Manifesting the Negative (continued)

The responses received to the earlier post helped generate this post. I have reproduced the relevant extracts from the emails that were received along with my comments. This will hopefully help you to start trusting the guidance coming from the God within just a wee bit more.

For starters, this is what the seeker (whose query had resulted in the earlier post) had to say: 
"When I read about my life situation in a post like this and see what impact it is making, it doesn't seem like such a bad situation!!  And the whole point also sinks in deeper when I read it like this, it is recorded for me to go back to it whenever I am in doubt again (which is quite often!)"
This is what I have been sharing all along with her and others like her. We are not living isolated lives as we like to believe but we all are jointly doing our bit for inspiring consciousness. Sometimes we do that actively as she did when she asked her questions. At other times we do not verbally express ourselves but that’s okay as our vibrations go out anyway and then spread in the universe. Sooner or later these questions are expressed through someone else.

Once the questions have been asked, it’s now the responsibility of All That Is, i.e. the God outside to provide the answers which sometimes come immediately. At times, we need to wait for a bit of time during which some processing occurs within as we go through an experience or two and then the answers do come. All we need to do is be willing and at times dare to ask the questions!!

This was validated – not that I need any more validations – in another email that I received after the previous post went online.
"Thank you, for your posts. Somehow, whenever some query is there in mind and in life, your posts are there to guide and I get my answers."
“Now this is amazing!” some might say. But it is how the universe works. No magic here.

We are all connected. We help each other evolve by learning from each other’s experiences. All this is helping mass consciousness to move forward. What we perceive are limited lives are not really so – they are much grander! All that is needed is to step back from life and look at the impact that we potentially can have by sharing our experiences.

Each and every grand invention of modern times – right from the light bulb to the internet – was ultimately a result of the mass consciousness of the times. These things got created because we, the humans, became ready.

Never ever before in the billions of years that we humans have been occupying earth have we gone through so much of consciousness expansion as has happened in the last twenty five years or so! Please be with this thought for a moment – twenty five years vs.  billions of years. This fact alone makes these times that we are living in absolutely amazing times to be born in.

That is why I am so positive that we humans will finally be able to break this code regarding the physical/mental/emotional and spiritual health too. Sooner rather than later! And I am talking here of being able to achieve better health... naturally. Time will prove me right. 
* * * *
I think I have gone a bit off tangent here but that’s okay.

There was another query in this second email:
"… still with the concept of energy follows thoughts, but how are feelings different from thoughts. Are they not the same? You feel what you think. Please elaborate."

'Thoughts' pop-up in the mind at times apparently from nowhere and at times because of the mental process that we indulge in. If I take the example of these thoughts that are appearing in my mind as I am writing this post; well, I am not reproducing something that has been thought of in advance. These words are flowing as I am sitting in front of my computer typing what is coming to mind. These are totally unattached thoughts but have definitely got their roots in some experiences that I have got before-hand about effortless creation. These kind of thoughts do not consume any energy. On the contrary, I get energized in moments like this. I can just go on and on. Like when I was driving recently. My mind no longer consumes energy the way it used to.

Thoughts have different angles to them – some attainable, some pure daydreams, some linked with life, creativity etc.

But majority of thoughts occupying the mind-space of most humans are useless meaningless chatter that make our inner world a really noisy place, generally speaking. The sad part is that the chatter becomes worse as we grow older as a lot of baggage of unfulfilled expectations gets piled on.

'Feelings' on the other hand are mind’s interpretations (which again means that these too are thoughts but not really) of the physical/emotional responses of our body to certain situations in life.

I will elaborate this further by discussing the animal emotion of ‘Fear’. In nature, Fear is a sensory experience that helps the weaker animals when there is a potential of their getting hunted down and killed. The hunted ones pick up these vibrations from the surroundings which then are interpreted as signals of ‘fear’ in their bodies. They then pass urine etc. in order to become lighter so that they are able to run away faster from that potentially life-threatening situation. Once the sensation of ‘fear’ ceases, they resume their normal activities of living. In that sense, fear is a very useful feeling to have.

Animals in the wild are definitely not overwhelmed by the feelings of Fear. Some humans on the other hand go through a complete lifetime living with one kind of fear or the other.

Like 'Fear', there are other feelings too some categorized as Positive and others as Negative. While the positive ones are accepted, the negative ones are rejected. It should not be so but humans are very good at creating walls where there should be none. 

All these Feelings - both positive as well as negative - and the associated energies are there to serve us and not dominate  or overwhelm us. If we can start trusting these inner feelings, life can actually become much better and more fulfilling than what it already is. But sadly, most of us have lost contact with these feelings. We fail to pick up the signals as our minds are too busy dealing with the senseless chatter of other useless thoughts all the time.

All this started because we humans stopped trusting ourselves and the inner feelings (can we call them divine senses?) that we all were born with. We do hear these little voices coming from within once in a while but generally ignore the signals. We do not trust the God within.

Are we doomed then?

Fortunately, we also had the good sense to do a bit of sub-conscious programming so that we can wake up to these hidden potentials that lie within. 

This programming is often in the form of increasing-the-darkness in our lives to such an extent that we can not take any more. We literally force ourselves into a deep hole so that we eventually do end-up starting looking  for the answers. As I have mentioned earlier, universe is now duty-bound to provide the answers.

It can be said that we 'mercifully' kick ourselves in the backside when the time is right. For a while we blame the world, society, our parents, God (outside), bad luck etc. for the darkness that is there in life but there comes a time when a kick is delivered at the perfect spot at the perfect time so that it hurts the most and literally forces us to wake up.

The first question that then comes to mind is “Why?”

Which no doubt came to Ramneet as she has shared in this comment at the end of the last post:
"Brilliant eye opener, all through I have been engulfed with "Whys" not "How all these negativities were manifested" by reading this article things are getting clear."
The next question usually is, “How is darkness attracted or manifested?” This question did not come to her mind directly but was hard for her consciousness to ignore the moment it was there.

These queries reflect the consciousness of an individual who is in the process of waking up. There is also the accompanying realization that s/he is ultimately the one responsible for everything that is happening in her/his life – the good, the bad and the ugly. No more blaming God, luck, parents, society whatever for the darkness that is there in life.

The flip side is that there is no more need to thank the external God for all that is good in life as that also is one’s own creation. Live in grace alright but there is no more need to lie prostrate everyday in front of some invisible being, thanking Him profusely for all that is good in life. He is there to serve anyway and serve He does. He does not control and definitely does not punish us for anything. We punish ourselves. We are pretty good at doing that and don’t need any outside agency to do that job for us.

BTW, the doubters will never ever believe that Bad Luck can be changed but then we are not addressing humans living in that consciousness. They are not likely to be reading these posts anyway.

The Why? and the How? are absolutely important questions that pop up only in the minds of those humans who are ready to wake up.

These questions now have the potential to set the awakening human into a journey of self-discovery which is exhilarating at times and a bit frustrating in other moments.

Having been on a bit of a roller-coaster ride myself for a bit of time, all I can say is that it is worth everything that it costs. There are moments when you wish that the journey would end here and now while there are other moments when you want the journey to continue the way it is. There are lots of heartbreaks and all that comes with it but in the end, the tears and everything else is all worth it...

In that sense, manifesting the Negative is in a way better than manifesting the Positive as it does have the potential to pave the path for a more fulfilling existence...

And so it is.

PS: I am open to further discussions regarding this Thoughts/Feelings link. It will be nice to hear other views too. You can share what you feel/think about this here. You can send an email to me at

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