Healing vs. Acceptance - Bringing it All Together

After the previous posts went online, my attention was drawn to the fact that certain religious rituals/ceremonies are known to help reduce/change the negative created in life because of the planetary positions at the time of birth, karma, bad luck etc. The question that was raised was, 'What about this method of healing those issues in life which are basically not acceptable?'

I am not denying that positive results do not manifest through religious ceremonies, rituals etc...
.. but this does not happen in each and every case. 

I am talking here about the ones who are staunch believers and have absolute faith in the religions and the ceremonies, prayers etc. 

Who do they turn to when the results do not manifest? Obviously there are no known solutions - yet. We, as a human race, have a lot to learn about life and about being Creators in the true sense of the word. 

I think that the present times that we live in are just about right for a major shift to take place in how we tackle these 'problems' in life. This is what I am taking up in this post.

A Quick Recap:

What was discussed in the first post of this series has been summed up in the diagram below. The existing beliefs (regarding physical health) of an average human being were discussed in this post. The situations that can potentially trigger a change in the existing belief system were also discussed. 

The above template can now represent ALL problems in life including the ones relating to the physical health.

We all tend to hit a wall when nothing seems to work. These situations represented by the 'grey' boxes in the above diagram are actually situations where potentials for expansion are hidden. Unfortunately, these potentials are revealed only after the appropriate choices have been made when the individual starts looking for the answers armed with the energy of Hope.

The deciding moment for making a choice comes when a dead end is reached. It is recognized when the person becomes aware that certain problems / situations are coming back again and again in a cyclic manner. This is also a frustrating moment for the one who is going through the suffering and the associated pain. 

But then this dark moment too has a bright side to it. If the individual is able to step back and change the perspective, then these seemingly adverse situations can show the path that can eventually lead to tremendous growth.

The fact that neither Darkness nor Light can be 100% even in moments that they appear to be so, was discussed In the second post along with the energy dynamics of how yin changes to yang and back to yin again.

The concepts of Karma and that of Inviting Experiences were examined in details in the third post of this series. 

* * * *

Back to the Drawing Board:

It is time to go back to the drawing board in order to study the potentials hidden behind those situations in life that we have been told are a result of Karma, Bad Luck, Destiny etc. and that nothing can be done about them.

FOR THINGS TO CHANGE, the belief that is obviously needed is:

'Something can definitely be done.
What? I do not know yet. But something can be done to change this.' 
This belief helps create an Active Acceptance of the situation which is much better than a Passive Acceptance. While the former is open and invites the energies of growth and change, the latter one has the energy of despair attached with it.

* * * *
How did the ones who first walked on earth deal with situations that were not-acceptable?

I felt that an insight into how the early humans tackled the problems in life might reveal a different way of dealing with situations where we get stuck. I will take up the example of a simple headache to explain the point I am trying to make.

I am assuming that the early humans also experienced headaches the way we do even today. They too would have wanted the pain to go away.

But could they have done anything about it in the absence of any knowledge, doctors, healers, therapies, medicines etc. that we all take for granted? I guess not.

My take on this is that they would have been ‘forced’ to accept something that was basically ‘not-acceptable’.

The only way out for them was to 'do nothing' as nothing could be done. Maybe, they gave their bodies plenty of rest.

Sufficient rest is known to take care of headaches; I am sure that this was the case even then. This knowledge would then have got embedded in the Minds of the early humans and must have helped them deal with subsequent attacks of 'headache'.

In other words the humans started APPLYING THEIR MINDS in order to deal with their problems. And consciousness started to evolve for curing headaches. 

But in spite of all the advances that have been made in the world of medicine, some cases of headaches continue to baffle the super-specialists even today!

The focus of the allopathic practitioners is still the same. Followers of this system still believe that the physical body is where the causes lie and these need to be cured.

What if our headaches are different than those of the early humans?

We now know that the headaches can be caused by being out in the sun for too long, bad eyesight, stresses in life, having an allergic condition etc. We also know that women can have headaches during periods. We know so much more about 'headaches' and how to deal with them. All this knowledge became available because humans started exploring the physical headaches.

But what if the present stock of human beings are now 'inviting headaches that do not go away with the strongest medications' so that the super-specialists can also 'learn' that the causes for these 'headaches' could be outside the 'physical body' and that treating them ONLY at the physical levels will not be fruitful! These headaches need to be looked at with a different perspective.

The practitioners of the alternative systems do know this but somehow this message has not yet got through to the med-schools - yet.

It is time for mass consciousness to evolve. It is time that these walls created by words like 'Alternative' or even 'Complementary'  be brought down and that both the Conventional and the Non-conventional systems merge.

* * * *
Moving Ahead:

Some do believe that the Auras, Energy Bodies, Minds etc. also need to be treated in addition to the physical body even for something as simple as a Physical Headache.

The humans who helped shift the consciousness were open. Their approach helped them discover so many new things about the thought patterns and their links to diseases. 

But how does this logic help us in dealing with the situations that we are talking about?

We obviously do not have all the answers. But the one thing that becomes clear from this logic is that the humans invited 'headache' in order to 'discover' the cure.

The 'cures' have evolved.




Next Obvious Step - Understanding the Soul Aspect

From the Body to the Mind and the next obvious step is the Soul, the Spirit and past lives etc. These are aspects that we do not yet know much about. But the doorways to know more about these are opening.  

