What the (beep) is going on? [Expanding Consciousness - I]

While the rest of humanity is apparently having a ball, a few are experiencing one or a combination of the following:
  • I just can not focus on the job at hand! 
  • I have lost my passion for living! 
  • At times it feels as if I am going mad! 
  • I have these terrible mood swings! 
  • I used to be pretty sure of myself but am really low in self-confidence these days! 
  • I can not seem to be able to make new friends! 
  • I am feeling so terribly lonely even though I have people who care for me and love me. 
  • What am I doing on Earth right now? 
  • Reiki and Crystals do not seem to be working for me the way they used to! 
  • Why do I feel disoriented most of the time?
  • What the (beep) is happening to me? 
  • I seem to have lost my faith!
If this is your story too, then please read on…

I understand from my steadily increasing workload of counselling/healing facilitation work that the numbers of those afflicted is rising rapidly. 

I have no problem admitting that I also went through all this not so long ago. The basic information that helped me get back on track is what I intend sharing in this and the other posts that will follow. Hope that this information makes some kind of sense in this world that is apparently becoming crazier by the day. 


The Human Journey – yours and mind included – has always been one that is evolving with the rest of the universe. We all contribute to the process of Evolution without even being aware about it while we go through our share of life’s experiences. The vibrations that radiate from within us – the ones that are linked to our reactions, our desires and even with the unfulfilled wishes in any given lifetime, are our contributions to this process. Our individual roles might appear insignificant and irrelevant but are valuable nonetheless. The collective vibrations and energies of humans trigger the changes – both short term as well as long term – and the universe evolves to the next level. Likewise, the good things that we are enjoying in the present life are because of the changes brought about by the deeds, thoughts and desires of all the human beings who have walked on earth before us. There is a definite pattern behind this process which on the surface at least, appears to be happening on its own.

The human mind and basically, the Human Consciousness has always been expanding. This expansion provides the blue-print for Evolution. Everything in the universe including the changes that manifest over time in the human form, in the climate, in the way we think, in the scientific discoveries, in the inventions etc. just follows in the footsteps of this expanding consciousness.

It is a process that has been spiralling outwards continuously and constantly.  The collective vibrations of humans over a period of time trigger the changes which result in yet another layer being added to the expanding consciousness, triggering another cycle of change and so on. The changes that are set forth in one particular lifetime are almost imperceptible, barely noticeable but are happening nonetheless. Even as I write these words. 

The only process that has been happening consistently and continuously over aeons of time is one of Change – Change triggered by an ever expanding consciousness.


What is Consciousness? Consciousness is nothing but awareness about life, about things around us. And as I said, it keeps on changing with time.

A rather simple, almost innocent experience of expanding consciousness in my own life was the one linked to a journey that an uncle of mine undertook when I was a little boy. He had set out for England way back in the sixties. I distinctly remember the event as the whole neighbourhood had turned up with garlands made of marigold flowers, a professional photographer and I think drums too, to give him a send-off. This was a momentous occasion for the family and was tinged with feelings of both joy as well as sadness. This incident unfolded at the New Delhi Railway Station where my uncle had waved to the crowd of relatives and friends after getting on a train that had rolled out slowly. 

I seriously believed for many years after this that one had to take a train in order to go to England! How silly/stupid I must have been but then that was the consciousness of that time. The fact is that no one had laughed at me when I had told the other kids in school that my uncle had gone to England on a train. This is what they must have believed too. 

I carried this belief system around till the time that I learnt about the seas and the oceans in a geography class much later. It was only then that I figured out that my uncle had taken the train to what is now known as Mumbai from where he had boarded a ship for the voyage to England.

My belief system changed and the consciousness within me expanded in that moment of enlightenment. 

Looking back, I have realized that Human Consciousness has gone through an amazing Expansion over the last forty years or so. This expansion has been exponential and huge when compared to ALL of the expansion that has taken place in the thousands and thousands of years before that. This by itself makes the current times that we are living in very, very special and marvellous. I know that the ones who are suffering will disagree.

Consider this fact. Once upon a time, the only issues that human beings faced were those of surviving the day. The agenda on waking up was to gather/hunt sufficient food for the day and make sure that you are alive on the next day. 
Over time, humans discovered fire and that it helped keep the wild animals at bay when it got dark. They then discovered, perhaps accidentally, that meat cooked in fire tasted better, was easy to chew and also did not deteriorate as rapidly as the uncooked raw meat. 

Consciousness before this moment was that meat had to be eaten raw. The consciousness of the one human who discovered this expanded in that very moment. 

