Three Healing Situations plus One More

In this post, I wish to share the stories of three healing situations that were encountered recently. There are some lessons that can be learned from these experiences. I sure have learnt mine.

First Case Study: Not Being Able to Sleep

A person in his late forties had this problem of suddenly being unable to sleep and was advised to take some tablets to help him sleep. He called me and a bit of probing revealed that he had this situation at work that required his going on a trip abroad for an extended bit of time; a prospect that he and his family probably did not relish just then. This stress apparently was the cause of his sleeping disorder and a few healing sessions were scheduled. 

The first couple of sessions worked fine (for him) as he was able to sleep soundly. When the next session did not yield the desired results, he was obviously a bit disappointed as he had to then rely on his sleeping pill which was taken much later in the night. I, however, knew from past experience that energy was not being wasted; it was just working elsewhere. I was positive that this fact would also be revealed in the not too distant future.

Meanwhile, I had to explain to him that while sleeping tablets work only on the body, healing would not be complete till all related stresses were also released. It was obvious that balance had to be restored in the minds of all who had been affected by the said situation. The job also needed to get done. He was able to accept these explanations with his logical mind. It so turned out that he got into the mental state of Acceptance in a couple of days and was willing to travel. His family also came to terms with this situation.

Yet, the problem of his being unable to sleep persisted and he therefore opted for a couple of more healing sessions.

Now this is the interesting bit. He had informed during the first interaction that he was also taking some antibiotics for some infection that he had picked up. Probably the stress related to the situation at work had also contributed by making this infection worse. For him though, this infection was rather insignificant and a lesser evil, as he was more concerned about being unable to sleep - a problem that he never ever had in life.

The interesting thing happened in the background while the healing sessions were not apparently giving the desired results; he completely forgot to take his antibiotic while at work. Now, by habit he is very, very particular about these things, as he related to me subsequently and was in fact shocked at himself when he had realised that he had missed one dose. The same day, his wife 'happened' to do a bit of research on the net and learnt that the medicine that he had been taking for his infection was known to cause a bit of sleeping disorder in a few patients. Armed with this knowledge, he then decided to skip his evening dose and was able to sleep better that night unaided either with healing session or sleeping tablets. 

In fact, the healing sessions did do their work, but not in the way that he wanted. He admitted later on that he did have a bit of fear about becoming dependent on sleeping pills for the rest of his life. So, this fear also had to be released. Being a logical human being, knowledge was the only way that this could happen. When he learnt that his sleeplessness was because of some pills that he had been taking, he was at peace. Healing brought this knowledge to his doorstep.

He called me when he returned to India and was happy to report that all was well. The best thing to have happened for him, as he told me, is that he had started taking better care of his health and is now into pranayama, meditation etc.

This healing stuff does work mysteriously at times especially when it does cause someone to ‘conveniently forget’ to take the ‘medicine’ which itself is causing the problem.

Second Case Study: Persistent Bodyaches 

I received a healing request from a daughter for her mother (both now in the U.S.A.) who had been having a lot of aches and pains all over her body. BTW, both had learnt Reiki about ten years or so ago but somehow their abilities were not helping them deal with this particular situation.

I learnt after a bit of chatting that the mother’s aches and pains used to mysteriously go away whenever she was away from home. This told me that somehow the energies at home were connected to her painful situation.

Something intuitively guided me not to take up this case as a healing case but rather as a training assignment. I therefore suggested that the two join the Expansion of Consciousness classes (over the internet) instead of my doing the healing work. This was agreed to with a bit of initial reluctance. After a couple of sessions, they started making a lot of progress.

A few sessions later, the daughter realised that it was her ‘energies of worry’ that she had been projecting towards her mother that were actually making the situation worse for her. She was really concerned about her mother’s health and really wanted the best for her but had become an unwitting partner to her state of (ill) health. 

This is not rocket science. We humans are energy transmitters as well as energy receivers. When we project the so called ‘negative’ energies of fear, worry etc. towards our near and dear ones, they react to these energies accordingly. Infants and young children are the ones who are the most susceptible because they are sensitive and open to all energies coming their way.

But as the daughter learnt how to ‘switch off’ this worry-energy emanating from her being, the health of the mother mysteriously improved. No magic involved here. The bonus for the family is in the improving state of health for the children too. 

The problem with many ‘healers’ is that they become powerful ‘worriers’ over a period of time which then reflects in their lives one way or the other. No wonder many ‘healers’ are confused and unsure whether or not to continue doing Reiki, Pranic Healing, Crystal Therapies etc. for their near and dear ones. My advice to these healers – if you can not get rid of the energies of worry, fear etc. then it is time for self-healing.

Healer, heal thyself first.

This situation is still unfolding as the Energy Moving mother-daughter duo go through the process to become Energy Transformers. They will then be able to transform their ‘negative’ energies to ‘positive’ in all areas in their lives – health, relationships, abundance and self-worth. 

How far they go is entirely up to them...

