exactly what we get.

The truth is that Doctors have been unable to make anyone healthy and never will until and unless they embrace this basic concept of pranas in their line of work. Not only embrace but also Actively Incorporate it in the treatment schedules of their patients. Humans will continue to suffer till such time that the doctors do not become the advocates of life force energy. For the Doctors are life-savers for majority of humans even today. Even for the day to day ailments that can easily be taken care of with a little dose of life-force.

It is Life Force Energy alone that can make humans healthier… naturally. That was and has been the only Truth.

It is only when sufficient quantity of life force is available that the wonderful process of Detoxification / Cleansing can go on unhindered. 

* * * *
Coming back to the treatment (or rather mistreatment) of this situation called Diabetes, medical research has missed the most obvious point which is the one of Deficiency of Life Force

Medically speaking, High Blood Sugar happens when the body is unable to absorb the sugar from the blood. Allopathic treatment is based on the assumption that the excess sugar HAS to be absorbed by the cells by any means whatsoever. Understand that it is being taken for granted that Sugar is the ONLY SOURCE OF ENERGY and obviously the MORE, THE BETTER.  

So not allowing the excess sugar into the body in the first place which by the way is the obvious solution is not considered at all. The fear being, “What will the poor human do if he does not eat?” 

While I can largely understand is that:

Researchers are largely ignorant of the fact that Life Force Energy is being breathed in with every breath that a human takes. I am not even talking here about the concept of Life Force being ‘transmitted’ from one individual to another as is what happens when a Reiki Channeller starts his act which is obviously too radical and will blow their minds away, anyway. 

What gets my goat is the obvious point that they have missed which is that our bodies generate more energy when there is more oxygen in the blood stream. 

How could this happen when this fact has already been scientifically proven???

FOOD IS NOT THE ONLY SOURCE OF ENERGY. In fact there are huge reserves of energy already present in the form of glucose in an average human adult. I requested a General Manager of a Chemical Industry during a Reiki workshop a few years ago to work out how much energy is present in a single strand of the basic glucose chain having the chemical composition of C6H12O6. The response: The energy contained in one molecule was sufficient to light up one 40 Watts light bulb for 24 hours. There are millions of such chains in one single cell of the human body; a cell that is invisible to the naked eye. Imagine the tremendous reserves that are there, waiting to be tapped. 

But majority of humans can not do so as they are still living in ignorance. Thank God, not all are.

What is stopping them from tapping into this vast reserve of Energy? The common denominator is the Mind. The ordinary mind has been brainwashed into believing that it is food alone that can give us energy which is obviously not true. The reality is that after we have attained the height and the body structure that we are meant to have in this life, we no longer need to eat three square meals a day and some snacks thrown in between with tea or the occasional soft/hard drink.

Take it from me – we all are ADDICTS. Addicted to Food, that is! I did a bit of fasting and the blood sugar came down rather dramatically and sharply. Even I with all my years of experience of being an energy worker was taken by surprise.

This ignorance has therefore helped create the approach that the medical researchers have adopted. For they too are a part of the mass consciousness which believes that food is what keeps us going. 

The related general belief is that each and every mg of sugar should be absorbed by the body no matter what. So that the energy requirements are not affected in any way! The scientists have conveniently forgotten that there is already sufficient sugar in the body’s cells which really do not need any more food whenever a human reaches the stage when Detoxification is the top most priority. Everything else is secondary.

Another Related Issue:

Everyone wants to be in a comfortable zone. Always. Even while working out in the gyms. We would rather not have the sweat pour out. So please switch on the A.C.s and keep them working full blast. Because sweating is oh so bad! And smells so awful. 

If the toxins outside the body smell so bad; then please spare a thought for all the harm that they are causing inside. Trapped for ever or till as long as the bodies last. 

“Majority of humans do not allow Detoxification to happen because it happens to be a bit uncomfortable”.

This has to change. Humans need to start accepting a bit of pain and discomfort. This will allow detoxification to take place. Allow the little discomforts to be. This is what we all need to understand and not reach for that pill the moment we have a bit of heavy headed feeling.

The ones who learn and understand this little secret will ultimately become free. For they alone will know and understand that they have given themselves the ultimate gift of Better Health…Naturally.

This is where the whole approach, in my humble opinion, has gone wrong. Not only for finding a cure for Diabetes, but I like to believe all other ailments as well.

Our over-dependence on Food is what is really messing us all up. After reaching a certain stage in life, the body does not need that much of Food. It is more of Energy that it craves for. We are misinterpreting these cravings for energy as cravings for food.

Food costs money while energy is free! Always has been. Everywhere. Waiting for us. 

To Breathe It In.

Point to ponder: This has been taken up earlier too in another post and is worth bringing up again. 

God/dess in His/Her infinite wisdom has given us Dual Control over our Lungs: both voluntary as well as involuntary. This is the only organ / system to have that kind of control. 


So that we can exercise our free will to breathe a bit more. 

So that we can then live a bit longer.
And healthier too.
For a breath is nothing but Life.
So Breathe.  
And only then you will be able to say:
Cheers to Life and To Living

And so it is.

* * * *
An afterthought: 

The obvious question that this post is going to raise is “What should an ordinary human do because the fear to take up these steps is too strong?” 

I have done it does not mean that everyone will be able to. A huge shift in belief system is what is needed eventually. I am not recommending that anyone should go off medications. 

There is no standard approach in our line of work. Each case has to be handled differently. 

So where do we start? What I can offer from my side is three free distance healing sessions for all diabetics who are in pain. These sessions need to be booked in advance and should be scheduled for those times of the day when the extreme discomfort of detoxification is generally felt, if at all there is a pattern. The results obtained during the initial sessions generally give an idea regarding the future course of action. Even a little bit of positive result will be a step forward. Understand that something that has taken years, maybe decades to develop, will not and can not go away easily. But that would be a beginning. After all it always is the first step of any journey that generally is the most difficult.

You can email me at with the healing requests and I will get back.

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