Monday Morning Blues – It's Not About You

I woke up on Monday morning with a feeling commonly known as Monday morning blues. I lay in bed not wanting to get up, get dressed and go to work and started wondering where the feelings were coming from. I KNEW the answer as soon as I had asked the question and the mood changed instantly. I was up in a flash, got dressed and was out of the house with a spring in my step ready to tackle whatever the day had in store for me.

It has not always been like this. Transforming the energy of lethargy to one of suddenly being alert and awake required one important lesson to be learnt which is what I am sharing here...

I DID NOT KNOW why did I have these sudden urges to download pirated movies, music and porn material the first time we got the broadband connection installed in our office about eight-nine years ago. I just did not know where these urges were coming from as I noticed that I did not have the inclination to listen to or watch whatever I had downloaded. But this did cause a bit of disturbance within. I honestly did not know where all this darkness was coming from. 

Likewise, around that time I had started skipping lunch as I did not really feel the need to eat. But on certain days, I DID NOT KNOW where this sudden urge to eat used to overwhelm me apparently from nowhere. It used to happen only on those days when I was making house calls for a couple of bed ridden patients.  Strangely enough the urge to eat was not there on days when I stayed in my office. 

The urge to eat was also not there on days when I took an alternate route for these patient visits. It was then that I realized that a vendor selling street food had set up a brand new shining cart along my regular route. I also noticed that the urge to eat was only for the food items that he was selling.

It was then that I KNEW as I finally understood the lesson: IT WAS NOT ABOUT ME.

I actually was picking up the energies from this street food vendor. He must have been thinking along the lines of people passing by stopping their cars and two wheelers and buying stuff from him when he set up his new business. I was unknowingly connecting with him and picking up these thought and making them mine. So much so that I actually believed that I really needed to eat the food that he was selling.

I finally understood why I ‘wanted’ to download all that stuff from the net when I did. I also understood that why my hard disk crashed a few weeks later. I did not really need all the stuff that I had downloaded and wanted it out of my life. The original thoughts for downloading were really not mine. I had inadvertently got connected to the consciousness of the persons who had uploaded this stuff in the first place.

I also started noticing that there were so many situations where I was picking up stuff from people around me: feelings, thoughts, physical aches and pains.

What had happened was that I had become open and trusting because of the transformation within. As a result, I was easily picking up the vibrations from my surroundings! Bad if you can’t deal with it but great if you can.

Dealing with all this stuff became very, very easy once I was aware of where it was coming from. All I do is just talk to the energy of whatever it is that is bothering me in the moment. I just go, “Who do you actually belong to? Why are you here with me in this moment?” Sure enough, if it is not mine – which is about 90% of the time – I get the answer and the feeling goes away immediately. 

* * * *
For me the bus ride that I took while returning from McLeod Ganj in Himachal Pradesh in 2005 was very interesting as I got the opportunity to play with these energies belonging to others. I DID NOT KNOW initially when I suddenly started having feelings of nausea and motion sickness as the bus moved down the mountain road at about 6 in the evening. I have done a fair bit of travelling on buses and experiencing this was a bit unusual for me as it was the very first time for me.

It was then that I noticed that this lady sitting across the aisle was clearly feeling very uncomfortable and was desperately looking for a plastic shopping bag. From her body language, it looked as if she was about ready to throw up. I THEN KNEW I had actually picked her energy and had started feeling the same. My feeling vanished the moment I KNEW and I was then able to do a bit of healing for her and she dozed off blissfully unaware of what had happened. 

After that it was fun. A little while later the person sitting next to me suddenly started fidgeting in his seat. I knew then and there that he wanted the bus to stop so that he could attend to the call of nature as my body was mirroring that sensation although I had not eaten much throughout the day. After acknowledging the feeling and watching my ‘discomfort’ turn to ‘comfort’, I started doing a bit of healing and sure enough he was soon snoring as if nothing had happened. 

After that there was a steady stream of people who wanted the driver to stop the bus so that they could do their stuff. The fact that the driver did not stop the bus was because, I learnt later, it was not a safe stretch to stop the bus in the middle of a dark highway. I was able to pick the vibrations of all these humans who wanted to ‘go’ but soon became comfortable and did not need to ‘go’. All this was happening without their knowledge, of course.

It was fun to watch all these persons make a beeline for the washroom the moment the bus stopped at a roadside restaurant around dinner time.
* * * *
There may be so many situations in your life when It really is Not About You Anymore. This is a common experience that many seekers are going through in this moment without really knowing where it is coming from. They do not realise that the dark feelings, emotions, energies etc. that they are experiencing are really not their own most of the time. They could be picking these up from friends, relatives, neighbours, colleagues or from the world at large. 

For instance there are many who have reported intense mood swings several times in a day. These are the energies of the times that we are living in. Do not make these your own if they are not really yours.

What needs to be done to find out whether what you are feeling in the moment is really your own?
A) Be open to the possibility that it could be coming from some where else.
B) Sit in a quiet place by yourself. In any case, if you are not doing that already then you could be spreading the darkness.
C) Breathe deep and gently ask this energy of whatever you are feeling. “Where are you coming from? Are you really mine or is it something I have picked up from somewhere else?” LOL if you want to but this really works.
D) If the energy is not yours, then sure enough the answer will flash through as a knowing-ness in your mind.
E) This will invariably be accompanied by a feeling of lightness, a sudden lifting of weight and the symptoms easing off.

Go ahead and try it! Do not make the Monday Morning Blues your own if they really are not…

And so it is.

PS: This is a great ability for healers/healing facilitators to develop as they can then sense what is going on with the people under their care.


  1. Dear Sir, so the Monday morning blues came from other people's vibrations ?

  2. Ranjaniji: Good question. I think that you have taken the last line too literally. :)

    This Monday, I was picking up the vibrations of mass consciousness and in that sense the 'blues' were not my own. I had this experience because it was time for me to shed another belief system.

    I am not trying to say that I will never have issues to deal with. This was a gentle reminder about the need to be alert and be aware of those situations where we just might be picking up unwanted energies from elsewhere and making them our own.


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