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I do not know about the journey of others but there were several situations in my personal life that I knew could change with a bit of healing but somehow:
Either I was unable to kick start the healing process or the desired results did not manifest and at times the situation actually became worse whenever I could do a bit of healing.
Mind you this was not for all the situations in my life but a few which were personally very close to me. This, as anyone can imagine, was a bit frustrating and did create plenty of doubts, not to mention a great deal of turmoil and heartburn. The ego took a huge beating and I sure was a desperate Reiki Grandmaster searching for resolution and peace within. It was about then that the knowledge (that I am sharing in these posts) started coming my way and turned things around in my life.

Looking back, I now know that these situations were the ones which contributed directly to my growth in all areas of my life. I can say that these situations, and the people involved, have been the greatest teachers in my life. 

My mind became peaceful – even when things were apparently the same – the moment I became aware about the reasons for these obstacles in my path. I guess the human mind does want to logically understand the reasons for what are perceived as ‘failures’. What is amazing about this was that once the reasons were known, the situations miraculously transformed; some of them overnight. I also understood that I was evolving even when I was facing these moments of turmoil within – as is everyone else – and that it was I myself who had placed these roadblocks in my path in order to help me evolve.

The intention of sharing my experiences is to help others who are on the path and may be caught in situations similar to mine. This desire prompted me to write about the most common obstacle of Attachment to Results, among others, in this earlier post. The case studies shared in the previous post were also meant to add on to the existing knowledge base of the other seekers on this path. 

In this article, I wish to expand a bit more on why the results in certain healing situations are not as grand as they can potentially be when the energies of Fear, Anger and even Love are around and are not addressed appropriately. 

A) FEARS IN THE MINDS OF HEALEES/HEALERS: While Attachment to Results is something that healers alone have to be cautious about, ‘Fear’ in the minds of both healees as well as healers has the potential to negatively influence the results of many healing situations. 

It is clear from two of the case studies (discussed in the previous post) that the energies of fear need to be dealt with before healing can occur. Unfortunately, how this will happen can neither be controlled nor plotted as the requirements of individuals vary and depend directly on their respective state of consciousness when the healing starts. While knowledge alone may be sufficient for some, others might need to personally experience something in life before the fear gets released. What complicates matters is the fact that even the healees themselves are not aware about their personal fears as these are embedded real deep in the subconscious and are part of their overall personality. 

Each case is a different story. The diseases/ ailments might appear to be the same, medically speaking that is, but the root causes can be poles apart. Completely different books can be written for different individuals suffering from identical ailments. The best that the healers / healing facilitators can hope for is that the required knowledge / experience comes about in the shortest possible time with the least possible discomfort to the healees and their care providers so that the existing belief systems can change wherever required. 

For this to happen, the healers need to have a very, very open mind and not be too focussed with their healing. Healing with an open mind helps create situations where whatever is needed happens, and in ways that often appear illogical. Some then start believing that some invisible force is lending a helping hand. 

Nature conspires to fulfil your desires.

* * * *

At this juncture, I wish to share another story about a case that came my way years ago. There was this very senior healer (who later went on to become a Reiki Master) who was having acute headaches just a couple of days before her son was to get married. She was unable to deal with this intense headache on her own and so called me up. When I sat down to do the healing, I received this intuitive guidance that ‘someone close to her had severe pain in her legs’. Now, at that point in my professional career I was not too sure about what this inner guidance meant and so called her up to ascertain that it was not some creation of my mind. It turned out that she had a close relative who she was counting on to take care of most of the arrangements on the D-day. This person was suddenly rendered practically ineffective as she started having a lot of pain and discomfort in her legs. It was an enlightening moment for me as I realised that the senior Reiki channel (and a healee in this case) was now scared about who will take care of all the guests and the other arrangements. This stress had then caused her headaches.

The Reiki Channel’s mind was ‘closed’ to this aspect of the problem and this prevented her from getting the positive results when she tried her self-healing before calling me.

When my inner guidance was validated, I became more ‘open’. I told her on the phone that most probably her relative was the one who had to be healed before her headache could be taken care of. This explanation immediately resonated within her and she had this big Ah! moment. I was able to help the two of them as the problems were now linked as ONE and not TWO. 

