Expanding Consciousness - II : The Energy Dynamics

We might not be aware of it but we do have this tremendous ability of projecting energies towards others. We also are unknowing recipient of energies projected by others all the time. At times we are aware that something is happening but generally tend to ignore the feelings when we ‘know’ that energies of love, hate, anger, worry etc. are being projected towards us. The fact is that we humans have lost trust in our own abilities and therefore brush aside these experiences as mere figments of our imagination.

[What happens, for example, when we project the energies linked to worry towards those we care about? These energies surround them and then in a way ‘make’ them do exactly what we do not want. This invariably happens to be the very reason that got us worrying in the first place. The parents who worry about the fact that their child is not studying know what I am talking about here. This projected energy ‘interferes’ and in a way prevents the child from learning when he finally does manage to spend some time with his books. Letting Them Be is easier said than done. This is another story though.]

Anyway, it is this ability to project and receive energies that is helping us evolve. 
We all know that we have an uncanny, almost weird ability to attract spiritual teachers/knowledge whenever we are just about ready in life to learn something new. The fact is that some rather challenging and tough times in life invariably precede these moments of learning.

These tough (also known as bad) times in fact are there to help us grow. If it was not for the problems in life, then the internal doors and windows to learning would have stayed shut, so to say. You can also say that we first attract the problems and then the solutions. All problems are in a way, self-created and there are many who now believe this. I do. This realization helped me change my perspective. My mind invariably thinks of these as ‘situations for learning’ and not  ‘problems’ to be solved whenever darkness confronts me.

So the fact remains that we have problems and…
….along comes a human being who happens to knows a bit more. He also has this desire to share what he knows. The knowledge could be something as rudimentary as cooked meat is better than raw or that earth is round and not flat. 

Or it could be the knowledge linked to this mystery called Life which it is not. 

So there is this knowledge and the willingness to share on the part of the human who is now playing the role of a teacher. The vibrations linked to the knowledge are constantly emanating from the core of his being without his having to direct them to anyone in particular.

In a way, the solutions already exist in the realms of human consciousness and are just waiting to be tapped into.

The ones who are ready for the answers eventually find their way to the teacher/knowledge. It could happen the other way around too. When the student is ready, the teacher appears. The reverse is also true. Ask and ye shall receive. Should't that be more like “You receive because you have asked (for it)”?

This experience of having a teacher ‘drop’ into life just when he seems to be most needed has left many spiritual seekers dumbfounded, awestruck. To the extent that they start thanking God, their stars, their guides and their amazing luck and …and blah, blah, blah !!! Yes it’s true that God/Spirit/Spiritual Guides/All That Is help create the circumstances that eventually makes this happen – a chance visit to a place that we were not meant to be, a small advertisement that attracts the eye, something we just happen to read or hear somewhere.

And then what do we do – start thanking God, make vows of this kind or the other, start spending hours and hours praying for more miracles to happen. We at times also make this teacher larger than life, maybe a Guru. Instead of just Thanking Ourselves, learning what needs to be learnt and moving on in life.

Believe me there is no mystery involved here, as we so often believe. It is just plain Spiritual Physics at work which has very, very simple laws working in the background.

Expansion of consciousness is what this is all about.

I will try to explain the energy dynamics behind the expansion of consciousness with the help of some basic sketches. The smaller circles represent the consciousness of individual humans while the larger circle the mass consciousness.

I am also assuming that it is only ONE issue that we are talking about here and not the whole consciousness. This is because an individual’s consciousness can be highly evolved in one particular aspect of life while being close to zero in another unrelated area. An example that comes to mind straight away is that of a person on the spiritual path knowing next to nothing about machines.


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  1. Thank you Sir, reading this again has reiterated my learning. :)


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