Third Case Study  – Asthmatic Mom 

This case also came via a Reiki Healer daughter for her asthmatic mother when she realised after reading this earlier article that it was her (daughter’s) attachment to results that might be interfering with the results of her healing sessions. 

The mother had been hospitalised in a local hospital in Ahmedabad after having an asthmatic attack. This was somewhere around the end of September. I did touch on this case briefly in this post.

I was told during my first visit to the hospital that she had become really weak and was unable to go even to the washroom on her own. She had a long standing history of about 20 years of being a bit allergic and prone to frequent problems of cough, chest infections etc. There was also the fact that just a bit of cough was now enough to make her real breathless. 

I did one healing session during my visit and later received a call at around midnight from her husband who was the care provider staying in the same hospital room. He informed that she had been coughing for about 15-20 minutes and that this was not getting better. I immediately did an emergency distance healing session at night. 

I learnt during my visit the next day that her coughing attack had lasted for about three and a half hours. The amazing thing was that unlike a couple of days before when just a small episode of cough had caused her to be admitted to the hospital, this extended coughing had not made her breathless. She had been unable to lie down as this made her coughing worse, so she had spent practically most of the night propped up in her bed. Even the attending doctors had been unable to control this. 

The second bit of news that was shared was that she had to visit the washroom around 8-10 times since getting up at 6 am. What was remarkable about this was that she was able to do this on her own unlike the day before when she was very, very weak. One would think that such a restless night will make anyone weaker but not so in this case!

I explained to her and her husband that she had gone through an intense session of detoxification as that was her requirement on that day, given her physical condition. The accumulated mucous (toxins) that her body was unable to throw out unassisted – as she was running short of energy – had found its way out of her system via her food pipe once she had sufficient energy available (because of the healing sessions). She thought that she had a dry cough - obviously this was not the case as the mucous apparently found its way into her food pipe and then out the next morning during the frequent visits to the washroom . 

Her being in the hospital had actually helped her cause as there was no fear in their minds that would surely have been there, had they been at home when this situation had developed. 

In fact, she would not have gone through the intense detoxification that she ended up with, had she been at home!

Reason: The healing energy would have been ‘spent’ in trying to bring balance to the two human minds who would surely have become very upset the moment the coughing started, if they had been at home. They had this previous experience of her becoming breathless the moment she started to cough.They were really very scared with the 'coughing experiences' and so those fears were laid to rest on account of their already being in hospital.

So all in all the two initial sessions had helped her cause in a much bigger way than was actually perceived or even imagined. 

She did become better after two more healing sessions at the hospital and then one more at home. After a bit of recovery at home, she started visiting my centre for healing sessions regularly. Her condition improved rather dramatically. She started taking care of her health by doing pranayama regularly and also added morning walk into her schedule. She also stopped using her inhaler against the advice of her doctor. All this happened while Diwali was approaching.

Now this was actually what she had been dreading. The pollution had exacerbated her problem on earlier occasions. Diwali came and went and I am sure it was a huge relief for her and her family. She did not need to lock herself up within the walls of her home which would certainly have been the case if she had relied on medications alone. She was able to enjoy the festival in her own limited way.

But once the immediate objective was achieved, she stopped the healing sessions and, as I have been informed, is also not able to do her pranayama etc. She is now mostly dependent on her inhalers and medications. The big question is: Why? Is it that the problem that has come back? Is it back to square one for her? 

This is what the family believes and should not be blamed for thinking like this. But I do think differently. We do not need to look very far for the answers. 

What this lady has understood during all these sessions that we had is that she can not: 
a) Blame anyone for her state of health, and
b) Depend on anyone else - least of all Physicians - for restoring her health, something we all have done at some stage.
While her consciousness comes to terms with this new knowledge, the family also needs to learn and evolve. Ideally, this is a situation where the whole family needs to learn from the previous case study. I guess there are plenty of energies of worry in the household that need to be balanced out. By this I am not pointing any fingers at any particular individual. We all are the same. We all tend to worry. We are in non-acceptance of a lot of things in life. We do not have trust in our selves. We continue to grovel, to beg, to plead before outside energies asking them for help when things go wrong. Instead of taking things in our own hands and doing what needs to be done. We all are victims of the past - in a way. The ones who are suffering know this and believe this. But the ones who apparently are 'successful' in this life are also 'victims', in a way. 

What is really needed is - To Accept All Things as They Are! A bit difficult, I know but with a bit of training and practice completely possible.

Plus One More - My own Case Study

This is the situation regarding my physical health as on date.

In this earlier post, I alluded to the fact that my own cough was triggered while working with this asthmatic mom (third case study above). I am indeed grateful to her for helping kick-start my own cleansing process which continued for more than a month. This was a bit irritating at times. But the fact remains that I had gotten so used to coughing (and had thereby accepted it completely) that I did not even notice when it ended. 

There were some wonderful lessons that were hidden in this extended release.

In the meantime, another bit of clearing started on Friday, 25/11/2011 to be precise.

