Detoxification Expanded, World Cup 2011 and more

Mrs. Ranjani Mitra left a new comment on the revised post "Chapter 2. Detoxification": 

Very clear expansion of the concept of detoxification. Thank you Sir for the layers which you have added to this article. 

I started off writing a shorter reply but that expanded to this new post. The intention is to help those readers who may have learnt Reiki, Crystals etc. but are struggling in terms of not being able to either practice these wonderful therapies or are not able to get results that really matter in their personal lives. I think that this knowledge can also help the ones who are unable to go for a morning walk, do pranayama, yoga etc. even though they want to.

Ranjaniji: There is a reason why these ‘layers’, as you have nicely put it, were not discussed in the original post last year. I just was not consciously aware of these. The knowingness about the deeper aspects of detoxification had always been there but needed validation in term of my own journey. In a way the self-belief to consciously admit and accept these layers was not there 100%. 

My self-belief has grown while going through the parallel experience of Blood Sugar which has been happening over the last couple of years or so. I have finally come to the understanding that this thing called Diabetes is really detoxification being misinterpreted as a Disease. This understanding, in turn, has happened after going through the process of deep-breathing in the now moments and then watching what is going on in my mind and body. Writing about it is bringing more clarity to my conscious mind also. 

There was a point in my life when I was 'not able to do Reiki and Crystals' when the need was obviously there in terms of mind and body being in turmoil. At that time, I did not know why was I not able to practice in spite of the fact that I was a Reiki and Crystal Grandmaster. There was no one around to really tell me why this was happening. I had no option left but to stay the course, the guidance for which was coming from within. Thankfully, I did not give up. 

It’s obvious to me now that I was not a Grand Master of Life as there were a lot of things that I still needed to know and to learn. The persistence helped as I was finally able to understand what was happening in my life, not only with this Blood Sugar thing but also about the other un-palatable aspects that still keep on coming up every now and then. Reiki and Crystals used to be the End All and Be All of my life. Looking back, these have now become just stepping stones to something greater that has happened. I am thrilled that I was able to let these two go for myself, else I would have kept on coming back to these wonderful therapies to solve my problems for me. This distraction itself would then have prevented me from taking the next step. The understanding now is that the problems were always there within me, along with the solutions too which I obviously was not able to see.

From a state of ‘Not Being Able to do Reiki and Crystals’ to 'Not needing to do Reiki' has been my state for the last 6-7 years now. I have graduated to the level of breathing in energy all the time which, I have now realized is THE natural and the ultimate state for EVERYONE. Whether everyone is able to discover this as well as experience it in the now is another matter altogether! At least, the knowledge and the techniques that can help to reach that sublime state now exist.

Whenever I am not able to breathe deep now, I know that there is something within which is in a state of Non Acceptance. Once I am able to transform this to a state of Acceptance, breathing returns back to the normal deep state which is less than 10 breaths per minute. 

To discover these truths FOR MYSELF was what my journey was all about without being consciously aware about it, of course. And that in turn has helped me discover the secrets to attain better health...naturally. 

The bottom line is that Detoxification is THE key. Acceptance of Detoxification every step of the way is all that is needed.

What this means to me personally? To become a Reiki and Crystal Master was not really a clear choice. These had just happened as if I was a puppet whose strings were being pulled by the past, others, destiny whatever. What I had perceived to be the end (of life) was in fact the beginning for me. 

I have now made a clear choice to teach all that I know to the ones who are ready to learn. I am also in total acceptance of the fact that there are not many who are ready to learn right now. So what?  Putting this stuff online is helping ME as this book is, first of all, for me. 

In the meantime, I am enjoying life too – much more than ever before. 

As proof of that, I was able to watch the World Cup 2011 finals and enjoy every moment of the game without getting disturbed or getting caught in the fear scenarios that used to happen earlier. Thoughts like "What if this happens?", "What if India loses?" used to take the joy out of watching the game earlier. These did not bother me anymore. No one can deny that the potentials for such moments were not there in Saturday’s game, but they did not create any turmoil within me. 

It was just another game. Come to think about it Life also is a game.  I know that most will disagree with this but I too was trapped in this massive illusion that it was much more than that. If others do not agree, so be it. To each his own.

This shift within has been the biggest bonus about this journey. 

When someone is able to Live in the Now Moment completely without carrying the baggage of the past or worrying about the future, better health…follows naturally. 

And so it is.

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