72000 nadis and Resisting Pain

While Thoughts/Desires are the necessary starting points of all creativity;  they also are responsible eventually for creating a few problems in life. 

We all have been conditioned to resist and fight pain. I am sure that we will stop resisting pain the moment there is an understanding of the huge price that we pay because of this limited mind set.
Consider the following blue-print of sorts:


Please understand that “accepting pain” does not mean “not doing anything to deal with it”. 

These are two different mind-sets that we are talking about. Dealing with pain while accepting it yields altogether different results when compared to dealing with the same pain with an attitude of rejection. There is a subtle difference. 

Further, it is not only the Physical pains that we are talking about here which are relatively easier to deal with.  The other pains in life viz. Emotional, Mental, Spiritual are the ones that are a bit difficult to handle. Fortunately this is something that can now be learnt in a class room environment. 

And so it is.

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