This basic knowledge then must have taken hundreds of years to spread throughout the consciousness of ALL human beings who were walking on earth at that time. Understand that there wasn’t too much of interaction going on at that time as different groups of people lived fairly isolated lives.

All human beings who started experimenting with cooking their food were contributing to the expansion of consciousness for it to become an acceptable fact. Mass Consciousness then changed for ever. [This is an important aspect that needs to be understood as only then will we understand the value of our individual contributions to this process of evolution.]

I am sure that this shift in eating habits must have triggered the changes in our food pipes which then may have taken hundreds of years to finally manifest in the human system. 

This internal anatomical shift along with the shift in consciousness in other areas of life together may have then become the reasons for change in the lifestyle from being hunters to farmers, from being nomads to settlers.

The transformation from being cave-dwellers to builders of mega-cities has happened because of this constantly expanding consciousness. 

I have tried to explain this Expansion of Consciousness in the following simple sketch. I have used a circle to represent the Mass Consciousness, which is nothing but a sum of individual consciousnesses of all the humans who are walking on earth at any given time. 
The journey from point A (where survival was the key) to point B (where humans had learnt about fire and its uses) may have taken thousands of years. 

There were other aspects about the human existence that have also been evolving simultaneously. The human senses, language and other forms of communication, music, diseases, sense of ownership, community, friendship and bonding, hygiene, conflicts, tools, weapons, utensils for cooking and storing etc. evolved over time. 

At some point in time, humans discovered that a round shape rolls faster leading to the invention of the wheel which again then started evolving to reach its present form.

Remember that there was a point in time when everyone believed before that “Earth is Flat.” This was the mass consciousness of the time. A few might have started thinking differently but had to sail around the earth before the fact that earth is not flat could be proven beyond doubt. I imagine that it must have taken many, many years after that before everyone started believing that earth is round and not flat as was earlier known. The ships also needed to evolve from being primitive rafts/boats to vessels that could make the voyage before all this was known. This itself was a tremendous achievement indeed.

There were certain other significant moments, or periods of time, in the history of humanity when mass consciousness expanded rapidly. The Dark Ages and the industrial revolution, the moment when humans were able to generate electricity, the inventions of the light bulb, radio, printing presses, telephones, man’s first flight, the two World Wars, harnessing nuclear and other forms of energies, cinema, television, computers etc. (not necessarily in that order) are the ones that come to mind immediately. 

By far the most significant one is the internet as this has made our world really small. However, internet by itself does not exist in any one place at all. Think about it.

As communication is the key; the evolution of the humble landline to the mobile phones and the growth of internet have together contributed tremendously to the expansion of consciousness in ways never witnessed before. These two along with the tremendous scientific progress made over the last fifty years or so have made this grand expansion possible. This can be understood by the following sketch:
While it took thousands of years for consciousness to expand just a little bit as indicated in the left side of the sketch above, the almost vertical expansion over the last fifty years is shown on the right side. Consider this too – just fifty years of time versus the rest of the time that humans have been occupying earth.

It is taking lesser time for greater expansion now.

Going back to the evolution of the telephone, landlines were a luxury and calling long distance burnt a hole in the pocket not so long ago.

While it’s a known fact that the radios existed, yet the leap from the landline to mobile telephones was not direct. There were these cordless phones that had to be invented before the gap could be bridged. Was it that the engineers of that period of time did not have the ‘brains’ (no disrespect intended)to skip this in-between phase! I like to believe that mass consciousness was not ready for the mobile phones while the engineers were spending time, money and other resources working on making the cordless phones better. 

Everyone  who ‘wished’ to own a phone when it was a luxury and when there was a long waiting list of ten years and even more (in some places in India)has helped us reach this point in time. It is the collective vibrations of everyone over this period of time that were working.

The huge demand has also brought the prices down to a level that almost anyone can afford a handset. Who could have even imagined this state of affairs only fifteen years ago which is just a moment in time considering the thousands and thousands of years that we have been around.From an object that was considered a ‘luxury’ not too long ago to an affordable phone for almost everyone in the family! 

Some other things that have changed recently:

The older belief system of “Simple Living and High Thinking” is no longer valid. Well how about the one when we were growing up, “Spare the rod and spoil the child”. Then there was this one which is one of my all time favourites, “Beauty and Brains do not Go Together” as I never believed it anyway.

Was it too long ago that Joint Families was the norm? 

How about the belief system that "Women should not be working outside the four walls of the homes"?