I was working with an open mind and therefore was able to receive this ‘divine guidance’ and was then able to help. The healer’s mind was ‘closed’ as she was too caught-up with her own intense headaches while doing self-healing and therefore was not able to ‘see’ that it was her own fears about her friend’s pain in the legs that was the real problem. I am not blaming her here for not being able to see what should have been obvious but this was a tremendous learning opportunity for her in her life. Needless to add, my faith in everything including my own self made a huge leap on that day.

Healers/healing facilitators need to be very open to all potentials. It is generally taught in the second degree class that ‘healing energies go where most needed’. Really? I do have my doubts. Wish it was that easy!

It is ONLY when the minds of the healers are open that the chances of the healing energies to ‘go where actually needed’ shoot up dramatically. Else it is a bit of a struggle as they then tend to focus the energy toward a limited area only – limited by their personal belief systems (of the moment) and their own consciousness. As this healer before that moment believed that 'there was something wrong within her own body that was causing the headaches’. Walking through the experience must have drilled into her consciousness the fact that problems of others can also contribute to our own state of ill-health.

Please understand that we are anyway operating in unknown areas that go beyond the logical human mind. Now this may sound absurd but I do share this in the Reiki Second Degree Distance Healing Classes. Something as unrelated as the health of the President of USA can have a negative impact on the health of someone sitting far away in India IF this person starts worrying about what will happen to the world if the president’s health deteriorates. 

* * * *

Coming back to the case studies discussed in the previous post, I can safely say that the fear in the mind of the person who was unable to sleep was taken care of by divine guidance. This came in the form of  ‘stopping’ him from taking his antibiotic medication – against his nature – and his wife ‘accidentally discovering’ while surfing that this medication was known to have this negative effect on some individuals. 

My contribution – on the surface – was apparently NIL. But the fact remains that I was operating with a mind that was ‘open to all potentials’. I think that this helped bring to surface the one that was most needed; in this case knowledge about the antibiotic medicine.

In the case study of the asthmatic mother, on the surface she ‘wanted’ to be healed completely, as did the family members, a few of whom are healers themselves. 

But the hidden fears and concerns were of her being able to ‘survive’ the Diwali festival and be at home, and not in a hospital. She was therefore very open to receive the healings (and also contributed by doing pranayama etc.) till that moment. Once the immediate objective was achieved, she stopped everything. 

Please understand that if she ‘really’ gets well, then the ‘balance’ in the family will get disturbed. She is now waiting on the sidelines while the rest of the family members go on to the next level of consciousness. It might happen in this lifetime and it may not. There are obvious fears in the minds of the immediate family members that have not been accounted for. There are also the unasked and maybe unrealised questions (in the minds of the healers in her family), “How did this healing happen and why the turnaround once she had become well?” There are so many layers that need to be addressed. As I said earlier, completely different books can be written for different individuals having identical problems. This is a family situation where several layers of energies need to be addressed. This is definitely not just a simple case of one individual suffering from Asthma as it appears to be.

FEAR IN HEALERS: But what happens when the healers/healing facilitators themselves experience the emotion of Fear – doesn’t matter if it is before, during or after any healing session. This too tends to have a negative impact on the results. 

For example, healers who are scared of Asthma, Diabetes, Heart Ailments or Cancer etc. are known to be not too effective when dealing with patients with these ailments. The only way for these fears to go in most cases is to walk through these experiences. The ones who have been able to deal with these in their own lives emerge stronger because of their intimate experiences of dealing with these ailments. 

As in other fields in life, healers/healing facilitators deliver results that resonate with their individual strengths/weaknesses. 

Healer, heal thyself first.

B) ANGER: This is another emotion that can come in the way of getting positive results in healing situations for others/self. When healing is attempted with Anger based emotions, it just does not happen. More often than not, the situations tend to become worse.

I admit that I too was pretty much in-effective in dealing with financial situations as I had this huge issue of Anger energy in this other business of mine. I kept on attracting clients who were poor paymasters with some refusing outright to pay what we deserved for services already rendered. It was very frustrating as no amount of healing was helping the situation. There was a lot of anger in me that was obviously directed towards the individuals who were making my life miserable. Or so I believed! Coming to acceptance of this situation so that I had no anger left in me was a tough ask. Thankfully, I have managed to get this monkey off my back but not before a lot of heartburn was created. I now know that I was attracting these situations in order help me learn a beautiful lesson. That’s not happening any longer.

Becoming aware of this anger-within-making-the-situation-worse has helped me deal with it. As a result, there is a lot of peace within where there used to be turmoil. It’s but obvious, life is good. 

