Children with Special Needs

A question was asked when the previous post ‘Healees, Healers and Healing Facilitators’ went online, ‘What about children with special needs, i.e. differently-abled children?’

I am assuming that the one who has asked this question wants to have a deeper understanding of such situations so as to be a more effective healer/healing facilitator. Or maybe it is a parent who is living with a lot of pain while witnessing the events that are unfolding in a child’s life.

This issue does need a deeper understanding and can not be fully explained in one single article. There are so many layers of energies involved which all need to be understood properly. It might need a book for each and every individual case.

Please understand that medical science is limited by the fact that the energy requirements of the patients are not being taken care of. So the solution does not lie there. I am assuming that there is certain amount of physical pain that is involved. 

What happens in such situations is that the energies of pain and suffering are spread over different areas and in several individuals who are all affected by the situation in one way or the other. The various areas that I am talking about here are not only physical but mental, emotional, spiritual and financial too.

The energies at all these levels need to be addressed. 

Whether one believes it or not, there is a Spiritual need also for the families where the children with special needs are born. The ones who know speak of some kind of ‘agreement’ at certain levels where the children and the parents/families come together in one lifetime as ‘agreed’ to go through the process together.

The known spiritual paths like taking some kind of religious vow, wearing some particular gem-stones, going to some places of worship, performing certain poojas, rituals etc. do  help at times. If these systems get the desired results, I have nothing against trying them out. Although the current scientific understanding of these things would be critical of this but if these things work for someone, then who are we to question that. 

However, I have this feeling that these systems are not effective now as the energies of the times that we are living in have changed dramatically over the last two decades or so.

In that case, my understanding is that the parents or at least one of them needs to expand his/her consciousness.

I have witnessed certain situations where the spiritual growth of the parent/s was the purpose for this kind of situation to unfold. This is beyond logical understanding for most. But the fact remains that the pain and suffering eased up in the family once the parent/s started taking care of their spirit’s needs. The synchronicity of this just can not be ignored.

Just taking care of the needs of the child alone is obviously not sufficient. While the children cannot do anything, it is for the parents to go through a process of learning and growth. ‘Opportunity’ will not sound as being the proper word in such situations; but that is exactly what it is.

I recommend that one of the parents takes time out – which is going to be pretty tough anyway – and personally go through the journey of discovering the reasons. Just seeking solace in ‘karma’ is not sufficient as that is a kind of negative acceptance. An active acceptance accompanied by actively heeding to the inner call of taking care of the spirit is what the parent/s need to do.

Only then will they be able to ‘help’ the angel who is in their lives; the one who has ‘agreed’ at the soul level to take on a bit of pain and suffering for their sake. 

Others, i.e. Healers or Healing Facilitators can not do it for them. The best that they can do is to provide some relief which is like postponing the inevitable.

I am afraid that this might not be the answer that was expected but then that is the way it is…

PS: I can discuss these issues personally as all known factors need to be understood. So the one who has asked this question, please get in touch in case you are touched somewhere by this little note. God bless.

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