The New Consciousness Way of Dealing With Darkness

Inner peace continues to elude a rather large number of seekers despite their having invested a lot in terms of time and money experimenting with at least a couple, if not more, of the new-age techniques/therapies known to us humans today.
My own experience was that while the therapies often produced amazing results for others, nothing seemed to work for a few personal issues where I was rather desperate to ‘create’ the results that I wanted. I was obviously confused, angry and a bit frustrated because I did not know what more I should be doing. There was this knowingness too that when I should have been living in the Light, it was darkness that still surrounded me. Mind you, not in all but a few areas in life where there was a bit of emotional investment in the results!
I came across some knowledge by chance that sounded rather controversial initially. The earlier approach was to get rid of the darkness through Reiki / Crystal healing as this had served me very well in other areas in life. The recommended new way of being was to stop fighting the darkness but to accept it and in fact to stop doing Reiki for these issues. By that time, I was already rather tired of fighting the darkness and so did not have too much of a problem taking this on. After the initial hiccups I discovered much to my delight that by accepting the darkness, the burden actually felt less. Slowly but surely, tiny bits of light started appearing on areas that had been rather dark. Things started to change.
Just to share one such issue: I have had the tendency to gain weight rather too easily all my life. Getting the excess off has always been a losing battle.  I discovered that by transforming my core-beliefs of fighting this weight, being overweight stopped being an issue. Since then, the excess has been coming off rather easily and effortlessly over time. Likewise, abundance was also a big issue as it is with most spiritual seekers. No more now!
If this story is somewhat familiar, then maybe it is time for you too to stop relying on some external technique or therapy to ‘fix’ the problem but start transforming on your core-beliefs. You will then be able to create the magic yourself instead of some external energy doing it for you. I am talking here about Prayers, Positive Affirmations, Reiki etc. You too can start getting results in your dead-end areas in life.
The transformation of the existing belief system transforms the way of being of the human being. Everything in life then starts to fall in place. It might appear to be slow initially but there is a definite shift. Over time, a whole new level of synchronicity happens in everything in life.
A good place to begin this process of transformation is to identify the cycles that you are personally caught up in. This will then help in reprogramming the reactions, or rather the programmed way of dealing with the Darkness that is there in life. This is part of the core level transformation, one aspect of which is discussed in this short piece.

Almost as certainly as night follows the day, there are cycles in all aspects of human existence. We may consciously be aware of a few of them; the weather cycles, the economic cycles, the business cycles and the ones of the stock markets. What we generally are not aware of are the cycles in all the other important areas in life; in relationships, health, confidence, self-worth, creativity etc.
Some cycles – for example one of health – are not immediately apparent as it may take a bit of time in life before the down phase manifests. The mood swings, however, may make their presence known in quick succession and maybe several times in a day.
The following sketch illustrates one such up and down cycle where Up=Light and Down=Darkness:

Some individuals may disagree as their experience about some area in life may be one of continuous Darkness only. They need to understand that they are caught in an extended phase of the down cycle in that particular area. Why this happens is the topic of another discussion altogether.
Some other seekers may have experienced that the period of Light is not equal to the one of Darkness as suggested in the sketch above. For them the experience might be that the dark periods are longer as represented by the extended dotted line in the following sketch:

In reality, their experience is the rule rather than the exception.
The automatic question that should then come up is ‘Why is it so that the period of darkness is generally longer?’  A simple answer is ‘Whatever we Resist, Persists’. But then there is more to it than just that.
At the core level of our being ‘Darkness Should Not Be’ is the desire that we humans have at the mass consciousness level. And that everything should be perfect. Human endeavor over eons of time has been to find ways to end the darkness forever.
We all seem to have missed that Darkness just can’t be wished away. My take on this is, “Had that been possible, then God and / or all the avatars that have walked on earth should have taken care of it by now.” The fact that they chose not to tells me a thing or two.
Please consider this too: the zillions of global prayers for world peace, all the religious and spiritual activities, rituals, new-age therapies – what have you – should have done the job by now. Right!
This has not happened because it was not meant to happen.
As I have and keep on discovering Light behind one area of Darkness after another in my own journey over the last decade or so, I now firmly believe that darkness is actually good for human beings. Provided it is taken in the proper perspective.
We as human beings at a mass consciousness level have been fighting and resisting Darkness for a long, long time now. It has persisted. Not only that, it does feel like it has grown bigger!