I had noticed a bit of stiffness in my lower back since about the beginning of that week. This became a fully blown pain starting from the right hip down to the foot when I woke up on Friday morning. It was pretty painful getting out of bed. I noticed later while sitting at the dining table that the pain in my right calf muscle intensified when I put my body weight on the right thigh. Somehow, I was able to go into the zone of Accepting this Pain as It Was, which helped lessen it a bit. Seeking medical help somehow did not cross my mind.

The whole of Friday and the night that followed were very, very uncomfortable and pretty painful at times. For I could neither sit nor lie down in any one position for more than a couple of minutes. Walking around was the only way for the pain to become less intense. I accepted this experience for what it was and just walked around most of the day in the office and then at home. An evening interactive session had already been scheduled with an out-of-state couple who are also on the path. I decided to go ahead with the session and just requested them to ignore my fidgeting around. I don’t know what their reaction to all this was but my head was pretty clear and we did manage to have a good interactive session, I think. Later at dinner time, I was again very restless as walking around was the only comfortable option for me. I am sure they viewed this experience with the proper perspective and learnt a bit during their visit.

That night things became rather intense. The pain became localised in the right calf muscle. I have never felt such excruciating pain ever before in my life. I recollect this thought that I had in the middle of that night that if someone had offered to chop off my right leg below the knee, I probably would have readily agreed in that moment. Sleep was impossible so most of the night was spent walking around inside the walls of the home.

During the night and the particularly the next morning, the mind started introspecting as to find the reasons behind this beautifully painful experience that I was having. I knew that there had to be a reason for this. By then the stiffness in the back had gone completely along with the slight pain that was there in the right hip area just 24 hours earlier. The pain had travelled downward, so to say and was now localised in my right calf muscle only which had become rather stiff and taut. It was like a case of very bad cramps that refuses to go away.

It was in that moment that I felt total compassion for all those who have this pain every moment of their lives. I realised that I had given myself this experience so as to be better able to deal with such intense pain in others. I was able to transform this pain to a situation of painlessness – with walking around alright – but at least there was comfort for me.

This pain is persisting but the intensity has reduced considerably. I do not have it 24x7 but it is there as a gentle reminder that there are some energies that need to be dealt with. It is surely on the way out – going by the reducing area of the calf muscle which is ‘afflicted’ with each new episode of pain. I am now able to sleep for longer periods at a stretch. From the few minutes at a time during the first night to almost normal five hours last night is great progress. I am also able to sit and work on my computer for extended periods of time. I did have this thought during the first forty-eight hours of this experience that I should get a special table made so that I could work standing up but don’t think that it is required now. I have been able to hold the interactive sessions with local students by walking around. For overseas students, this has been made possible because of the gift of a wireless microphone that was received just a few days before this beautifully painful experience. Gift sent and received just in time.

There were other lessons also that I have learnt from my extended experience of coughing and this painful right leg which I will be sharing in my next post.

In the meantime, life is…


  1. Dear Mama,

    These case studies that you shared with us have actually shed some light on the long drawn gastric problem that chiya has been having, infact I was myself in the introspective mode about why her problem has been aggravating and just around that time you shared this post.

    It was indeed an eye opener, thank you !

    And I hope you are doing better now and your right leg is not troubling you much, will call soon

  2. Thank you, bitiya.
    The leg was not really a 'bother' even when it was hurting like hell. I was aware all along that it was just another beautiful - I do agree that it was painful alright - experience that I gave myself. There was total ownership of the situation. I was not blaming anyone - my luck, karma or whatever even when I was totally immersed in the duality of pain! I knew there were some beautiful lessons hidden there. While some of these have already been understood, I am on the way to uncovering the others. I will share them in the coming posts. In reality, it was a gift from me to me. So all indeed is well.


    As far as Chiya's situation goes - I see a potential in this situation for her to start pointing fingers at others for her gastric problem. In reality, she has 'created' this in her life. Others in the family are just 'helping' her out. Now it is up to her to understand why she has created this, learn from it and then go about changing it...

    Hope you get this!!

  3. Dear Sir, thanks for sharing wonderful experiences to inspire the readers.

    Reading the third case study reminded me of similar experience with my 4 year old son that I would love to share. He has always been sensitive to seasonal changes and acid reflux that would trigger his coughing and wheezing. Since last 2 years we have been resorting to nebulizer for his asthma/wheezing.

    Finally we started taking the "Consciousness Expansion" classes from you which helped us stop directing our "Worry Energy" at our son. We did not plan or make a strategy about doing this, it just happened all by itself, very effortlessly! Thanks to the energy from the class and also to us for absorbing it.

    Sometime last week, we were driving down with our kids at the back seat and he was looking out at the windy day with fallen leaves all over.. and asked, "Papa when will I have my allergies...?"!

    We suddenly realized the amazing effect of NOT projecting the "worry energy" so we replied.. "You will have it when YOU actually want it".

    Thanks to "me and us", we are no longer making him sick! It's his choice from now on!

    Thank you Sir, you are the best!

  4. Thank you Sweta for sharing your experience as well as the nice words. All the best to you and yours.


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