C) FORCING CHANGE / HELP ON OTHERS OUT OF LOVE FOR THE INDIVIDUAL: Another stumbling block that healers / healing facilitators face is when they try to ‘force’ help on close friends and relatives for getting rid of their vices, diseases, discomforts etc. The intent is not being questioned at all as there are lot of positive, loving emotions working in the background. All they want to do is to make the lives of their near and dear ones better! So how can that be wrong? They are not ‘wrong’. These healings are just inappropriate. 

This is because in trying to ‘force’ help on others, the healers are not honouring the journey of these humans who have chosen to get addicted or to have a particular ailment or situation in life. There are some lessons to be learnt, some experiences to be gone through without which the journey of these other humans will not be complete. 

Operating with a mindset of ‘wanting to give a better life to the ones you love’ is a rather airy-fairy emotion that just does not work in healing situations. 

There is also the fact that a healer who judges that someone-else-is-suffering is living in a State of Imbalance himself / herself. How can balance be provided by a person who is in a state of imbalance?  The harsh reality is that the ‘suffering’ belongs to the one who is suffering. If someone wishes to partake this suffering, then it generally does happen. So instead of one person suffering, we now have two. Now, is that being a wise healer? 

So what should someone do once he/she has become a Reiki, Crystal or Pranic Healer! Should they not try to help their near and dear ones? By all means, yes. But when positive results are not forthcoming, they then need to step back.

Parents who are in any case the care providers for their small children can help provide relief. But when the same child grows up to be an adult and then ‘needs’ to go through some particular ‘disease’ or ‘situation’ in life (for example: a failed marriage) and healing has been attempted without getting any positive results, then it is time for the parent who is a healer to step back and accept the situation as it is. They need to honour the fact that their ‘child’ ‘needs’ to go through this experience. 

A parent who is in balance will then have a better chance of being able to help the same ‘child’ once the experience has been lived. The offspring will ‘sense’ this balance when the time is right and will ask for help himself/herself.

Likewise, care provider children (who are healers) can help the parents who are suffering but to a limited extent only. They just can not ‘force excellent health’ on to the suffering parents if the parents are ‘not ready’. 

* * * *
As you will see, there are a lot of potential pitfalls in this path which can be very, very daunting and at times frustrating, to say the least. This post is not meant to discourage the novice healers. On the contrary, this is meant to help them come to terms with the situations and accept things as they are if healing does not happen according to plan. 

Having said that, I am not ruling out the possibility that the close relative may have taken on the particular disease/ailment so as to help the healer evolve! Positive results with people who are close may just help boost the confidence of the healer. This might be one of the reasons for the two being together in this lifetime. If that indeed is anyone’s reality, then everything that has been shared in this post deserves to go into the dust bin. 

My advice: keep on attempting healings in all situations. If it works out then it is indeed good for everyone. In case positive results do not manifest, then understand that it’s time to change your belief systems and to expand your consciousness.

And so it is…


  1. Dear Sir,

    Thanks for the post, I am personally struggling with "Forcing Change / Help onto the others".

    I have a better understanding now that just by viewing others lifestyle / situation as an imbalance is contributing to their imbalance, rather than helping the situation.

    But what trips me the most is that the same person who is going through an unwanted experience wants my advice as well. Not always the guidance is available with me, in fact in my experience, more closer the person, more difficult it has been for the guidance to come by.

    Would appreciate if you can provide further guidance on above and if possible by siting any past experience.

    Anger in my business is another area which I need to work on. I knew at the back of my mind that there is something not correct, but spelling it out as it has been done above, makes the situation crystal clear.


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  3. Madhukarji,

    Are you not judging this experience to which your attention is being drawn by labeling it as 'unwanted'? This is just an experience that the person close to you is going through - how can it be 'unwanted'? 9-11 was not the only way for human consciousness to go through the tremendous shift that it ended up doing - this experience was not the best but maybe the only option available then. Can not be labeled as 'unwanted'. Think about it...
    Counseling the ones close to us is rather difficult as there is a lot of judgement that happens anyway.

    There is also the fact that 'you' are the one who is attracting this experience (of being counseled) through this person. Why would you want to do that? This is something that only you can answer. Look within.

    Hope this helps..

  4. Excellent post, it took real long for it to sink in, but after going through some of the experiences and failing I now am in a position to be in-sync with all the above.

  5. Exactly.. why am I attracting such an experience for myself..... I do get the drift, might take a bit of time to sink in.

    Thank you for your advice, it will surely help.


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