Our Current State of Being

The reality is that everyone has an area or two – and maybe more – in life that are rather Dark. I am talking about the areas where countless prayers and endless hours of therapy just do not seem to work. By the way, these more often than not are what got the individual started on the spiritual quest in the first place. From that perspective, having Darkness in life is not bad. For if everything in life had been nice and perfect or maybe even average, then the need to get the answers would not have been there at all. Right!
What is more important is to understand that Darkness in one area has the potential to creep into other apparently unrelated areas in life. Wisdom gained from self experience tells me that Darkness grows and becomes bigger. This according to me is much more damaging as it is totally uncalled for. But this does happen. Our programmed resistance to Darkness is what causes darkness to grow. Take a pause, re-read this and chew on it for a moment. The sad part is that we are largely unaware of it.
Let us examine the case where an individual is going through an extended period of downturn in his/her financial situation.
This financial darkness has the potential to create an environment where intimate relations get disturbed. This creates additional stresses and other areas in life like health, self-confidence, creativity etc. can also then take a severe beating. The negative feeds on itself and can potentially grow to the extent that the individual concerned may discover one fine day that he is constantly living with the thought ‘Life is not worth living anymore’. From his perspective, he is not wrong. 
The bottom black curve in the following sketch sums up life for such people:

There is no joy in life. Sure there are moments of relative happiness as represented by the peaks in the bottom black curve but the overall picture is rather grim.
If we stop for a moment to consider where it all started, we will observe that there was Non-Acceptance of Darkness in just one area in life that has now grown and impacted all the other unrelated areas in life.
Now what would have happened had there been Acceptance in the first place. In such a scenario, the darkness would have become matter of fact and definitely not something to worry about. Just the knowingness that Daylight will appear in a matter of hours does make us feel secure on the darkest of nights, doesn’t it?
When an individual is in a state of acceptance, then the Darkness is not that Dark. With this kind of mind space, the individual concerned starts looking at the positive side of things. The focus in Life shifts and suddenly it is not that Dark anymore. My experience is that we start getting insights and can actively do something in order to transform that which was Dark earlier.
A shift then happens in the way of being. Experimenting with Acceptance over a period of time brings about the confidence and also the accompanying security that this is just a down phase that I am experiencing. There is an Up phase waiting a little down the line. The Darkness loses its power when there is this understanding at the core level of our being.
An accepting person then does not get dragged down because of a bit of Darkness in one area of life but learns to take it in his stride. The thought “Life is What It Is and Not What It Is Not” is now ready to become a belief system.
The individual concerned can now potentially be Living in the Light continuously.
If you notice in the previous sketch, there is another curve in blue colour in the top Zone of Light. Living in this zone is possible provided there is total Acceptance of All That Is in Life. A person living in such a state will not get dragged down whenever there is Darkness in one particular area in life. He would subconsciously be looking for another area where the peak is just coming up. And like an expert surfer, he will jump and catch the wave that is just coming up and then another and another. He can ride the waves endlessly and effortlessly. There would be no need to go down with the wave that is going down.
In the meantime, because he has allowed it to be, the first wave will be back on the way up in due course of time. He can continue living a life of bliss.
Briefly speaking, Non Acceptance in ONLY one area in Life has the potential to mess up everything in life. Non Acceptance feeds on itself, so to say. So does Acceptance. Why not give it a try? I think the rewards are worth it.
The way of being of the human being will change.
This might be coming through to some as a selfish, self-centered way of living. Really? If one is to make a list of what he most wishes to end in life, I am sure Expectations-That-Others-Have-From-Him will be right on top. Quite a lot of stresses in life are because of this. If all humans end up taking care of themselves, will we not be living life at the next level!