Humans have also been wishing for freedom. What has happened in Egypt is because of this collective human consciousness. Witness the changes as they unfold in the other countries that still have monarchs and rulers at the helm. It does not mean that being ruled was a bad thing. It’s just that there was a time when ordinary citizens just could not think for themselves and needed to be ruled. Not any more as everyone is becoming educated. Internet and Social Networking has made this moment possible.

Things do change...

But, how does it happen?

Basically someone who starts thinking outside the box starts the process.

There have always been humans who have somehow ‘volunteered’ for the job of making ‘better ships’ so that the rest of humanity could learn that ‘earth was not flat’. What difference does it make to the ones who are never going to go around the earth anyway? 

But some humans have always been doing things that the rest of humanity did not care about – at that point in time. 

There was this guy who learnt a thousand ways of how not to make a light bulb before he finally found one way that worked. Was he crazy? 

What about the ones who tied home made wings and other contraptions on their arms and backs while they jumped off cliffs thinking they could fly? It was not the effort of the Wright Brothers alone that made aircrafts possible. But it took the craziness of all the others as they planted this seed in the consciousness of others. Ultimately that moment did arrive when the first aircraft did take off and flew the length of a football field and at a tremendous altitude of 10 feet or so. 

This brings me back to the issues raised at the beginning of this post. 

The fact is that humans have also been ‘wishing’ for peace and for darkness to end for aeons of time now. Issues regarding health and personal abundance have always been near the top of everyone’s wish list. 

There have always been humans who have been working at these aspects of human consciousness. The collective energies of these spiritual seekers along with the group consciousness of the ones who have been working at these aspects now has made this moment possible when all this is within reach of all human beings. 

This expanded consciousness has its own energy that is now ready to expand.But the benefits can not be enjoyed by all of humanity at the same time. The ones at the forefront, the ones who were already making efforts to create changes in their lives, the ones who learnt techniques of Reiki, Crystals etc. - in short the ones who were in the process of awakening and believed that change was possible are the ones who are ready now. 

The fact is that their inner belief systems are now crying for change. They can somehow sense the energy of the changed and expanded consciousness but do not yet know how to incorporate this into their own. Shedding the old beliefs is easier said than done.The work that normally used to take several lifetimes has to now happen in one lifetime. This indeed is a difficult task but not impossible. 
The beliefs, especially the ones that have carried us through in this lifetime, are a bit difficult to release. 

There is this deep knowingness that things need to change. Not being able to change is creating a tremendous pressure and the turmoil. I will be discussing the dynamics of changes along with a few of these belief systems in the posts that follow.

And so it is.


  1. You just happened to touch the topic that people have been craving for a better life etc, and that has been a part of the mass consciousness since times immemorial yet as we see it today, there are new diseases in the wake, some of the infections which no one even knew existed have come to the forefront, and then everyone wants to have a good lifestyle but prices have been on a crazy rise that even the so called wealthy are thinking about how they would survive in times to come.
    So wouldn't it be like the changes that have happened in this case are going contrary to the mass consciousness?
    Or is it that we worry too much about these things and that is why what we resist is persisting ?

    1. Thanks Ramneet for a very, very deep query.

      Please understand that for aeons of time now, we humans have been rejecting pain, suffering and everything that is uncomfortable as something that we should not be having. We have rejected Darkness for so long that it is now forced to raise it's head so that we accept it for What It Is. Neither shun it, nor reject it the way we have been doing but accepting it as being an integral part of our existence.

      Take for example, the everyday human experience of sweating / perspiring. Majority of humans, other than sports personalities maybe, just can't stand it. The fact is that this is a simple bodily experience of toxins being released and a necessary one at that if we are to attain a better state of health. For this to be accepted at the critical level of mass consciousness, a huge shakeup is required. Only then will the shift in consciousness happen. My personal experience has been that pain is an integral part of the journey towards better health.

      The reality is that before things can become better, they need to become worse. This is what apparently is happening in all aspects of our existence. Diseases, social issues, relationships, corruption, inflation, pollution - you name it. All these are indicators that a major shake-up in our approach to life is about to happen. The kind that happens whenever a major shift in consciousness is imminent. We as a human race are going through a phase when the old way of thinking is giving way to a new way.

      If you look at your queries again, you will notice that the answers are contained therein. My advice: buckle up for a bit of a roller-coaster ride. The whole world is not ready for the journey just yet but they soon will. You just happen to be one of the first ones to have raised their hands so that the ones who follow have a relatively easier one. How do I know this? Because of the question you just asked. Not anyone is thinking about these issues the way you apparently are.

      And not everyone is reading this blog too, by the way. Only the ones who should.


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