* * * *

In my own case, I changed my perspective totally as my 'headache - literal and otherwise - would not go away. I started looking at the present 'problems' in life (that had no known and understandable roots even in the mind) as 'situations' that were there to help me evolve. These situations were giving me literal 'headaches' which I now like to refer to as 'spiritual headaches' - not 'physical' or ones linked to the 'mind' alone.

I started Actively accepting these as part and parcel of the package deal of my present life. I already had the template handed down from my ancestors. The first known solution for headache that humans had discovered was to 'do nothing' other than accept it! I adopted the same approach for these 'situations in life that were earlier not acceptable'.

And much to my delight the energies started moving.

Effortlessly. Without the help of Reiki or any other therapies. Without trying to force my mind to change its existing thought patterns that I already knew were linked to the situations in my life. 

The neutral aspect that had taken on the attributes of darkness loosened its grip and started moving towards light.

Things became 'grey' for a period of time. This 'grey' zone was a tough one to deal with initially as nothing seemed to be moving. But I learnt later that there was a lot happening in the background energetically.

I released many beliefs that were linked to the lack-of-abundance situation in my life. Ditto that for the physical weight situation that I've always had.

I learnt how to be actively inactive and inactively active.
[This approach also helped me understand the law 'To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction'. When we apply force to any situation - even Reiki - then an equal and opposite force is automatically generated. The ones who have invited the experience of being cured by Reiki are operating on a different plane but the ones who need to move beyond Reiki should consider this. How will they know? Simple - Reiki will stop working the way it used to in their lives. It is not that they will stop believing in Reiki.]

This state of 'Acceptance and apparent non-doing' does not mean that I am not actively doing anything at all.

The directions come from within. There are days when something wakes me up pretty early in the morning; it does not matter that I have had a late night. The clear thought in those moments is to go ride my bicycle for a few kilometers. 

Now if I do not follow these directions, then I generally end up having a headache. It is the divine part within calling for attention. The headache does go away after I have acknowledged to the divine one within that I did not go ride a bicycle because I made that choice. But the days when I procrastinate the way I used to do, have reduced considerably. I generally follow these directions that come from within. But there is absolutely no pressure of any kind. No feelings of guilt either when I do not 'listen'. This by the way is linked to an old belief (but still valid for most) which is that 'Feelings of guilt invite punishment'. 

On other days, the direction is to do a few sets of  yogic exercises. Still other days find me doing absolutely nothing other than lying on my stomach and breathing real deep.

A similar voice within asked me go on a long road-trip that validated the fact that the stuck energies in my right leg had been released. Yeah, I still need validations every now and then. Funny thing is that these do happen whenever I want the reassurance.

As a result of repeated experiences, I have begun to completely trust this voice from within.

I therefore do not hesitate whenever I have cravings for some particular food. I do not count the calories and just follow my instincts. These cravings go away in a couple of days anyway. The earlier beliefs about certain foods being bad for the body have been released. I have total trust that my body can and will take care of whatever I am going to feed it as long as I keep on listening to the voice within.

I do not seem to be adding any weight. On the contrary, the extra layers appear to be coming off. Slowly but surely.

To the ones who see me cycling early in the morning, it might appear that I am working 'hard' to maintain my health. Nothing could be further from the truth. I hardly do any work-outs! I am just having fun and enjoying the joy ride, much like a child who is riding his first bicycle.

* * * *

I admit that before all this happened, I did go through a phase when I had started believing that I had been a very 'unwise' creator. This was after I had taken ownership for all my creations, including the negative ones. Over a period of time, I accepted the fact that I had been 'stupid' in creating what I had created. I was looking for ways to un-create my stupid creations.

But nothing happened as long as I resisted my 'un-wise' creations. I finally accepted that it was okay for me to be 'stupid' too as it was nothing but the other side of being 'wise'.

And I think it was about then that the 'not-acceptable' situations started transforming. It was then that I realized that these were the creations of a a very 'wise human being'.

Had I not created these stupid negative creations, I would not have been able to learn how to create a grander life - and also be aware of it! In other words, to learn how to become a Conscious Creator.

The basic shift has been that I have stopped looking at the 'non-acceptable situations' as 'problems to be solved'. These are 'experiences that were chosen' by me in the current lifetime to learn much more than I could ever imagine.

Not from books or by sitting in front of some living teacher. But from life.

Thanks to the expansion of consciousness, I do not have any 'headaches' - physical, mental, emotional or spiritual - in life. 

Yes, I do keep on having situations that help open the doorways to further learning and growth. I guess that I still have a need for these, else Life will tend to become a bit boring.

The basic desire to 'Change that which is Not Acceptable' is still there. How else will the ‘Changes’ be triggered? But it's okay in that moment if things remain the same.

* * * *

I guess that the wheel has turned a full circle. I am back to where it all started but now with an expanded consciousness. The consciousness of the early humans was to passively accept everything in life as they did not have any choice; in my case it is active acceptance.

Being in a state of active acceptance is the key for 'fixing' all the mental, emotional and spiritual 'headaches'. 

To sum it up, I do not use my Mind anymore for trying to 'heal' the situations in life that are basically non-acceptable. I also do not use any 'healing techniques' as none are needed. 

When I am able to move into a state of acceptance, the Neutral aspect shifts and what was Dark automatically transforms to Light.

I guess that I have evolved from being an Energy Mover to an Energy Transformer now. This potential exists for all who have become Energy Movers in the current life. 

Being an Energy Mover was good; the current state is better...

I know that I am being judgmental here...but what the heck!

That is the way it is...

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