Partially Happy Humans

Instead the majority of humans are running after something or the other with the belief that the next acquisition will make them happier.
The young professionals, for example, have crazy working hours these days. In such a scenario, many are experiencing a low phase in their personal relationships but are huge successes in the professional / financial areas as is illustrated by the left half in the following sketch.

The common experience is that such ‘success’ is not as sweet as it should have been. Because there is no one really close/intimate to share it with.
If the individual concerned deals with it in a mature manner, he can then take a break from his professional life and devote it on building his relationships in order to enjoy their up peaks also. But generally this does not happen, maybe because of professional fears, insecurities etc. Most young professionals today are caught in the trap of professional/material success and are not putting in the efforts that are needed to build and sustain the relations that add meaning to life. The following sketch illustrates their lives.

Yes, their lives are apparently happy because of the financial freedom. They can buy whatever material goods that their hearts desire. But relationships are also becoming short-term. It is for them to look into their lives and figure out whether it’s really worth it? Life sure has much more to offer.

Acceptance is Not Easy

Having said that, Acceptance of Darkness in the area that is rather close to the heart is not easy. There is just too much attachment to Being in the Light in that particular area. This is the current programmed way of being and it is not wrong.
But what I have experienced (and also the ones I have trained) is that more often than not whatever we have been resisting starts transforming to Light in the very moment when there is Acceptance.
A good place to start experimenting with Accepting Darkness is by shifting the perspective in some situation in life where not much of personal agenda is involved. This could be an annoying situation at the workplace. Maybe there is some co-worker whose attitude is difficult to accept.
Try accepting the situation for what it is and is not. You may experience the co-worker’s attitude or way of being beginning to shift the moment there is acceptance. As if by magic! This would then encourage you to take it on in other areas too.
These experiences will then give the required motivation to try Acceptance in areas that are really significant in life.
Over a period of time with repeated experiences of transforming the situations that were erstwhile bothersome, the grip of duality will lessen. It may then start to feel that the duality trap is really an Illusion. “Everything in Life is an Illusion that can be transformed” is what I believe has been mentioned in our ancient texts. It is likely that very, very few individuals have understood this over the eons of time that we humans have been walking on earth. They, I believe, became what we know as Ascended Masters.
But we happen to be living in times that are rapidly changing and larger numbers are now ready to live in the Light. The old consciousness is on the way out and is getting replaced with a new consciousness. In the new consciousness, organized religion is not playing the important role that it did in the years gone by. Spirituality too is taking on a new meaning altogether. In the new consciousness, more and more people are realizing that they are the ones who are creating whatever it is in their lives.  Including the darkness! If they are the creators, then they do have the power to un-create what it is that they have created. We no longer need to continue to live a life of suffering because someone told us that it is our karma, planetary positions at the time of birth, sheer bad luck etc.
Acceptance of All That Is HAS to be a core-belief and not something airy-fairy picked up after watching a movie or reading a book or by attending a couple of short term workshops. It definitely is not a string of meaningless words that exist in the cerebral part of our being but something that we are experiencing on a daily basis. It has to be our spontaneous way of being. Else it will not work.
I wish to add that mentored coaching can accelerate the process of core-transformation. All that is needed is an open mind. Mentored coaching is available in the form of one-on-one sessions both in person as well as in online calls.
Yeah! Go ahead and call this Shameless Advertising if you want to!
But that is what it is! 

Footnote (April 03, 2015): Have held a couple of interesting conversations since this post went online a few days ago. The query was about the humans who are living a life totally devoted to their passions e.g. artists, scientists, thinkers etc. Maybe they are better off living all by themselves! Absolutely! As I have already mentioned in the article above, it's for them to decide. 

'To each his own!' is what I have always believed.

And so it is.

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